My son, My you see the glory of the Lord?

131111 001 Veteran's Day 13-11-11-001. 

Isaiah saw the Lord, in the year that King Uzziah died. And His glory was awesome. 

"Who will go?" 

"Here I am Lord. Send me." 

My son, My you see the glory of the Lord? Do you see Him high and lifted up? And the glory of the train of His robe fills the temple. 

I take the coal. I touch your lips. Yes says the Lord, My son, I touch your lips. Did not Jeremiah feel the burn? "He touched my mouth." 

My son, I touch your mouth with fire from heaven — to speak the words of your God to the sons of men. My son, yield your lips to Me. See Me high and lifted up. Cry out, "Woe is me! For I have seen the Lord." 

My son, who will go for me? Who will warn them? Who will speak the declarations of the Lord? the oracles of the Lord? the burden of the Lord, concerning the sons of men upon the nations of the earth? 

"Here I am, Lord. Send me." 

The word of the Lord came unto Isaiah. The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. The word of the Lord came to Ezekiel. The word of the Lord came to Hosea. The word of the Lord came to Amos. And yes even in Babylon, the word of the Lord came to Daniel. 

The Lord always reveals what's going to happen, through His holy prophets. 

And when there were holy prophets who spoke the Name, and prophesied in His Name, and spoke the Word of the Lord...were there not a plethora around about that did say, "What are you all about?" "Shut him up, O King — for he prophesies bad things." Were there not those who prophesied what the itching ears wanted to hear? And all around you, are prophets prophesying unto the itching ears what they want the people to hear. 

My son, as you turn your television on, you will see it. The games are on. But these are serious war games, My son. Games where the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience, is at work — even in this nation My son — to bring forth America's tribulation. 

For there is going to be a shaking, says the Lord, upon this nation. And there's going to even be uprising. There's going to be civil rebellion. For did not the Declaration of Independence; did not the words come forth? that the people have a right, when faced with tyranny, to rebel? It's their duty. To protect the rights that they have. And My children, be aware that there's going to be civil war. There's going to be tyranny. There's going to be abominations such as this nation has never seen. 

My children, I took you to Germany, that you might see how it can happen. If it happened there, yes America, it can happen to thee. For there are powers at work in high places that have their agenda, to amalgamate the races, and thereunto be one supreme kingdom that rules with a rod of treachery, power, insidiousness says the Lord. It's the spirit of anti-Christ that is even now upon the face of the earth. Indeed it is the kingdom of darkness manifest on the earth. 

My elect are present. The Lord would say that these will be a shaking that will come forth in the nations of Europe, of America, of Asia, says the Lord. There will be great tribulation. And My Word is clear: the time of the end is very near. And though there are many years that shall come with grandeur and glory to Yeshua, God's Son...but to usher in, shall come great pain from earth's and man's sins. And there shall be tribulation, such as has never been seen in the history of the earth. 

As Isaiah prophesied, and as Ezekiel prophesied, as Daniel prophesied, and as John on the Island of Patmos prophesied — there's coming a time. And the prophets of old looked into the future, and it seemed as though it were just beyond the horizon. They could see the sun's glow. But they could not see. 

And know this says the Lord: The morning star shineth bright — until the Sun of Righteousness cometh forth. And the morning star disappears — is banished from the earth! 

The darkest season is just before the dawns comes. And the daystar, the bright and morning star, rises, yes is visible as dawn comes upon the earth. My children, know that the daystar, Lucifer, will shine his brightest when earth is at its darkest. And that time is about to come, says the Lord. But when the Sun of Righteousness is revealed, He shall banish him, and all his host that did yield as he took them with him. And they shall be bound up and cast away say the Lord God, on that day. 

So then, you say, "Now Lord, what? What do we do?" My children, I'll show you, each and every day, from My Word. My Word is true. And this is the time when, more than ever, you must do all that I require of you, says the Lord. For a servant shall do what his master requests. 

The Captain of the Lord's armies, indeed the Lord of the armies Himself, commissions you and says: Stand for warfare. 

In battle school you have learned the ways of war. And I've showed you, says the Lord, that I can cause the earth to tremble, the waters to cover the earth, to wash away even the smallest and helpless ones from the arms of their mother. 

The Lord would say unto you: do what I call you to do. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Sound the alarm on My Holy Mountain saith the Lord. For this is the hour that I have chosen for thee, My son, to shine your brightest, more than you've ever done. Many shall listen, for they have heard the voice of the Lord even through your music, My son, and the words that came forth. The awareness of My presence, the power of My Word, the faith that riseth in their hearts, when they declare "Thus saith the Lord." And you, My son, are My minstrel, My psalmist, My prophet, that they might hear the Word of the Lord. 

So therefore, set your house in order, says the Lord. Because when this war comes, even on this land, says the Lord where I've brought you My son,  you must not have anything that will get in between you and the task that you must do. For this is war, says the Lord. In this day, I am calling you. 


The facts and the figures don't lie — though those who manipulate them do lie. But the facts and the figures in and of themselves are like a guard-rail along the side of the road. My son, if you'll understand the facts, and the figures, it will show you the direction of the LORD. It's a road of man's making, but then so too were the Assyrians, and the Babylonians in My hand — they were man, and they were not used with the awareness that they were being used. No, they thought that it was their own willful declarations and war proclamations and decimations — not knowing that it was in My hand for them to do what I called them to do. An AXE in My hand, says the Lord, of judgment upon the children of disobedience. He who has ears to hear, let him hear the Word of the LORD. 

My son, it's difficult to get the facts sometimes, especially when catering to the whims and wishes of kings in authority — they hide the premonitions. It is true, says the Lord, that even the soldiers of war have been warned about you. Yes My children, listen, this is true. Those in authority are warning the troops about you. "You are a danger to this land. You who speak the truth. And you that continually harp upon the importance of the foundations which this land was built upon are a danger, and therefore must be controlled. Silenced. The words that you speak are not to be spoken anymore." 

Yes, it is true, says the Lord. The signs

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