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Prophetic word given through Steve Kuban, Nov 2, 2013 regarding Messenger, American Football, etc. 

Make no mistake about it, My son: the time has come, when that which I have prophesied through thee must be done. The time is indeed short. 

Did you think, My son, that I would send you to many different ones, in order to fulfill the word that one was to be used for? I send you to the right one, says the Lord. And it shall be connected, even as the dots are connected and the puzzle comes together. And those words that I have spoken over you (which have been confirmed by another, says the Lord — for out of the mouths of two, and indeed three, saith God, shall a thing be established and confirmed) — that which I have spoken to you, My son, it shall unfold before you, like a flag that is unfurled. And that flag will be My Kingdom, My son — Yeshua the Ruler Thereof.  And it is a spiritual Kingdom, a Kingdom of light and life and liberty in the Holy Spirit. And even as the liberty of America stands as a beacon to the nations, so more so, much more so, shall the liberty, which is the freedom of the Son of God, shall be unfurled as YHVH-Nissi, indeed the Standard, shall be established for the world to see. A Light. For He is the Light of the world. 

My son, I will open doors for you. Many, many who have never heard of you before are going to hear the Word of the Lord coming through you. And it won't be the messenger that they will be attracted to, it will be the anointing of the Lord that is in you. It will not be gifting and the skill. It will be Zion's Holy Hill that they will be drawn to, says the Lord. 

And you, My son, must be that faithful messenger. For indeed were not wars lost, or wars won, by the faithful one who could run and bring the directive, and the pronouncements? who could relay the conditions of the field to the commanders, who would then make a choice: Which way shall we go? Shall we fight? or shall we yield? And the directives would come, and the messenger must run. And the messenger MUST be ready — for his journey is not one that there are very many. No, if there were many, says the Lord, then how could he run? How can the messenger go forth, with the commanding word of war from the commanding chief who would fight, so that the sword would have victory? How could he, if he has a whole entourage. And My son, can I ask many to run with you, if you're going to be that messenger of prophetic truth? No, says the Lord. There are not many that can run. For many would slow thee down. Many would hinder thee. Many would be a weight around thee, My son. 

But you are to be a messenger of the prophet mantle of God. For My mantle is upon My servants, and it shall go forth in might and power, because of the power of music, the power of worship, the power of Zion's HOLY Hill. Why do the nations imagine a vain thing? Who are they, to think that they can kill what God has given life to? Who are they to think that they can rule over those who are Mine? My children, the Jews. Why do they imagine a vain thing? (Ps 2) 

This day, My son, I have called run! And you shall be a prophetic messenger. And you shall inspire. And when you run, says the Lord, the flag will be raised higher. O say does that Banner wave? Over the Kingdom of those who are, have been, set free, who were slaves — but by the blood of the Lamb have been saved. And now that Banner which is raised is a Banner for the nations to fear, and the nations to bow, and the nations to cry, that "Jesus Christ is Messiah, the Lord!" 


The messengers that were to run were trained. They were trained to fend off enemies — for in their mission it was critical says the Lord. And they would run so quickly that they were like those in American football. Their job is to catch the ball, and then run like hell. Yes. So that none could snatch their legs or feet. 

My son, you must run. For the gates of hell are trying their very best to stop you in God's best. And it is your quest, My son, to reach the touch-down line. It IS your quest. And the quarterback is throwing the ball to you. Now the ball is in your hands. What will you do? In that day, and in that moment, you will understand why your Coach said to you, "Train. Train. Train! Run. Run. Run! Don't look back behind you." 

You cannot, My son look back behind you when you run. It's not just because those who set their hand to the plow and turning back are not fit for the Kingdom of God — for you have set your hand to the plow, and when you look back it's not with a longing, as Lot's wife did, and she was turned into a pillar of salt. No, My son, when you turn around, it's because you want to see if there's anybody who's coming after you, who's close-by, who's around. 

