Battle School (Spiritual Warfare) – by Steve Kuban 

BATTLE SCHOOL (Spiritual Warfare) – By Steve Kuban. An Album of prophetic songs about spiritual warfare, given to Steve Kuban, played spontaneously on September 8, 2012.


[1] Battle Overture (instrumental) (2:42) 0:00-2:42
[2] We Are Your Warriors (2:42-
[3] Battle Exercises (1:10) (7:52-9:02)
[4] This Is No Drill! (1:50) (9:02-11:00)
[5] Warfare Interlude (1:53)(11:00-12:52)
[6] Devil’s Strategies (3:07) (12:53-16:00)
[7] Military School (1:42) (16:00-17:42)
[8] Warfare Declarations and Finger Weapons (3:12) (17:42-21:04)
a. Warfare Declarations (1:14) (17:42-18:56)
b. Finger Weapons (0:51) (18:05-18:56)
c. Jesus Play Through Me (0:56) (18:56-19:52)
d. Scat and Keyboard Warfare (1:16) (19:48-21:04)
[9] Prayer Warriors and Principalities (2:05) (21:04-23:09)
[10] Prayer Battle Rap (0:26) (23:09-23:35)
[11] And In My Power (Fight the Good Fight) (1:29) (23:35-25:04)
[12] Instrumental (1:40) (25:04 – 26:44)
[13]Time to Give Yourself Away (1:16) (26:44-28:00)
[14] Can You Hear My Heart? (1:30) (28:00-29:30)
[15] For You I Live and Sing (Steve’s Testimony) (1:40) (29:30-31:10)
[16] I’m Talking To You * (1:15) (31:10-32:25)
[17] I am Yours! (For You I Live and Sing) (1:45) (32:25-34:10)
[18] For Such an Hour as This (1:40) (32:43-34:23)


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Introduction [1] (0:00-2:42) Instrumental

We are Your Warriors [2](5:10) (2:42-7:52)
Lord we come to You today
In our hearts, we’re rising up
To meet You

Your Spirit in us
bearing witness
That You will meet with us

Come Lord now
And hear our prayer
As we call out Your name
You’ve changed our lives and
Given us everything

Hallelujah, hallelujah, to Your Name
Hallelujah, hallelujah, Forever the same
Mighty God

Come and share Your word
Let us hear what You will say to us
As we open up our hearts
And say “Thy will be done in us”

Lord we are Yours
Forever Yours
We are Your warriors
O God!

You have the battle plan
You are the Man
We stand upon
Son of God!

Come and share Your heart
Help us hear our part
And what we must do for You
‘Cause there is no other way
Lord, just have Your way in us!
Ohh…. (instrumental)

*Have Your way
Every day
What You say Lord, we will do
Every way
This is our joy to do
What we must do for You

Show us the battle plan
Show us Your command
Let us hear where we are
to fight for You

Lord take Your
Sword of Your Word
Let the world hear You!
And let the spirits of darkness cry out:

“Oh have mercy, Son of Man
Don’t send us away, ‘cause
You’ve got the command.”
Oh the spirits cry–the dark spirits–
And then thy die, and cry
And die and cry, and say,
“Oh, depart from me!”

This is the battle of the Ages
The souls of men are at stake
That’s the wages
So My children come
In this important hour and hear
What I have to say

This is no game.
Life of men is at stake
This is no trial
No battle attempt.
And this is the time
Which you must rise
For me
You must see…

Battle Exercises[3] (1:10) (7:52-9:02)
Even a soldier, when they have battle exercises, does not necessarily know whether this is for real, or is this a practice drill. My children, there will be times when you will be called into the battle, and you won’t know whether this is a battle exercise, or whether this is the real thing. My children, you must always be like a soldier. Understand this IS—even if it is only a practice drill—you must treat it as the real thing, because that is the way a soldier must live. That is how a soldier must think. And then when the realization comes upon him that this is the real thing, he knows—because he’s practiced everything that he must do.

So I call you My soldiers. You must learn that every single temptation that comes is a battle. It may be a drill, but understand that you must do His will, whether it is a drill or whether it is the real thing. ‘Cause that’s the way the Lord works to prepare His army. Can’t you see?

This is No Drill [4] (1:50) (9:02-11:00)
So call upon My Name
When that temptation comes
Call upon My Name
When I ask “My will be done.”
Hear what I have to say
And obey everything I say.

