Dr. Steve Kuban: Recommendations 

1.   Steve Kuban is a tremendous anointed worship leader, has albums out, and is known. He's just incredible, has a prophetic ministry, and is also a friend of Beth Israel. — Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Congregation Beth Israel (America's largest Messianic congregation])Wayne, NJ; New York Times best-selling author of "The Harbinger" and other books.

2.   Steve Kuban is one of the great worship leaders of our time. – David Mainse, President of Crossroads Communications, 100 Huntley Street Television, Burlington, Ontario, Canada 

3.   Steve Kuban is a leader in the army of worshipping warriors God is raising up specifically for these days of international restoration. His music crosses international boundaries and brings healing and blessing to many. – Bob Fitts, University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii 

4.   Steve has an incredible capacity to understand, lead and generate true worship. – Rev. Ken Bombay, Senior Pastor, Kitchener Gospel Temple, Ontario, Canada 

5.   The gift that God has given Steve Kuban is dynamic in bringing us into the presence of God. – LaMar Boschman, Founder, The Worship Institute, Dallas, Texas 

6.   I’ve been in full-time ministry more than 35 years, and have never seen such an amazing blend of musical ability, anointing, understanding and skillful delivery of God’s word as I witnessed in Steve Kuban when he visited our church in Trinidad. He left our congregation breathless and changed, filled to overflowing, and passionately yearning for more of God!  – Rev. Maurice Phang You, Associate Minister, Church on the Rock, Trinidad, West Indies 

7.   I thank the Lord for Steve Kuban's visit and help in our meetings and worship seminars in Havana Cuba. He is a humble, wise and anointed man of God sharing the same vision and speaking by faith revival for our nations. The Lord has given him a task to fulfill among us, for he understands the time for real worship in Spirit and Truth has come, to fill the earth up with the knowledge of the Lord. Our team and musicians are so excited with the experiences and knowledge they received through his ministry. His teachings have already reached the people living in the central parts of Cuba. It is said: Steve Kuban still remains in Cuba through his teaching. May the Lord be upon you brother Kuban, through the anointing of the Holy One — giving you power, wisdom, joy and guidance to fulfill the task given to you for your land and people. — Eduardo G, National Music Director , Assemblies of God, Cuba

8.   When I attended Steve’s concert at Cuneta Astrodome in Manila and first heard him sing “The Philippines is For Christ.” I knew immediately in my spirit, and prayed to the Lord, “God, THAT is the Singer-Preacher You have appointed to the Philippines!” (Dec. 14, 2006) –Governor Pelagio “Doding” B. Villegas Jr., Dunamis International School of Missions, International Advisory Board & Public Relations Counsel, Manila, Philippines 

9.   Steve Kuban is a dedicated and committed music minister with a deep understanding of the heart of David, who knows how to worship and bring people into the Presence of God. During one of our international conventions in the Philippines, called “Grafted In”, Steve led worship and taught from the Tabernacle of Moses and the Tabernacle of David. In a short while he was able to open the hearts and the minds of the people to true worship, and it proved to be the breakthrough of the entire convention! One devout prayer-warrior suggested the convention be re-named “A Convention on True Worship.” People still remember and talk about it! –Dr. Bishop Arnold A. Cabalquinto, Christ Our Banner World-Wide Mission, Queens, New York (overseer of more than 1,200 churches world-wide). 

10.   Our congregation at Calvary Cathedral of Praise in New York were tremendously blessed and SO uplifted by Dr. Steve Kuban’s anointed ministry. I would highly recommend him to any church, he’ll be a tremendous blessing to your congregation!”  – Rev. Dr. Marcus Roberts, Calvary Cathedral of Praise, Brooklyn, New York. 

