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Guard Over America (Prayers and Promises for the USA) 

22 Songs Prayerful and Prophetic

  1. ​​​​Guard Over America 
  2. Touch America (Gospel Funk)4:10 
  3. The Spirit of the Lord is on Me - Isaiah 61:1-9 (4min Radio Mix)4:20 
  4. And I Will Make of You a Great Nation - Genesis 12:1-3 (Blessed…

Guard Over Our President (Prayer song for President Trump) 

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All Rights Reserved. 

Guard over our President we pray 
Keep all the powers of darkness away 
Keep him safe within the shelter of Your hand 

Keep his heart from evil 
His tongue from speaking lies 

42 years ago! World Band Competition in Fuiggi, Italy

Steve Kuban playing the synthesizer in the Crowsnest Consolidated High School Concert Band, helping his classmates win the highest score of all North America bands in the 1977 World Band Competition in Fuiggi, Italy.

Happy Birthday Cassandra Kuban

Happy Birthday Cassandra with Ian and Steve Kuban

Happy birthday my dear Cassandra! The Lord loves you so much! He gave us a wonderful day together, doing many fun and blessed activities (the home-baked salmon birthday dinner was awesome!). The…