Dr. Steve Kuban & Cassandra Kuban

Dr. Steve Kuban and Cassandra Kuban

Dr. Steve Kuban and Cassandra Kuban www.SteveKuban.com


Steve and Cassandra Kuban met at a 24-hour worship event in New York City, and were married in Manhattan July 24th 2008. They recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, having travelled together for 10 years ministering in many countries for God’s glory “Taking Worship to the Nations.”  

Cassandra is Dr. Steve Kuban’s wife, prayer partner, intercessor, Executive Assistant and amanuensis, and is responsible to record, photograph and publish Dr. Kuban’s songs, prophecies, performances, travels and videos, maintain their website, manage accounting and bookkeeping, and help him be effective and focused in his calling. They live in New York City and Orlando Florida, USA

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