11.   Steve is a remarkable man with enormous musical and teaching gifts, talents and abilities. Despite this, however, he does not look at “Big People’, but rather goes to wherever God sends him, big or small. He loves to go right to the heart of the people and meet them where they are at, to bring them deeply into God’s presence through music and teaching. – Attorney Noy Vicente Macatangay, Manila, Philippines 

12.   When Steve came to sing for our humble congregation, he sold his cd’s to our church members at 100 pesos below his cost, just to bless them, and so they could afford to have his music!  – Pastor Francis, Covenant Church, Caloocan, Philippines 

13.   Steve is not only a talented worship leader and musician, but he is a blessing to the church at large. – Attorney Marty Klein, March For Jesus National Coordinator, Canada 

14.   I've known Dr. Steve Kuban as my friend and co-worker in God's vineyard for many years. He is an anointed and gifted man of God whose capability of leading praise and worship has made him dear to Filipinos here in Japan. We have worked together numerous times during our Church activities and anniversaries. ~ Pastor Monty Izon, Lord of the Harvest Global Ministries, Tokyo and Kashiwa shi, Chiba ken, Japan

15.   Dr. Steve Kuban is a renowned gospel artist who has traveled extensively to many countries of the world. I had the privilege of producing one of Dr.. Kuban's concerts in Guyana. We had an audience of over 3,000, and people still consider it to have been one of the greatest events of its kind in our country.   He was a blessing to our nation, and his music impacts lives and brings healing and hope to the listeners. We eagerly await his return to Guyana! ~ Pastor Lynette Rambarran, Jesus Loves Ministries, Georgetown, Guyana

16.   Dr. Steve Kuban came to our church in Dukan, Qatar during the Muslim Hajj holiday, and it was manifestly glorious! The whole church was overwhelmed with joy and celebration, and Pastor Steve's message and testimony were powerful and inspiring. As he led us into the courts of praise and worship and we glorified the Lord through songs, we sensed an awesome release of freshness and freedom, and the atmosphere was filled with the spirit of gladness and gratitude toward God. It was a new experience that brought us into another height of praise and worship unto the Lord.

The following morning was another breakthrough. Dr. Kuban taught a praise and worship seminar in which we experienced a new dimension of reverential order in worship with the blended beauty of souls and sounds, and tuned-in to a splendid presence in His glorious court. We were all filled with overflowing joy, praising and worshiping the Lord in one heart as God opened heaven's doors for the us to receive multiplied blessings. People described the experience as, "Praising in the Heavenly realm", "Overwhelming peace and overflowing joy in the Spirit", "Musical warfare and victory", and many more. The Lord has wonderfully brought joy and revival into our church through His humble vessel Dr. Steve Kuban. --Pastor Rae Narvadez, Spring of Life Full Gospel Global Church, Dukhan, Qatar

17.   Dr. Steve Kuban defines the work of an evangelistic missionary. He doesn’t know retreat, never quits, doesn’t know the word worry, doesn’t know the word fear, is full of faith, and trusts GOD! Dr. Kuban values the lost soul more than his job or ministry, and goes out of his way to reach and save even one lost soul in any way possible. He doesn't fear men's opinions or worry about what people think of him personally, and he is always out there where the sinners are, sharing Christ through songs as the Lord confirms His presence! Dr. Steve Kuban is a man of war, God’s mighty battle-axe in this perilous and menacing world. ~ Bambi Olermo, New Life Christian Ministry, Tel Aviv, Israel 

18.   Dr. Steve Kuban led one of the most successful concerts our church has ever had! He impacted my congregants and the lives of our guests as he led us in joyful, biblically-themed, spiritually-inspiring, God-honoring creative music. Souls who came to the concert spiritually parched finished the concert feeling refreshed and full. Those who went to the concert unaware of God's gift of salvation came out with a new-found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We give God the honor that through Dr. Kuban's ministry Christ the Redeemer Church experienced the true meaning of worship. I commit Dr. Kuban and his gifts to wherever the Lord leads him, knowing that he will be used just as mightily by God in his next assignment.  ~ Rev. Emmanuel P. Patingo, Christ the Redeemer Church (affiliated with American Baptist Church), North Hills, California.