Presidents Day 2013

130218_Presidents’ Day 

My children, a president is one that at the very top of his qualities has influence. I say this unto you (*My son), one of your most important possessions that I have given to you is (*that of) influence. And on this Presidents’ Day (in the USA) I declare unto you (My son, ) it is time to turn this influence My way. 

(For) What you have, is energy inside of you that is kinetic; influence which I have placed upon you that has the potential of atomic bombs in the spirit—power of nuclear energy in the spirit. It can be bombs that bring forth great victory; it can be energy that gives light unto man and makes his ways. 

(My son), this influence that I give you is a kinetic ball of energy that is sitting there waiting to be released. When does that release come, says the Lord? (WELL My son) It has trickled out, here and there and many places abroad. It has sprinkled forth liberally as My grace and My anointing unto many people’s hearts. It has come sprinkling through your music, and it has come through your life. But that is not the deluge, that is not the demonstration of My might. 

But( My son,) it is the time. The energy is soon to be released, of the kinetic power and fire of God, that will bring forth a spiritual release to many, many lives. I shall channel My life, the life of the Lord that is inside of you. It is the favor of God that is upon you, the anointing of God poured into you, that will go out through you and cause spiritual victory, (AS) You will be like a nuclear bomb against the enemy. It will be like fire from heaven that will energize My Church, even as a nuclear power station brings light to entire cities, says the Lord. 

Can something come forth from something so small, infinitesimally small? Who can imagine the power of E=mc2? Such a thing, is it possible for man to do? No, not for man to do—but I have done it, says the Lord, and it’s contained right there in the atomic realm. I have put it there already. You can see it in the stars. Millions and billions and trillions of atomic bombs going off, fiery nuclear furnaces bringing light to the heavens, yea My glory as you look to the sky. But even as you see the sun rise, you know that it’s My power that has made Earth like a paradise, the beautiful marble that floats through the cosmos wherein I have chosen to place My very own. And I give unto thee all that you need, from every sunrise to every sunset, and everything in between. 

Get ready, for that is going to be released through thee. It’s not a small thing I want to do, says the Lord—it is a big mighty work. And it will be (a) fusion activity. The atomic bomb is fission power; the hydrogen bomb is fusion power. I want to fuse My Church, *I want to fuse them into oneness. I Want to inspire them to find Me, to worship Me, to yield themselves to Me, to be a vessel unto Me. It’s you I want to sing through, to reveal My will through, to teach them, to help them understand: Christ in you is the fire of God—the nuclear release. 

Throughout My Word you (will) see parables. That which is in the natural has its spiritual counterpart. Everything that you see around you has a spiritual application. The tabernacle of Moses was a picture of Christ Jesus. When Yeshua came, He was the express image of the invisible God. His parables spoke truth to every heart that understood. “He who has ears to hear”…heard. “He who has eyes to see” saw and understood. 

And My son, what I want to do through you, there are pictures in the natural. And I’ve brought many of them to you. But there’s much more that I want to do, and the atomic nuclear power that in this day and age only now has been discovered, and in a small but significant way man has been able to harness it—this has been of Me. 

Even Einstein and many of the scientific and physics experts of his day—(many) Jews that lived in Germany and in countries that had been persecuted by the satan of Hitler—I brought them to America, and their minds began to work for My purposes. And (it was) through them not only World War II ended, but the savagery of Hitler. And I gave to this country the greatest minds of the century. And it was the letter of Einstein to President Roosevelt that turned the tables, that caused the Manhattan project to begin, says the Lord, which ultimately won the war. 

Was it a war for America that was won? says the Lord. My children, it was a war for mankind, that was being fought against them, that was won. And it was won by My hand, even through the minds of men and the capabilities of this nation says the Lord (that I have brought for such an hour as this.) 


America, when you take salt and throw it on the flame—[there’s a] spark of orange sodium, burst of orange light that reveals the salt therein. And I call you America to be the salt of the earth—to let your light shine, oh sodium of Mine. Yet why now are you so blind? You don’t even understand the purpose of the Lord. America, you’ve closed your mind. America, I say unto thee: AWAKE, thou who art blind, and see the purpose of the Jew in the midst of you. See the blessing of the Lord, and the hand of God that has been turned for you. Do not you understand that I can turn this hand of Mine any way I chose? And if you do not TURN from your blindedness, saith the Lord, I will TURN My hand away from you. 

Honor the Jew; honor My children; honor My nation; honor Israel, the apple of My eye, says the Lord. 

