He's With You Lord – by Steve Kuban (Pro Audio) 

If you have lost your dad, brother, son, male relative or friend who knew the Lord, may this song comfort and encourage you:

"He's With You Lord." 
Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/hvwNvtsrLvY 
Pro Audio: https://stevekuban.com/track/1730390/he-s-with-you-lord
Dear friends, please put your trust in the Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ. To know Him is to be with Him, in Heaven — forever! 

"He's With You Lord" 
©2011 by Steve Kuban 

He’s in Your hands now, Lord 

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Double-Diploma Graduate from Northwest Bible College in Edmonton (now Vanguard College), in Theology and Sacred Music. 

31 years ago on this date, after five years of studies, I graduated from Northwest Bible College with TWO diplomas! — a diploma in Sacred Music, and a diploma in Theology. This unique "Double-Diploma" course of studies was designed to take college students 4 years to complete, but because I was also an adjunct music professor three of those years (teaching up to 6 classes a semester!) it took me 5 years to complete all the courses required to earn these two separate diplomas which in themselves each…

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Rosalia's With You Lord – in Heaven (8th Anniversary, "She's With You Lord")  

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of my mother-in-law Rosalia Salan. My wife and I received the sad news by phone from her brothers and sisters in the Philippines, while at our home in New York. Cassandra was broken and distraught. Her mom's death came as a surprise, for she had gone into the hospital with pain in her shoulder, not with any condition that should have led to her death.

Cassandra had told her mom about Christ on the phone many times over the years. But for several months prior to…

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Happy Birthday Cassandra Kuban 

Happy Birthday Cassandra with Ian and Steve Kuban

Happy birthday my dear Cassandra! The Lord loves you so much! He gave us a wonderful day together, doing many fun and blessed activities (the home-baked salmon birthday dinner was awesome!). The family picture with Ian is a ready-made cherished memory. The crazy photos we took together were hilarious (with all the digital sunglasses and hats and stuff), and your laugh was so genuine! You looked more and more beautiful with each outfit you wore today. You…

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