Story Behind the Song

Hallowed Be Thy Name

In 1992 some prophets visited our church. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit they  declared over me:
“I am going to inspire you, and you are going to write songs that will bring healing and victory and deliverance in…

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For the Lord is My Tower

I had just purchased a new Roland E-86 arranger keyboard in 1994. While learning its various rock beats, this catchy simple melody suddenly popped into my mind. It was a happy sound, and I started singing, "And now I'm so…

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I'm Calling Out To You

Today, 8 Years ago. "I'm Calling Out To You" — A powerful personal prophetic spontaneous song sung by Steve Kuban, song was birthed on March 5th, 2011.

I'm Calling Out To You - by Steve Kuban. A Spontaneous Song about

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Pearl of Great Price

Feb 26th is an important anniversary in my life — it is the last day I worked as a professional musician in clubs and restaurants, and is also the day I composed "Pearl of Great Price" - a song that…

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I Will Fight For You

In 1998, while preparing to sing a large outdoor concert in Kuwait City, a report came to me that four Filipino Christians had been beheaded for their faith in Christ not far across the border. I was sad in my…

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