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Title Song of this album, "YHVH I Love You" — an impassioned declaration that YHVH is worthy of our love, our worship, and our total adoration! He's our God,
our Elohim, our King, our everything! He is the LORD Tsava'ot, the LORD of Hosts Who fights the battles that we face every day!


YHVH I Love You @2016 by Steve Kuban

YHVH I love You!
YHVH I worship You!
YHVH I adore You!
You are my LORD and my King

My Elohim, my everything
My LORD Tseva'ot
Come fight the battles that I face each day
By the power of Your Spirit working in me, YHVH
My King, My God

(Piano Solo)
(Organ solos Hammond, Leslie, Rock)