Be a Well-Oiled Machine With Precision 

The Lord spoke an encouraging word to my heart this morning about being a “well-oiled machine with precision.” I was able to transcribe half of the prophecy today and will upload the rest when I’m able, as well as post the audio. 

181028 Be a Well-Oiled Machine With Precision 

Be a well oiled machine with precision. It is certain that if your body is well you can do a better job. It is certain that if your soul is well you will be at peace and effective, your mind and your will and your emotions in their…

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Tabernacle Yourself With Me  

Every day during the feast of Sukkot you truly set your heart yourself apart to meet Me. It's difficult to spend time with Me when you're busy, when you're rushing about, and touring, setting up and singing and traveling. You have done well. You have both done well. And I've opened the door for you to come to Israel and to be a part of the United Nations for Israel. But my son and daughter, what is UNIFY apart from Me? What is anything apart from Me? 

I give you this time to just rest in Me, to draw near to…

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Your Position in Heaven Will be Directly a Result of Your Life on Earth 

Your position in heaven will be directly a result of your life on earth. Some choose not to study My Word because they think that once they graduate to heaven they'll have all of eternity to study, so what point really is there, to put all that effort in now? "After all, eternity is a long time and I can learn a lot. Then, when I arrive and have lots more time than I do on earth..." 

But I say to you, my children, your position in heaven will be directly related to how intensely you sought Me. If you don't…

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He's Not Dead and Gone (Homberto Salan Sr, Cassandra's Dad) 

My children, even those who were poor were to bring a turtle dove. Those who had much were to bring much. But I don’t put a burden upon those. Many times people get married, and there are big festivities and celebrations, and then when all is said and done, there are debts to pay — and they last a long time. they don’t go away. 
But what matters? What really matters is that the couple gets married. And what matters in this case, in the natural, is that Homberto gets buried. And that there is no need to have…

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He's With Me (Homberto Salan Sr, Cassandra's dad) 

My children, rest in me. Which of you can add even a day, nor even an hour, to his life by worrying? Fretting? Things are not in your hands. But you are in the hands of the One who holds him in His hands. And I say to you, my daughter, don’t be afraid. Know that as I have been with your mother, so I am with your father; and as he calls out to my name, he is in peace. He is not afraid, and neither shall you be My daughter. I am with him. And My daughter don’t be afraid. There are times when it’s important to…

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Mother’s Day Prophecy, extension of My Motherhood 

180513 Motherhood 

My daughter it's indeed funny that mothers are the most important element in the human race to actually bring forth life—and yet so few understand that I am more than a mother to all mankind. I am seen in these various manifestations of fatherhood, but yet they don't see my motherhood. Of course I'm a mother. I brought you forth. All of you. When you were being fashioned in your mother's womb, was it not from my will that I brought you? 

The degree of connectedness between a mother and…

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Let Go of the Arrow 

(Note: Be sure to watch the video below which has the entire prophecy spelled out. Click on “CC” and the words will appear.) 

The LORD YHVH gave me an interesting and encouraging word of personal prophecy this morning about using my musical gifts for Him, and it came to me in the image of “shooting arrows.” As a child I began using a bow to shoot arrows from age 6, doing target practice and then hunting wild game birds (grouse), and YHVH used this image and memory to greatly encourage me this morning to…

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Prophecy for America (Donald Trump, Nov2016) ~by Dr. Steve Kuban 

Prophecy for America (Sep2016) ~by Dr. Steve Kuban 

Happy Birthday Cassandra! (with recent background info on our lives and credit given to my amazing wife & woman of God!) 

This is my first time to write in my journal for 2016. Today the LORD spoke another very powerful word to me prophetically, and also to Cassandra. Today is her birthday! 

As we begin 2016, on this very special day, Cassandra's birthday, I want to say THANK YOU, LORD, for calling Cassandra to Yourself. You have always had a very special plan for your daughter, and I'm truly amazed to think that in Your divine love and foreknowledge, you ordained for us to meet for the first time at a 24-hour praise and…

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