Dr. Steve Kuban: Biography 


"Music that brings you into God's presence." 

Dr. Steve Kuban is an anointed worship leader and prophetic songwriter whose music brings people into God's presence, and whose ministry, songs and recordings bring healing, victory and deliverance in the Name of the Lord. He is a gifted musician, teacher and evangelist with a deep passion for God's presence, called by God to "take worship to the nations."

Dr. Kuban has recorded over twenty praise and worship albums and received four certified gold and platinum awards. Several of his compositions and spontaneous prophetic songs have become favorites sung in homes and churches around the world, such as Hallowed Be Thy Name, Jump For Jesus, I Will Fight For You and The Lord is My Tower (his best-known). 

Dr. Kuban has sung and taught in 50 countries. He works tirelessly to teach and help local churches and worship teams wherever he goes. He's made over 40 trips to India and Trinidad, singing in over 200 different Trinidadian and Indian churches; in the Persian Gulf region Dr. Kuban has sung in over 200 different churches (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain) as well as at some very large venues. Filipinos all over the world affectionately call Steve Kuban one of their favorite worship leaders, and show it! His albums in the Philippines have achieved gold and platinum sales, his live worship concerts in 50 different Philippine cities have drawn record-setting crowds of 25,000 or more, and his songs are sung in Filipino churches all around the world to this day.

God has called Dr. Kuban to be a prophetic voice to the nations through his music. Here are some examples:

• One of his most powerful songs, I Will Fight For You was composed spontaneously during two concerts he sang in Kuwait and Dubai, after four Filipinos were beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Kuban later sang it in an event with one million Filipinos on nation-wide TV in Manila at a time when Muslim extremists were beheading Christians and exploding bombs in public malls. The nation-wide event had a spiritually positive impact, for right after Dr. Kuban ministered, the violence stopped.

Other prophetic songs God has given Dr. Kuban include:

Touch the Philippines. Right after Tropical Storm Yolanda devastated parts of the Philippines, Kuban's song Touch the Philippines was shared 125,000 times on facebook, bringing much comfort to hurting people. 

Battle School was a spontaneous prophetic album Kuban recorded September 2012 which warned about ISIS and the coming war in the Middle East, as well as devastations inside America involving "sand" where Satan would specifically attack and kill "the women and the children" (both Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings happened a few weeks later). 

• Dr. Kuban's spontaneous prophetic album Jeremiah Chapter One (March 21st, 2013) was a dire warning concerning America's backslidden state and pagan worship within the White House itself, and Satanic infiltration through trojan immigration. 

• Leviathan is Dead was a spontaneous composition given to Dr. Kuban on U.S. Election Day 2016 from the Torah parashat in Isaiah 27 which prophesied President Trump's victory over "Leviathan that crooked snake."

Hear America is a spontaneous prophetic warning to America that the Lord gave Dr. Kuban from 2 Chronicles 15, which he sang the next day on television at Beth Israel, America's largest Messianic congregation under Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, just a short time after Rabbi Cahn gave the national prayer breakfast after President Obama's second-term inauguration.

Dr. Kuban sang Touch the UAE at a major concert in the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; Touch Qatar at Al Wakra sports complex in Doha Qatar on August 8, 2014 (at the first-ever public Christian concert allowed by the Government of Qatar)  and Touch Kuwait at Kuwait Tower Hotel in 2013 on the 15th anniversary of Kuban's first concert in the GCC. These are just a few examples of how God uses Dr. Steve Kuban as a prophetic voice to various nations.

Dr. Kuban leads worship concerts and church services, evangelizes, preaches and teaches worship seminars in over 40 countries. He ministers in 50 different Protestant denominations and organizations, and a dozen Catholic Communities worldwide, some with large crowds (like the Divine Retreat Centre in Kerala India) and the El Shaddai Prayer Community in the Philippines with over one million worshipers in attendance.

Dr. Steve Kuban is professional keyboardist skilled in jazz, pop, rock, European, Caribbean and Latin styles, all of which he uses in his live worship concerts. But more than this, he is an anointed minstrel God plays and sings through, who creates a spiritual atmosphere and prophesies through his music (as described in 2 Kings 3:15 and 2 Chron 25:1-9).

Dr. Kuban holds several degrees and diplomas including: Doctor of Divinity (Canadian Theological Seminary), B.Ed Sacred Music (Canada Christian College) Sacred Music and Theology Diplomas (Vanguard College, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada).

He's an ardent supporter of Israel for 35 years (making a dozen trips to the Holy Land), and is the elected United States delegate of the United Nations For Israel for Hebrew year 5778. 

Whether the crowd is one person or one million, Dr. Kuban brings worshipers to the heavenly throne to worship Almighty God and be changed by His glorious presence! 

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Steve Kuban began playing piano by ear at age 3 and was a professional musician by age 13. At age 16 he led his high school band to victory in an international competition in Italy. At 17 he began music studies at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, where at age 18 he was profoundly changed by a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, after which Kuban dedicated his entire life and music to God. 

At age 23 Kuban became a Professor of Music at NBC/Vanguard College in Edmonton (Assemblies of God / PAOC) for 3 years, where he also graduated with dual diplomas in Theology and Sacred Music. He then became associate pastor and music director for 7 years at Crossroads Cathedral in Toronto with Rev. Doug Lynn, during which time he wrote and directed 5 musical productions, recorded several live worship albums, and led worship more than 3,000 times. Visitors from other churches (and often worship teams on Sunday nights) came from miles around to enjoy the beautiful presence of God experienced in the prophetic flow of worship. He became Dean of Music and Recording Arts at Canada Christian College, after which God called him to travel full-time internationally in worship ministry, which he has done faithfully for the past 20 years. 

Dr. Kuban desires to touch people's lives through worship in every way possible. He led worship regularly on the national television show "100 Huntley Street" (seen across Canada and syndicated around the world), where host and President Dr. David Mainse called him "one of the great worship leaders of our time." Dr. Kuban led worship at many Assembly of God/PAOC events and at many multi-church events such as "March For Jesus." 

Through the "Canada Arise" national worship conferences in the early 1990's, God used Dr. Kuban to pioneer a revival of prophetic worship that touched thousands of worshipers, music leaders and pastors throughout Canada and in the Northeast USA, helping bring a restoration of true worship and Davidic prophetic worship to many denominations and churches nationally. 

Dr. Kuban has a deep desire to teach on the restoration of true worship, and reach souls for Yeshua! He teaches seminars (6-10 hours in duration) in many nations, even hard-to-reach places such as the Persian Gulf, where he has taught 30 worship seminars and led over 160 events and worship services in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE (Dubai and all 7 emirates). He has been favored by YHVH to lead worship at national levels in the GCC, including concerts for thousands in Qatar and the UAE and even for workers at the top-security Baraka Nuclear Power Plant on the border of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. 

Dr. Kuban has been an ardent supporter of Israel for almost 35 years! He began by leading worship at ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) meetings in Edmonton in 1984, and has since made 12 trips to Israel, leading worship on tours with Bishop Arnold Cabalquinto and Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman (President of United Nations For Israel and Kad-Esh MAP Ministries). Dr. Kuban has a deep love for Israel, the Torah, the Feasts of YHVH and his Jewish roots, and ministers in several Messianic congregations including Beth Israel in Wayne NJ (America's largest Messianic Congregation) with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. 

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