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Let Me See You Face to Face

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Let Me See You Face to Face ©2018 by Steve Kuban, A Love Song to the LORD.


Let Me See You Face To Face
©2018 by Steve Kuban
CCLI # 7122756

I worship You my Lord
With all that's in my heart
It's a joy to come before You Lord
And worship at Your throne

Take these hands, take these lips My God
And let them sing for You
Take this mind, my God
Take this soul and all I am for You

I worship You
In spirit and in truth
I worship You in spirit
And in truth

(Clarinet solo)

I worship You my Lord
I come before Your throne
Let me see You face-to-face
Here in this holy room
There's nowhere else
That I would rather be
Than right here with You

(Clarinet solo )

I worship You in spirit, Lord
And I worship You in truth
You see my heart, You know my mind
You know what really is the truth

Cleanse me by Your blood, Yeshua
By the cross, the work You've done
Renew my mind and fill me with Your Spirit
Take me to Your courts

The greatest delight in my heart
Is when I worship You
In this place of your Presence, Lord
There's no other place on the face of the earth
Where I would rather be than right here with You

In this secret Place!
Where I see You face to face
Where I'm renewed by Your Word
And by Your blood

The great Divine exchange:
Where You take my mind
And replace it with Your love
And Your Word, and Your heart

Let me think like You
Let me feel like You
Lord my God

(Guitar solo)

This is my joy! This is my heart!
This is my life O Lord!
There is nothing else that means more
Than just coming to this door
And entering in through Your blood

Draw me nearer nearer nearer precious Lord
To the place where You are
And help me recognize that Messiah
Yeshua the Christ is in my heart

(Guitar solo)

Hallowed be Thy Name
YHVH God You reign!
You are my All in all

All that I need
Your hand shall supply
Jehovah God, You reign
El Shaddai!

(Piano solo)

Thank You for Your blood
Thank You for Your Spirit
Thank You for Your Ruach HaKodesh
Your voice, I hear it!

Thank You for this place of grace
That You came into my heart
And found me there

Thank You that You work Your work
Thank You that You spoke Your voice
"My son."

I'm so glad that forty years ago
You had my life in Your hand
And You surely did know
What You were up to!

You brought me there, You spoke my name
You opened up Your Word
So that I could see Yeshua really came

And so every day since that day when I did say
"God, if you're real, show me — I want to know!"

You've filled me with Your love
From heaven above, Hallelujah!
And I have never been the same
Since Yeshua came and saved me by His blood

(spoken to audience)
So just open up your heart
And invite Messiah in
And He will come and fill you
'Cause He's here today
And He will come in you

(Flute and muted horns solo)
(Muted trumpet solo)
(Flute and muted horns solo)

Thank You O my LORD
For all that You have done
I give myself to You
For the purposes of Yeshua Your Son

Thank You Father
That Your Name is the same
Yesterday, today, now and forever

Yeshua You're the Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the End
And You are surely, truly
Always my best Friend

Wrap your arms around me Lord
I want to hear Your voice more
And Your love

(flute and muted horns solo)