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Spontaneous song by Steve Kuban.


There's No God Like You
©2016 by Steve Kuban

There's no God like You
In all of the world
No other name whereby we can be saved
The Name of YHVH!
"I am God,
And I am Your Savior;
And beside Me there is no other,"
says YHVH (Isaiah 43:11-12)
Yeshua "YHVH Saves"

Thank You for coming to this earth, Father
To reveal Yourself to us
Thank you, Word of God made flesh
Who dwelt among us

“Yeshua, my God, my King!” Thomas said, “I will honor Thee.
I will recognize the resurrected Christ Who sits upon the throne.”

Glory to Your name my King
You are the One who gives breath and life to me
To sing Your praises is my greatest joy
To sit at your feet, my King!

(Flute and voice improv)
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

YHVH my King, My God
I play and sing to You
For Your glory O LORD
You alone, the One Who saves me
And carries me on His shoulders
Every single day, My Shepherd
You walk beside me
In the rivers and the valleys

Come and bless me LORD
Come and minister to the world
As I give myself and my gifts to Thee
O YHVH, My King