This is no drill!
Hearts of men are killed
By the demons and the
Darkness all around
Little children are hurt
Women and they are turned
To the will and the powers
Of dark spirits in hours

So don’t hesitate!
Come on, My children
My warriors—it’s your take!
It’s time for you to
Go and do My will

Cuz it’s not a strategy
That this is ‘only a testing’
But you must think and
Realize it’s real.

This is no drill!
He’s come to kill
To steal and destroy
And take the women
and the children

Don’t take it easy
Cuz this is not time
To be lazy
But I AM—the Lord–
I’m calling You

Do My will!
Dark spirits you’ll kill!
By the power of the
Name of the Lord
—The blood of Jesus!
Come on, My children!
I warn You to go
And do My will!
Says the Lord

Warfare interlude [5](1:53)(11:00-12:52)

Devil’s Strategies [6] (3:07) (12:53-16:00)
When you enter the military
It is not just to get a free education
When you enter the military
It is to serve your country
It is to serve your land and your people

My children, I am calling you as soldiers
To do a war
Because the enemy, he is not a child
He is a mature battle strategist

And he has a lot at his disposal because of the sins of man
And as you allow the devil to take his way
and his own sweet time on the children of the land,
My children, understand–
the devil doesn’t care about you.

He doesn’t love you. He wants to kill, steal and destroy you.
He doesn’t care what your affiliations of the land and the nations
All he wants is you. He wants you. He wants you.
That’s what he will do.

And he will use every means at his disposal to sweep you off your mind and your sensibilities.
And he will tip your reasonableness, and he will cause you to think that you are serving God,
even though you are serving him and you don’t even know it.

So My children understand
When you come into this school it’s for strategy and plan.
My son, My daughter, My children all over the world
Listen to what I have to say.

Because in this final hour there is a darkness coming upon the land
There is a demonic swirling of things—sea, and ocean, and cloud…
Storms, power, earthquakes and fire and floods
These are things that the devil is stirring up in his pot of evil witches’ brew

And I’m telling you, My children
You must know exactly what to do

’Cause his strategy is to confuse you
His strategy is to bruise you
His strategy is to use you
For his evil devices
His strategy is to confuse
His strategy is to abuse
His strategy is to recluse you
From the Shepherd of the flock

So don’t just run away and ‘do your thing’
My children, come, it’s time for school
It’s time to think!
‘Cause My children the devil is trying hard
In this evil hour
He’s raising up a flood of demonic evil spirits

There are accusations, as the accuser of the brethren
Tries to take the nations and put them in confusion

Time to Enroll in the Military School [7] (1:42) (16:00-17:42)
So My children, listen hard, listen clear
Come My children, you must now draw near
So that you will hear what I am telling you this hour
Enroll in the school—the military school
The place where you will be trained not to be a fool

’Cause I am the Lord, I am O GOD,
I am Almighty, I am the One
Who saved your soul and bought you by the blood of My own
So I come to you this day
And I tell you, come, civilian, let’s get away
And now come on to battle plan and battle school for your training

This is no drill!
He’s come to kill.
This is no thing that You can only say,
“Hummph—it don’t matter, it’s not real.”

My children, everything that comes against you
You must learn to run
And put your trust in God Almighty here and now.

Treat every temptation as a thing that the devil is using to try to sweep you into his will to be done. Treat every opportunity that comes, for you to exude the Spirit of the living God. Treat that as the way to defeat the powers that are at work, trying to sweep you into their evil thing.

Warfare Declarations and Finger Weapons! [8] (3:12) (17:42-21:04)

A. WARFARE DECLARATIONS (0:23)(17:42-18:05)
“’Cause my God is my King!”—Come on, you tell ‘em.
“’Cause Jesus Christ is the One Who I sing to!” –Come on, you tell ‘em.
“Devils get away! I’m not here to play your silly games!”—Come on, you tell ‘em!
“I will run hard after Him, Who is my love!”

B. FINGER WEAPONS (0:51) (18:05-18:56)
Oh, hear it, spirits of darkness. Hear it even as I play and drive you away
My fingers are a battle shield, and a weapon I will wield.
To take back the land
To take back the land
And to establish Christ’s eternal command

This is my place, this is my way
This is what I’m gonna do
To send you away!

Evil spirits. Evil spirits.
I don’t hear it. You can’t play it.
I will use my fingers for the Lord

Evil ones, get away from me
I only am here to hear what the Lord says
This is the Way, the Truth, the Life!”

