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Steve Kuban: Psalms in Songs 

Psalm 23            The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Have Everything I Need (Up-Tempo Dance Version) (AudioCDVideo

Psalm 32              Blessed is He Whose Transgression is Forgiven   (Video

Psalm 37              Trust in the LORD, and Do Good   (Video

Psalm 46              God Is Our Refuge and Strength (A Very Present Help In All Our Trouble) Pro Version (DownloadsCDVideo

Psalm 48              This God is Our God (DownloadsVideo)

Psalm 73              Psalm 73 - ©2016 by Steve Kuban   (Video)    …

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Steve Kuban: Isaiah in Songs 

Isaiah 27                The Restoration of Israel (America!) and the Punishment of Leviathan  (Video

Isaiah 40                The Grass Withereth, the Flower Fades Away: But the Word of God Shall Stand Forever  (Video

Isaiah 52                How Lovely on the Mountains are the Feet of Him  (Video

Isaiah 54                Sing O Barren Woman  (Video)

Isaiah 60                Arise Shine for thy Light is Come   (Video

Isaiah 61                The Spirit of the Lord is on Me   (Video)