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Psalm 59 is a declaration of trust in YHVH's power. This chorus has a special place in my heart as it's my first composition singing directly from the Scriptures. I wrote this Jewish-style chorus early in my Christian life while reading Psalm 59 at sunrise one morning at Moose Lake Bible Camp in northern Alberta Canada. It is available on two early worship albums ("Worship in Spirit and Truth" and "Dwelling Place"), with both a Jewish sound and a country-and-western sound with a different melody.

This is the audio recording from my first-ever "YouTube Live-stream" test using this simple chorus, played on the Tyros 5 arranger keyboard with automatic vocal harmonies. Hope you enjoy!


But I Will Sing of Your Power (Ps 59:16-17) ©1983 by Steve Kuban

But I will sing of Your power
Yes I will sing
Aloud of Your mercies in the morning
For You have been
My Defense
And Refuge in the day of my trouble
To You O my Strength
I will sing praises
For God is my Defense
The God of my mercy.