C. JESUS PLAY THROUGH ME (0:56) (18:56-19:48)
Jesus play through me
Sing through me
Give all the glory to the Lord
Come my God and use me Lord
I am your faithful warrior!

Jesus I come!
Jesus You’re the One!
That gives me what I need for each day.
Come now, Spirit of God
Send Your mighty power
To give me the victory!

D. KEYBOARD WARFARE SCAT (1:16) (19:48-21:04) *

Prayer Warriors and Principalities [9] (2:05) (21:04-23:09)

My children, when the Lord came to this earth
He came as a baby—in a manger He was birthed
My children, understand
It is not the size of who you are in man’s eyes
The Lord Himself, King of the Universe
Came as a little tiny helpless baby

My children, understand that some of you want to be kings.
You like the feeling of being a king.
You like the feel of earthly people bowing down and saying, “Oh, you’re so great.”

My children, listen to me.
It’s not about the stature of your place in humanity.
It’s not about how big you are in men’s eyes.

But if you will learn how to be a faithful soldier for Me
I will tell you how to have the victory
If you’ll listen to what I tell and call you to do

Just be a prayer warrior
On your knees, calling out saying
“God, Thy will! Kingdom of God, come!”
That’s what you gotta do, That’s what you gotta be
For me.

So My children,
It’s the time.
It is the time of the ages.
The prophets looked deep into the future and they saw a day.
And My children this is the time.

The battle lines are drawn in the sand.
In the sand.
I tell you the battle lines are drawn in the sand.
And as you look to the Middle East
Understand that there are Principalities
The Prince of Persia, powers of the air
You’ve seen it in My Word

He even withholds the angels twenty-one days (in Daniel’s life)
And I’m telling you, if you’ll learn how to get on your knees and intercede
You can move the demon spirits out of the way
So the angels can be free.

Prayer Battle Rap[10] (0:26) (23:09-23:35)

So come now
Learn how to fight upon your knees
‘Cause this is where battle really takes place
Please! Understand!
This is what I’m telling you to do, My child

‘Cause it’s no time to hesitate
This is not a game
This is the real thing
Not a drill, you see
It’s time for you to go with Me

And In My Power (Fight the Good Fight) [11] (1:29) (23:35-25:04)

And in My power
You’ll have the victory
And in My power
The demons will cry and flee
And in My power
My Holy Spirit will give
Victory to you, My child

So let the Word of the Lord be heard
Let the Word of the Lord be heard
Let the Word of the Lord come upon you now
Let the hearing of men
Hear what God commands
So I’m taking you and your word
to the nations of the world.

Fight the good fight!
There’s all kinds of men that have gone before you
Fight the good fight.
There’s women and children that have gone before you
Fight the good fight for the sake of the Gospel
For the sake of the people
For the sake of their souls

Fight the fight that I call you, child
You are My Warrior now
So put your hope and trust in the Lord!

Instrumental & Blues Solo [12] (1:40) (25:04 – 26:44)

It is the Time (Give Yourself Away) [13] (1:16) (26:44-28:00)

It is the time
It is the season
It is the place
He is the reason
That You must give Your lives as a sacrifice
For Me

It is the time, My child
To grow up, My child
And say, “Father not My will, but Thine.”

Come and bow at My feet
Lift your intercession, You will see
What I will do through a man and woman
Who can pray

Just give yourself away
Give Yourself away
Give Yourself away
Give Yourself away
Give Yourself away
Give Yourself away
Give Yourself away to Me.

Can You Hear My Heart? [14] (1:30) (28:00-29:30)

Can you hear My heart?
Can you hear your Father’s cry?
Can you hear the cries and the screams of the tortured ones?
Those who have given their lives for My Name?

Can you hear the lost and dying
Can you hear the mothers crying
Holding malnutritioned children that are dead in their arms?

Can you see the bombs flying?
Can you see the family’s dying?
Can you see the blood being shed because of the evil hearts of men?

Can you hear the one in prison chains
Praying, “Jesus, give me strength, one more day again.”?
Can you see those who are persecuted for My sake?

Can you see the orphaned children
Who have lost their mom and their dad?
On the streets they fight every day
Just for one morsel of food
to get them through to the next day.

Can you understand
That this was not My plan.
But it is the evil that is entered because of Satan
Into the heart of men.

(Steve’s Testimony) [15] (1:40) (29:30-31:10)

But there is a remedy
There is an answer, my friends
It’s in the Name of Jesus
Can you hear me?