It is time, says the Lord, no longer for you to play your games of your mind and your pride. Yes indeed says the Lord, your pride will cause you to fall before your very eyes. Who are you to justify your sin? says the Lord. Repent and fall on your face with sackcloth, ashes and fasting, says the Lord, lest I come and strike the ground with a curse—as it has been prophesied in the final verse of My Word of the Old Testament, says the Lord. It’s there before you. Do not think I play games, says the Lord, with you. 

America, this is a special day for you—a day to remember and thank God for the presidents that I have put among you, those men that I spoke to whose hearts were open to what God wanted to do, and those leaders with whom they had influence that rallied to the trumpet call. (I say unto you My son, it’s about influence.) 

America, I’ve given you great influence. And yet you have squandered in recent days this favor upon you which I gave. Was I not angry with Esau who forsook his birthright? He squandered it away, and then when he wanted it back, even with tears as he wept and cried unto Me, it did not return—for he had given it away. And America I’ve given you a birthright. I’ve given to you stature. I’ve given unto you such influence. I’ve used you in so many ways, and I’ve given unto you freedom as your mainstay. And now you’re giving it away?? You’re squandering what I have bequeathed unto thee—something that the nations cried out in their misery and said, “Oh, if only I could go to America!” And immigrants by the millions sacrificed to come to the land that was salt unto the earth, and a light to the lands. Who are you, America, to turn what I have given unto thee away and squander it and throw it in the sand and step on it? This land that has come from My hand? 

Understand this, says the Lord, that your God is a fire, and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. Understand this, America: if I did bring My judgment to Israel for turning away from Me in their unbelief, think not that I won’t do it to you as well? My hand fell upon My beloved, many times and in many generations. You will see this in My Word. And when the kings had evil in their heart and knew not the Lord, and honored Him not, but put up their Ashteroth poles and their foreign gods and their idols, the Lord’s judgment came, wars came, others used of God’s hand, even as the Assyrians and the Babylonians. 

Know this, says the Lord, that I can do it again. And I will. Because I can turn this nation back to Me. But it comes with a heavy pill. And you can choose. You can run to Me. 

I gave grace unto Ninevah, who turned unto Me—the king said, “I will humble myself to You Lord. And this city, I to you Lord will bring on my knees, as I cry and ask, “Oh, God of heaven, God of earth, please show forth Thy mercy unto this Ninevah, and unto me.” 

This is a day says the Lord to honor the presidents, and to remember why they came, who they were, what they did, and the influence that around the world was heard and felt. Because America I used you to bless the world, and to protect them, and to bring justice to them. You’ve been in My hand. You’ve been in My hand. And when you are in the hand of the Lord, why then would you want to escape? Why then would you want to go your own way, when you’ve seen the evidence and the hand of the Lord at every side, at every turn, in every way? And yet this is what you’re doing right now. You are clambering right out of My hand, My loving, caring hand of provision, blessing, and influence to the nations. You are getting right out. And you are squandering the position of influence that I have given unto thee, America. I say unto thee, you need to pray and get on your knees. You need to repent and cry out unto Me. 

Yes there is a remnant in this land says the Lord—those who know me, those who bow before Me, those who cry out for God’s mercy. Indeed there are many. 

Do not say, “Here are Republicans, and here are Democrats.” It’s man who puts up his fences, and calls man what man wishes. 

But know this, says the Lord: there is an infinite dividing between those who have eternal life, and those who do not. One is unto life, one is unto death. This is the fence of sin. This is the great gulf of division that is within. And only Christ Jesus has spanned and made the bridge. And only through Him, the narrow way, can those who are unto death have their sins washed away, be made clean, and be vessels unto Me. Come to heaven and be with Me. 

You have a responsibility to tell the world and the nations that there is a way: His Name is Jesus Christ, and He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life. He is the Light of God that shines in the darkness. 

So I call unto you My children, My Church, the Church of the First-born—and He will not squander His position nor His inheritance, and those He has given life unto are His for eternity— You have a choice, children, to obey your Father, as He gives you commandments. 

And this He would say: fall on your face and repent, America. Fall on your face. It’s not Republican or Democrat—it is, “Who is on the LORD’S side?” Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Is it God—Yeshua—Jesus Christ the Lord? Or is it your foreign idols, your foreign agendas, your foreign gods? Choose ye this day whom you will serve. 

I can turn the heart of kings. But judgment has already been pronounced upon you America, because of your backslidden ways. Time is running out for you to turn your ways. Hear Me now, says the Lord God, on this Presidents’ Day.

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