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Pearl of Great Price ©1983 by Steve Kuban (7:02)

1. Jesus told us of a man who'd spent his whole life, he was searching
All his time and strength were spent in seeking Precious pearls of which he'd dreamed
One day he found one!
It shone with purity and beauty he had never seen
And in a moment he knew
He'd found the pearl worth everything!

2. I remember days that sometimes seem
As though they never were
I see a young man who spent his life and Strength to reach for shining dreams
Then Jesus called him!
He spoke his name with love and truth
That he had never seen
And in that moment, Lord
I found the choicest pearl of all my dreams!
*Jesus, You're the Pearl of great price
You're the treasure in the field
And I give my all for You
Jesus, all I am and all I do
All my hopes and dreams
I give them all for You
It's worth everything, Lord Jesus
Just for You.

(CD version begins here)

3. Lord Jesus, the time is running out
With so much left to do
You did all You could!
Yet there's so many left, dear Lord
Who need to know
Lord, they've got to hear!
I give the selfish things
That I've been holding back from You
You gave everything
How can I give any less for You?
(repeat chorus)

©2000 by Steve Kuban

Jesus You mean everything to me
I gladly give my all, Lord willingly
I lay down my life as a living sacrifice
For the sake of the call
I will gladly give it all.
(saxophone solo)
(repeat chorus of “Pearl”)
It's worth everything, Lord Jesus
Just for You.