Dr. Steve Kuban's Timeline

Dr. Steve Kuban: Timeline 

I met the Lord in 1979 while a music student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. I had been a hardened atheist all my teen life, and upon seeing the irrefutable evidence of the Bible and God's goodness and grace in Yeshua, I received His salvation and became born again. I then gave Him my music, and God called me to become a serious student of His Word and to get to know Him intimately. I left Music College, returned to Canada, and locked myself in my bedroom for eight hours a day over the next four months devouring His Word. 

Over the next eight years (1980-1988) the Lord called me step by step to be a worshiper, then a worship leader, Bible College student, and then a Bible College teacher at Central Tabernacle and Northwest Bible (Vanguard) College in Edmonton. Each step felt huge to me, and I felt so humbled and unworthy. But I saw everything as the evidence of His hand upon me, and His reward for remaining faithful to the call each step along the way. 

Upon graduating from Bible College in 1988 I knew that God's call upon my life was to be a worship and music evangelist. But first the Lord wanted me to learn the important calling of being a shepherd to His people. I followed His call to become an ordained minister and pastor at Crossroads Cathedral in Toronto with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). These were very powerful years of development under Doug Lynn, my senior pastor and mentor. I served for six wonderful years, then took a one year's sabbatical to prepare for God's calling to be an evangelist. I also served for two years as department head at Canada Christian College in Toronto. 

I made my first trip to Asia in 1997. While in Japan the Lord supernaturally called me from Ezekiel 43 to be a musical evangelist, to take His glory to the nations through worship and music. This was all confirmed the very next day by several prophets under Bill Hamon's ministry and C.I. Asia president Ron Sawka. 

What followed next is astounding. Within a few months God orchestrated huge things, and I found myself (yes, little ol' me who grew up in a remote town of 3,000 near the Arctic Circle) travelling around the world doing worship concerts for crowds of five, ten, even 25,000 people (sometimes leading a million people in worship)! My albums in the Philippines became gold and platinum, and thanks to Filipinos who go from the Philippines to work in many foreign countries, soon people were singing my songs all over the world. The prophetic word which the Lord spoke in Japan came to pass very quickly. Over the next 8 years I traveled more than a million miles visiting churches (particularly Filipino and East and West Indian) in more than 30 countries. Surely when God speaks, He can fulfill what He promises! 

As you can see, for 35 years the Lord has been building me into His living temple, step by step. Now He is developing in me a strong prophetic music ministry, and calling me to be "a prophet to the nations."