Welcome to my "Songs" page! – a list of all the songs that I have recorded since age 12, showing the various versions that I have published online, with links to each of the major entries. There are over 400 songs on my website, plus hundreds of external videos – this page is designed to help you quickly find what you're looking for.

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Album  Album containing the song                                                                                 TV  Major Live Television Show (broadcast or syndicated)  
FB  Facebook                                                                                                                  PrS  Prophetic song (from the Lord to His people)
LS  Leadsheet (printed music)                                                                                        SpS  Spontaneous song (performed "on the spot", unrehearsed)
Lyrics Official Lyrics                                                                                                        SBS   Story Behind the Song (how it came about or was written)

PL  Playlist (a group of videos that includes the song)                                                   Pro  Audio  Recording studio quality

  • This list includes major video links or playlists, and "official" lyrics. 
  • Some songs occur in many other videos (live concerts, TV appearances, various church services, etc), which are not listed here. To see other versions, do an online search giving additional details (eg. Steve Kuban, The Lord is My Tower, concert, Manila, group name, etc).
  • Many other online sites contain videos, lyrics, chords, and karaoke versions of my songs which are not always correct (including "Auto-captioned" videos by YouTube). Best to check below for official (correct) lyrics.
  • This list shows only my own publications and videos, not others who perform or create their own versions, videos, recordings or albums.
  • Thank you for supporting this ministry! There are many illegal online sites that copy, strip and "pirate" my music. which offer no financial support to me or my family. Please purchase your music through our website, or through an official digital distributor such as iTunes and Spotify (see links at the bottom of this page). May God bless you for this.

A Good Name Is Rather To Be Chosen (Proverbs 22) (Video)                 
A Holy Ghost Revival (Video)
Arise Go Forth and Possess Your Promised Land (YouTube, FB)
A Double Portion of Your Sweet Anointing (Video)
Amazing Grace (Pro Audio, Lyrics, YouTube, FB)
America My Lord Belongs to You (Album)
America Run! The Handwriting’s On The Wall (Daniel Chap 6-7) (Video)
Arise Shine for Thy Light is Come (Isaiah 60) (YouTube)
And I Will Make of You a Great Nation (Gen 12:1-3) (Pro Audio, LyricsVideo: FB)
And I Will Make of You a Great Nation (Blessed in the USA) (Pro Audio with Lyrics, from the album "Guard Over America")
Ah Lord GOD! / Behold I Am the LORD (Jeremiah 32:17, 27) (Medley) (Video)
April 22nd, 1978 (Audio)
Ask of Me (Psalm 2:8) (Video –YouTube, FB)
As the Deer (Psalm 42) (Video)
All Heaven Declare (Video: Canada, Trinidad)


Battle School (Album, VideoLV)
Blessed Be The LORD My Strength (Psalm 144) (Video–FB)
Blessed Be The Lord My Strength (2 Sam 22:2-3,35)2:52 (YT Video)
Blessed are They That Dwell in Thy House (Psalm 84) (YouTube)
Bless the LORD O My Soul (Psalm 103) (Fast Funkabilly Groove) (YouTube)
Bless the LORD O My Soul, Praise Ye the LORD (Psalm 104) (Youtube)
Blessed is He Whose Transgression is Forgiven (Psalm 32) (YouTube)
But Thou O Lord Shall Endure Forever (Psalm 102) (Album, Lyrics, Audio, VideoVideoLive)
Blow Upon Me O Wind of God (Album, Lyrics)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Pro Audio, Video)
But I Will Sing of Your Power (Psalm 59:16-17) (in minor) (Pro Audio, Video)
Beyond the Atmosphere (Video) 

Come Holy Spirit (Album, Lyrics)
Come to the River of Life (Album, Lyrics)
Come Holy Spirit I Need Thee 
Come Holy Spirit Fall Afresh on Me  
Consider Your Ways, My children (Haggai 1-2) (Video)
Created Me a Clean Heart, oh God (Psalm 51) (Video: NY, Philippines)


Enter Into the Joy of the LORD Your God 
Exalt the LORD our God / Exalt YHVH our God (Psalm 99) (Video) 
Exalt the LORD our God and Worship at His Footstool for the LORD our God is Holy, Ps 99 (Video)

Faith and Worship (From the Head to the Heart) (mp3, Video) Teaching
Faithful Phinehas (Numbers 25) (Video)
For the Lord is My Tower (Albumlyrics, Video)
Forever Grateful (Album, Lyrics)
Flow To The Nations (Album
Fear Not 
For Unto Us - El Gibbor (Isaiah 9:6-7) (Album, Lyrics) 
From the Rising of the Sun (Malachi 1:11) (Video)

