Dr. Steve Kuban

Dr. Steve Kuban

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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Partner with us
These are some of the projects that you can be a part of for this month of May through your generous gifts, your prayers, and your generosity to the Lord’s work. 

Monthly Expenses 

$     900 - Recording and Publishing studio & utilities (water, trash & sewer) 
$ 1, 920 - Website Design + Maintenance ($80/daily X 24/days) 
$     100 - Internet and Phone 
$       25 - Website hosting ($20/m) and domains ($5/m) 
$     130 - Electricity 
$     200 - Car, Insurance and Transportation 
$ 3, 275 - Total Monthly 

Thank you for your faithful support, prayers and encouragement in the Great Commission as we minister to the unreached peoples of the world and to His ancient people Israel. 

May the Lord guide you and bless you as you press forward and move to higher ground in 2019. 

Your brother and fellow minister in the Great Commission, 

Steve Kuban 

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________How You can help be a part of what God is calling us to do in 2019: 

There are several important projects the Lord is directing us to undertake in 2019: 

  1. The Lord is My Tower 25th Anniversary tour 
  2. The Lord is My Tower book 
  3. 40th Anniversary book: "Steve's Personal Testimony" (Write, edit, design and publish 40 years edition) 
  4. New recordings:  
  • Favorite Hymns
  • Album of New Scripture songs 
  • "Touch the Nations" -- record and release this special song with live performance tracks for at least 9 new countries in 2019 

These projects and events will require our energy, focus and finances over the next year. Please consider how you can help us financially to accomplish all of them for God's glory. Thank you. 

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________RECORDING PROJECTS 

$10,000  Album # 19 Steve's Favorite Hymns Vol 1 
$10,000  Album # 20 Steve's Scripture In Song Vol 2 
$12,000  Album # 21 Touch America (Songs of God's promises for the USA) 
$  9,000  "Touch the Nations " Add 9 additional nations to the song "Touch" ($1,000/nation) 


$ 8,000 Book: Steve's Personal Testimony (Write, edit, design and publish 40 years edition) 
$ 8,000 Book: "The Lord is My Tower" story (25th Anniversary special edition) 


$   23,040  - Website design and maintenance ($80/day x 288 days) 
$     1,500  - Website hosting ($20/m), domains ($5/m), internet/phone provider ($100/m) = $125/m x12m) 
$   10,800  - Office Rental (recording studio, publishing studio) $900/m x 12m) 
$     4,000  - Computer Equipment — Desktop Station for Video and Music editing 
$     3,000  - Computer Equipment — Notebook computer for travels 
$     1,500  - Software for Video Editing, DAW, Music & MIDI Transcription to publish leadsheets 
$     1,600  - Software for Office, publishing, graphic design for 4 stations ($400 x 4 computers) 
$     1,500  - Tablet, Lighting, Greenscreen, Teleprompter and associated software 
 46,940  - TOTAL 

You can be a part of bringing these projects into reality in 2019! It requires finances, and a lot of time and hard work by Steve and Cassandra working in their studios. 

Our finances are usually generated by traveling, teaching seminars, performing worship concerts, and ministering in church services. 

However to do these projects, we will need to spend several months in 2019 hunkered down in our studio, rather than traveling internationally. Please consider sowing into these projects, thereby enabling us to remain truly focused to accomplish these noble goals. 

Please pray, and as the Lord leads.

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