But the Lord would say unto you, when you catch that ball, looking around is not what you are to do, My son. For he who runs with the ball, to get a touch-down, must discern what is around. He will be given a sixth-sense, as they say. But to you, it will be spiritual discernment at play. You will sense, My son, that the enemy is running and approaching thee from the left. And when you do, as he lunges toward you, you will suddenly sense an urge to break to the right. And the moment that you do, his hands clasp the foot that would have been there — yea the very shoe — but it's gone! Because you have turned at the impulse of the Spirit's love. And as you run, you won't look, as he falls into the turf. Disappointed. For he thought he had won. 

No. You will continue, and you will race as God's messenger, to get to first place. And suddenly you will sense that there's another lunge from behind you, and you will suddenly break to the other, and he will miss you. And then there will be another. And My son, as you run, you will find and you will discover that I will be the Spirit Who leads thee, who warns thee, who guides thee: "Go this way, My son. Go this way My son. Don't turn down this road. Don't go this way. But look to the finish line. Look to the touch-down line," says the Lord. For this is what I've called you to do. 

And my son, you will be a messenger. For I have given you the message. It's therein. Yes, says the Lord, isn't it amusing? Between the pig-skin. Yea, you hold this Bible in your hand. Many who had learned the ways of Israel in the desert sands had learned, "Avoid that one animal. The pigskin. Don't touch it. Don't get close to it." And yet, notice this, says the Lord, that Bibles are protected, and the pages therein, by the pig skin. And I say to you, My son: It's a foot ball — American football — that I am throwing to you. The Quarterback of Heaven gives it to you. You must catch it, and you must run. For hell is trying to stop you.  Run like hell is trying to stop you My son. You cannot turn left. You cannot look back. You cannot be on the attack, says the Lord. For you have one mission to do. 

There are those around you, their job is to block. Their job is to trounce. Their job is to interject. Their job is to protect you. My son, your job is to run, and carry the message that I have given to you. For in your hands, says the Lord, is the power to set them free. In your hands, says the Lord, when it crosses the 'zero-line', they shall see the victory.  Yes, says the Lord, there are those that play their part. And the Lord says unto you, My son, don't think that you're the quarterback. Don't think that you're the blocker, or the tackle. My son, your job is to catch the ball, and then run. For you are a messenger, says the Lord, of the prophetic One: the Son of God, Who speaks these words to you and says, "Now, My son, the ball, even now, is coming to you." 


America is in My heart for some very important things, says the Lord. It was the prophetic word of the pigskin that caused the warnings to be seen and heard. It indeed is a confirmation of My Word. 

America's famous for football. And it is one of the things that in America is of the highest acclaim. Thousands and thousands flock to the stadiums and to the fields of universities. It is indeed something that is 'universal' in this land of liberty. Even in high schools and elementary schools they aspire: "Oh, if I could be like the one who carries the pigskin. If I could be like the one who catches the ball, the quarterback, and throws it as he wills with the strategy that has come with much planning, preparations and skill." American football, My son — it's something that everyone knows about. 

It's no surprise then, that in this hour and in this time I will use those who know how to get to the touchdown line: those who understand craftiness, the plays, what it is to hike, and throw, and carry the ball away. Those who know how to put the strategies in place. 

And My son, I give you this picture — you know inside of you it is true what I'm saying to you. So keep you heart, and keep your eyes open and be prepared for some exciting things that I'm going to do and show you. Be prepared, for it will be a bearing of witness that I will do. I will, yes indeed My son, throw the ball to you. And you're going to run. And it won't be the way it's normally done — no. Neither was it the way that it was normally done when I spoke the word through My son that opened the door. 

My son, be faithful. My daughter be faithful. I want you to write the book that I'm calling you to. Because many are the words that I want them to hear, that I have brought forth through you. It's not just for you. So therefore press through.  Take care of what you must do. And remember these words that I continue to give you, says the Lord. Have faith. Believe. Act accordingly. And you will see that what I say will indeed come to pass and will safeguard Liberty, says the Lord Your God this day.

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