God is My Refuge and Strength (A Very Present Help in Times of Trouble) (Psalm 46) (Album, Audio, Lyrics, VideoCaptionVideoLive)
Golden Slippers
Great is Thy Faithfulness (Album, Lyrics, Video)
Great and Wonderful (Album, Lyrics)
Great is the LORD and Greatly to be Praised, Ps 48:1-2 (Video)
Guard Over America (Pro Audio, Video LV)
Guard Over Our President (Pro Audio-Album, iTunes, Video LV)
Guard Over This Nation (Pro Audio, Album, Lyrics, Video)
Guard Over This HouseHold (Pro Audio, Lyrics, YouTube, FB, Kubans Family)
Guard Over This Nation (Keep The CoronaVirus Away) (Pro Audio, VideoVideo 1, PL)

Have Your Way in the USA (Album, Pro Audio, Lyrics, YouTubeFB)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Pro Audio, Video)
Hear America (The Lord is With You)(2 Chronicles 15:1-7) (Audio, Video)
He that Dwelleth in the Secret Place of the Most High (Psalm 91) (YT-Video) (YT Video)
He Brought Me Out (Psalm 40:2) (Video–FB)
He's With You Lord (Pro Audio, Video: YouTube with ProAudioYouTubeLiveFB Live)
Hallelujah Thine the Glory
Holy of Holies Worship (Pro Audio, Videos LV: Youtube, FB)
How Lovely on the Mountains are the Feet of Him (Isaiah 52)(YouTube)
Husks in the Wind (Psalm 83) (Video)

I Will Call Upon YHVH (The LORD Liveth) (Psalm 18:3,46) (Audio, Video–YouTube, FB)
I Will Call Upon YHVH ( Psalm 18) (Video–FB)
I Will Fight For You (By the Power of My Word, Name & Blood) ( Audio, YT Video)
I Will Fight For You ( By the Power of My Spirit) (Audio, YT Video)
I Will Fight For You (AlbumSBS
I Will Fight For You America (Pro Audio-Album, Video–FB)
I Worship You Almighty God (Album)
I Sing Praises (Album)
I Will Sing (Album)
I Will Sing of Lovingkindness and Justice Unto Thee, Psalm 101 (Video)
I Stand in Awe (Album)
In the Presence (Album)
In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God - (John 1) (Video) (mp3)
I Am Here in the Midst of You (Album)
It is a Good Thing to Give Thanks Unto the Lord (Psalm 92) (Album, Audio, Video)
I'm Calling Out to You (Audio, VideoJazz Bossa ReharmonizedSlow Bossa Nova with Guitar SolosSBS)
I am a New Creation (Album)
I Am Like a Tree (Psalm 1:3) (Video–FB)
I Will Rejoice (Album)
I Will Love You LORD (Psalm 18) (Video–FB)
I Love To Be In Your Presence (Album)
I Am the God that Healeth Thee (Album)
I've Believed the True Report 

Jump for Jesus (Album)
Jesus Sings/Rain O God (Album, VideoLV)
Jeremiah 2-4 (Video)
Jeremiah Chapter One (Album, Video)


King David Brings the Ark to Zion (1 Chronicles 13-16) (Video)

Lord I’m Hungry For Your Presence (Album, VideoLV)
Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Album)
Lord You See Our Hearts (Album)
Let Them See The Glory  (Album, VideoLV)
Let Me See You Face to Face (Pro Audio, Lyrics, YouTube, FB)
Let Me Be Your Instrument (Video) SBS
Lord I'm Hungry For Your Presence 
Leviathan is Dead! (Isaiah 27-28) (Pro Audio, Video)

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the LORD (Psalm 100) (Pro Audio, Video,Video JAZZ)
Make a Joyful Noise Unto God (Psalm 66 - 67) (Video)
More of the River (Pro Audio, Video)
My Life is in You Lord (Album)
My All in All (Album

Numbers Chapter 21-24 (Video)

O Give Thanks Unto the LORD (1 Chron 16:34; 2 Chron 20:21)4:26
O Give Thanks Unto the LORD (Psalm 105)(YouTube)
O God, You are My God (Psalm 63:1-4) (Video–FB)
O Lord Send the Power Just Now 
O Sing Unto YHVH A New Song (Psalm 98) (Video)


Pay Attention to My Torah (Proverbs 4) (Fast Rock) (Video)
Pearl of Great Price/Jesus You Mean Everything (Album) SBS
Pour Out Your Spirit/I Love You Forever (Album
Praise You Yeshua HalleluYah (Country WaltzYouTube, FB) (Live FB)
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Video–FB)
Praying in the Spirit (For this Election) (Album)
Power of Your Love (Video: Trinidad, UAE)

