Dr. Steve Kuban's Prophecies

Judge Yourself America 

JUDGE YOURSELF AMERICA - A message given to Steve Kuban by the Holy Spirit on April 4, 2020 

My son, in the days to come, even in the weeks to come counting down, there is going to be a great…

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Consider How You are Viewed 

190330 Consider how you are viewed 

Consider how you are viewed. Build with your Purpose and Plan in view. Consider what is needed. What will people receive from your ministry? This is what you have to believe: that they…

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Obedient to the Heavenly Revelation and Vision 

My daughter, you prayed you fasted. You sought me with all your heart, diligently. "Lord, what is with this guy Steve?" And my daughter, you fought the enemy. He didn't know how mightily I would use you, but he had…

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The Making of a Champion 

190213 The Making of a Champion 

It's easy to get glory, to receive the accolades of men. That's the easy part: when they announce, and you are to come onto the podium and receive your reward or award. As Neil…

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