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Beginning with an acoustic piano improv, Steve sets the stage for this first lyrical song of the album, entitled "YHVH That is Your Name" highlighting our Heavenly Father's Divine Name YHVH, and the name of His Son Yeshua (the shortened form of Yehoshua meaning "YHVH Saves", or "YHVH's Salvation.")


YHVH That is Your Name
©2016 by Steve Kuban

Here we are today
Worshiping You YHVH
There's no other place that we would rather be
Here we are in your presence
Bowing down in awesome reverence
To the God who rescued us, set us free!

That is Your Name, YHVH
That is Your Name, YHVH
Father in heaven, Holy Yeshua
Yeshua our King - "God Saves"
YHVH, there is no other name
Given to men whereby we can be saved