Rain Upon The Peoples of the Earth (Album, VideoLV)
Rise Again (Audio, Video, VideoLV)
Return unto Me and I Will Return Unto You (Malachi 3) (Audio, Video)  
Rejoice O Zion (Shout & Sing) (Psalm 132) (Video–FB)

Salvation Belongs to Our God (Rev 7:9-17) (Pro Audio)(Video: FB LV)
Sanctuary (Lord Prepare Me) (Album)
See the Lord on High (Pro Audio, Video)
Soldier in the Army of the King (Pro Audio, Lyrics,YouTube, FB)
Some of You Were Dead (BestAlbumMRAlbumVideoLV)
Sounds of War (Video)
She's With You Lord (Prophecy, Video, Video1, Video)
Still Amazing (Album)
Show Your Power (Album)
Show Your Power Over America (Pro Audio)
Spirit Move (Album)
Send Down the Rain Lord
Sing O Barren Woman, Isaiah 54 (Video)
Sing Unto YHVH A New Song (Psalm 96) (Video)
7 Ways To Praise the Lord (Album)

Take Me In To The Holy of HoliesCome Into the Holy of Holies, Glory to the Lamb, Let Me Be A Sacrifice, To God Be the Glory
Thank you for the music
The Law of True Instruction (Spread Feces on Your Faces)(Malachi 1:1–2:8)(Hard Club Groove)(Video, FB, MP3)
The Spirit of the LORD is on Me (Jerusalem Rejoices) Isaiah 61:1-2,10-11 GNT) (Pro Audio,YouTube, FB)
The Lord is My Shepherd, I Have Everything I Need (Psalm 23) (Album, Audio, VideoCaptionsVideoLive)
The LORD He Reigneth Far Above All Gods (Psalm 97) (Video)
The Lord Reigns (Lyrics, Albums)
There's No God Like You (Album)
Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return (Isaiah 51) 
The Spirit of the Lord (Album)
The Name of the Lord  (Album)
This is the Day that the Lord has Made (Album)
Times of Refreshing (Album)
The Rain and the River (Album, VideoLV)
The Philippines is for Christ (Pro Audio, video1, LyricVideo)
The Word of God Shall Stand Forever (Isaiah 40) (Video)
This God is Our God, Psalm 48:14, 1-2 (LyricsVideo)
Thou Art Worthy (Rev Chapter 4) (Video–FB)
Thy Glorious and Fearful Name, YHVH Thy Elohim (Deuteronomy 28) (Video)
To Him Who Sits On The Throne (Rev. 5:13) (Pro-Audio on Yamaha Tyros 5) (Video–YouTube)
Trust in the LORD, and Do Good (Psalm 37) (Video)
Trust in Me My Child (Pro Audio–Video: Israel, UAE)
There is None Like You ♪ Within the Veil ♪ Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver ♪ Commune With Me ♪ O God You Are My God 
Touch This Nation O Lord With Your Glory (Album, Pro AudioVideo LV)
Touch America (Album, Pro AudioGospel FunkiTunes, Video LV)
Touch Israel (Audio, Video)
Touch United Kingdom 
Touch Canada 
Touch the UAE 
Touch Qatar Arabian style (Album)
Touch The Philippines
Touch Trinidad 
Touch St. Lucia 

Warfare Songs + Message
We are the Bride of Yeshua (Spontaneous Song) (Video)
We Want to See Your Glory/Healing Balm/Waves of Glory (Album)
We're Taking Back What Belongs to Us (YT Video)
We're Taking Back What Belong to Us (Video)
Wherever I Am (Wherever You Are) 
Welcome Holy Spirit (Album)
We Have a Vision (Video)
What I am today, I owe so much to my mother
Who Is Like Thee? (Exodus 15:11,6,3)2:47 (YT Video)
Who is Like Thee! (Exodus 15) (Audio, Video–YouTube, FB)
With My Lips O Lord (YouTube Video)
Within the Veil ( Video: UAE)

Yeshua HaMashiach Salvation's in Your Name "YHVH is Salvation" (Spontaneous) (Video)
Yeshua Lamb of God (Video: UAE)
YHVH That is Your Name (Album)
YHVH My King , You're the Reason I Sing (with Tenor Sax and flute solos) (Album)
YHVH I Love You (Album)
YHVH My LORD and My God (Album)
Yay God! YAH GOD! (Psalm 68)
You've Got a Friend (Video–YouTube, FB)


Zion is a Place of Singing (Album)

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