There is a remedy
I’m telling you, he did it to me
He saved my life and
Gave me hope and victory

I’m telling you
Jesus is so very real.
Many years ago He called out my name

And I said, “Jesus come in
Please Lord, cleanse me from my sin.”
And by His Great Spirit
I was born again!

He is the Way
He is the Life
And He changed me
And He changed my wife

Jesus is so real
He will come and—you, He will heal
If you put your heart and trust in Him

Jesus, touch Your children
Upon the earth
Touch them Jesus,
Let them know of the new birth

Help them trust You, Lord
Put their hope in Your Name
And what You did on Calvary
Make them born again!

I’m Talking To You [16] * (1:15) (31:10-32:25)

My children, says the Lord
Just reach out your hand, right where you are!
Come on, it’s Me, I’m talking to you.
It’s Me, the Holy Spirit of life and truth.

Lift your hand and say,
“Jesus I believe! Jesus I receive what You did for me.
That You died for me.”

Children, listen to the Father’s voice
I’ve given you time,
And I’ve given you choice

So come and receive
Him who died for thee
And say, “I know, Lord, and I believe!”

You are risen from the dead.
You are my true and living Head
Come Lord Jesus and let me see Your face

I will sing every day
For You have taken away
All my sins by Your amazing grace *

I am Yours! [17] (For You I Live and Sing) (1:45) (32:25-34:10)

O My God! O My King!
It’s for You that I live and I sing!
Jesus I am Yours!
Not the devil’s anymore.
I belong to You
Now and evermore!

My Lord, I am Yours
I am Yours
I am Yours, Lord
I am Yours

Take me now, Lord
Let me be empowered
By Your Holy Spirit’s power
I am Yours
I am Yours.
I am Yours

I am Yours
I am Yours
Lord Jesus
I am ever Yours

Lord Jesus, I am ever Yours
Lord Jesus, I am ever Yours
Lord Jesus, I am ever Yours.

For Such an Hour as This [18] (34:10-34:23)

My children, it is the time
It is the time for you to take your stand and to fight for the land.
It’s time for you to give yourself for the cause of Christ.

It is time to lay aside every sin which so easily besets you.
It is time to do the will of the Lord
It is time to say, “God, not My will, but Yours.”

And the Lord would say to you:
Don’t be afraid to go on the front lines
If you know how to praise Me.

Don’t be afraid if I call you to go right into the thick of the battle.

Because if you’ll know how to praise Me, I will make you impervious, I will give you safety. Though a thousand may fall beside you, you will not be harmed. Though the arrows fly against you, and though the swords will come, I will not allow my beloved to suffer harm.

This is the Word of the Lord.
Be strong and courageous. Go.
For I’ve called you for such an hour as this.

Says the Lord.


[1] Battle Overture (instrumental) (2:42) 0:00-2:42
[2] We Are Your Warriors (2:42-
[3] Battle Exercises (1:10) (7:52-9:02)
[4] This Is No Drill! (1:50) (9:02-11:00)
[5] Warfare Interlude (1:53)(11:00-12:52)
[6] Devil’s Strategies (3:07) (12:53-16:00)
[7] Military School (1:42) (16:00-17:42)
[8] Warfare Declarations and Finger Weapons (3:12) (17:42-21:04)
a. Warfare Declarations (1:14) (17:42-18:56)
b. Finger Weapons (0:51) (18:05-18:56)
c. Jesus Play Through Me (0:56) (18:56-19:52)
d. Scat and Keyboard Warfare (1:16) (19:48-21:04)
[9] Prayer Warriors and Principalities (2:05) (21:04-23:09)
[10] Prayer Battle Rap (0:26) (23:09-23:35)
[11] And In My Power (Fight the Good Fight) (1:29) (23:35-25:04)
[12] Instrumental (1:40) (25:04 – 26:44)
[13]Time to Give Yourself Away (1:16) (26:44-28:00)
[14] Can You Hear My Heart? (1:30) (28:00-29:30)
[15] For You I Live and Sing (Steve’s Testimony) (1:40) (29:30-31:10)
[16] I’m Talking To You * (1:15) (31:10-32:25)
[17] I am Yours! (For You I Live and Sing) (1:45) (32:25-34:10)
[18] For Such an Hour as This (1:40) (32:43-34:23)


released September 8, 2012
Steve Kuban

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