American Football Confirmation 


My son, America is in My heart for some very important things, says the Lord. It was the prophetic word of the pigskin that caused the warnings to be seen and heard. It indeed is a confirmation of My Word. 

America's famous for football. And it is one of the things that in America is of the highest acclaim. Thousands and thousands flock to the stadiums and to the fields of universities. It is indeed something that is 'universal' in this land of liberty. Even in high schools and elementary schools they aspire: "Oh, if I could be like the one who carries the pigskin. If I could be like the one who catches the ball, the quarterback, and throws it as he wills with the strategy that has come with much planning, preparations and skill." American football, My son — it's something that everyone knows about. 

My son, it's no surprise then, that in this hour and in this time I will use those who know how to get to the touchdown line: those who understand craftiness, the plays, what it is to hike, and throw, and carry the ball away. Those who know how to put the strategies in place. 

And My son, I give you this picture. You know, inside of you, it is true, what I'm saying to you. So keep you heart, and keep your eyes open and be prepared for some exciting things that I'm going to do and show you. Be prepared, for it will be a bearing of witness that I will do. I will, yes indeed My son, throw the ball to you. And you're going to run. And it won't be the way it's normally done — no. Neither was it the way that it was normally done when I spoke the word through My son that opened the door. 

My son, be faithful. My daughter be faithful. I want you to write the book that I'm calling you to. Because many are the words that I want them to hear, that I have brought forth through you. It's not just for you. So therefore press through.  Take care of what you must do. And remember these words that I continue to give you, says the Lord. Have faith. Believe. Act accordingly. And you will see that what I say will indeed come to pass and will safeguard Liberty, says the Lord Your God this day.

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