America You're Running out of Time 

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My son I've given to you several warnings that you are not to hold yourself, but you are to place them for people to read, to hear, and to see, of the things that shall soon come to be. And so My son, gird up your loins and run hard. For these things which are warnings, are there to be shared and heard. So make every effort My son, My daughter, to let them hear these words and the songs, prophecies and warnings that I give to you. Take time and inquire of Me, which are the things that they should see. Take time and recollect the warnings that I have given, indeed, says the Lord, even of shipwreck, doom and destruction. For these are warnings so that they might hear — that they might fear,  and turn back to Me, to call upon My Name, and intercede. For as you've seen in the Scriptures, there are times when God relents of the doom and destruction that He had put in place and was prepared to release upon thee. There's still time, America. But not much time. You're running out of time, says the LORD God of Hosts, the LORD of the armies.

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