The Making of a Champion 

190213 The Making of a Champion 

It's easy to get glory, to receive the accolades of men. That's the easy part: when they announce, and you are to come onto the podium and receive your reward or award. As Neil…

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Tribulation is Coming 

131109a_Tribulation is Coming 

For the Lord says unto thee, this is a very serious time when the nations will gather against Israel. My children the influence of America shall wane. It's power and protective strong right arm shall be…

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American Football Confirmation 


My son, America is in My heart for some very important things, says the Lord. It was the prophetic word of the pigskin that caused the warnings to be seen and heard. It indeed is a confirmation of…

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Messenger, American Football


Prophetic word given through Steve Kuban, Nov 2, 2013 regarding Messenger, American Football, etc. 

Make no mistake about it, My son: the time has come, when that which I have prophesied through thee must be done. The…

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I Have Need of You

131026a_ I Have Need of You

Come My faithful ones;  have need of thee. Come My children, hear the voice of your Father calling unto thee. Come. I have need of thee. For indeed I am putting together My…

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America You're Running out of Time 

131009e_ShareTheWarnings-–America You're Running out of Time 

My son I've given to you several warnings that you are not to hold yourself, but you are to place them for people to read, to hear, and to see, of the things…

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911 Anniversary 2013

Prophetic word given through Steve Kuban on Sept 11, 2013, the 12th anniversary of 9-11 

God has a Dream For Us 

My children, when is it that you are the closest to who you really are? It's when…

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Battle School (Spiritual Warfare) – by Steve Kuban 

BATTLE SCHOOL (Spiritual Warfare) – By Steve Kuban. An Album of prophetic songs about spiritual warfare, given to Steve Kuban, played spontaneously on September 8, 2012. lyrics

[1] Battle Overture (instrumental) (2:42) 0:00-2:42
[2] We Are Your…

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Warning to America! Jeremiah Chapter One – Steve Kuban 

Warning to America! Jeremiah Chapter One – A Spontaneous Prophetic  Song and Message 
by Steve Kuban (March 21, 2013) 

Praise the Lord, it is March 21st. 
Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah. Have Your way, Lord. 
Praise God. 

(00:13 Instrumental Intro) 

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Presidents Day 2013

130218_Presidents’ Day 

My children, a president is one that at the very top of his qualities has influence. I say this unto you (*My son), one of your most important possessions that I have given to you is (*that…

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