911 Anniversary 2013

Prophetic word given through Steve Kuban on Sept 11, 2013, the 12th anniversary of 9-11 

God has a Dream For Us 

My children, when is it that you are the closest to who you really are? It's when you are alone with yourself, alone with yourself, alone with your thoughts, when no one is watching you—when you do not need to put on a display that you might impress another, or say what they want to hear you say. My children, the very closest place where you are of integrity—what you really are—is that place where you are simply alone...with you. 

And I say unto thee, My children, carefully listen: 

So much goes on in this world and in this life that is a distraction, that keeps you from coming 'under the knife'—the knife of My Word, the knife of the Holy Spirit, that will cause you to discern who you really are. And in this generation and in this day, says the Lord, the enemy has sought to confuse, confound, and to place you apart from the true sound of who you really are. False intimacy rises in hearts on the internet, as people continually discuss with each other their love-lives, and they put upon these (that they don't even know on the other end of the line), they put all 'on the line'. Those that would run hard after false intimacy, says the Lord. Those pursuing hard after accumulating the wealth of the world, trying to claim all that is theirs, when they don't have anything inside, but they're an empty shell. 

My children all around is there this distraction that tries to grab you and pull you in its direction, that causes confusion and causes illusion—My children it causes illusion. You cannot see yourself for who you really are, if you fill yourself with the trappings of this world. For the world will cause a picture to be painted of your own making, and it's not a picture of integrity, it's not a picture of truth, it's a picture of what is being put upon you, even what your mind projects and says, "This is what I want to become." But you need to look at who you are. 

And the Word of God is that agent that reveals who you are. "We, looking through a glass darkly," says the apostle Paul, "Yet I'll be conformed to His image day by day." Where is the image of Christ revealed, but in the Word of the Lord? Where is the voice of the Lord heard, but by the Spirit of the Lord? Where do you find out who you really are, but by the discerning power of the sword of My Word, says the Lord. You must take your efforts and place them in My hand, and say, "God, turn this heart whithersoever You would command!" And I will do this, says the Lord. He whose heart is stayed upon Me, I will surely turn it to follow hard after Me. And who delights in Me and My Word, I will abide in him, says the Lord. 

Come My children. Make it your priority. Hear the Word of the Lord this day. 

There is a place where I can come sit right beside you, My daughter and My son, and I'll place My arms around you of comfort and security and strength. I will help you in all your weaknesses...if you will be but who you really are before me. I'm not looking for a Pharisee that beats upon His brow and says, "I am attaining unto now." But I am looking for that who is broken and contrite, and bankrupt in heart, that beats on his breast and cries out, "Woe is me, I am a sinner." This is the one (to whom) I came, says the Lord, to reveal Myself. So when you come and sit close to me, I'll blow into your heart and reveal what it is that you are to be. And My Word will discern the thoughts and the intents of your heart. And if your heart is open to what I say, you'll know what it is that I desire for thee. (tongues) 

And that place of aloneness, says the Lord, is the place where it's just you. But is it enough, as those who in monasteries, and upon asthetics of mountaintops, are shutting themselves, trying to find the heavens... but they're not coming through Me? For I am the Door to the Father. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man comes to the Father but by Me. I say unto thee, My children, it's not enough just to do what those following religion do, to shut themselves away to find the truth. Because you cannot shut yourself away apart from Who I am—otherwise what you see will not be Who I am. You must embrace Me, you must take My Word, you must read My Word, you must chew My Word, you must eat My Word and you must digest My Word, until the nutrition of My Heavenly Word, the Bread of Life, comes and fills thee and changes your life, says the Lord. You must shut yourself away WITH ME! 

And if you are comfortable being alone with yourself, and have come to terms, yea even grappled with who you really are, then when you're alone with me, you can come with integrity and say, "Father here is me. This is what I really am. I won't allow the camouflage and confusion of the world, Father, to paint a picture that is not who I am. NO! I will not allow that picture to confuse the reality—that I am bruised, and I am weak, I am a sinner, and I am incomplete without You Lord!" 

My son and My daughter, My children around the world, hear this: I am right there where you are. There is none that can take you away from me, if you will put yourself before me. 

So in this day and in this age, children of the Lord, BLOW OUT the confusion. Get rid of every distraction:  your television, your music and your sounds. . . . Get alone with me, and hear what it is that I have to say. (tongues) Don't live by that noise and that energy, because that will contaminate thee and keep thee apart from Me. And it will keep you apart from who YOU really are. 

He that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those that seek Him diligently. Do you seek Me diligently? Do you shut yourself away with Me? Do you speak in the heavenly language that you might be edified and draw close to Me? Do you allow me to lift you into the Spirit realm every day, where nothing else matters except what I am and what I say? Who I am and what I say? 

My children, try (Me)—and see that the Lord is good! If you will take two steps toward Me, I will take a hundred toward you. Yea, says the Lord, if you take ONE step toward Me, I will run to you. (tongues) 

My son, I come to you this day, for this is the day of new beginnings, saith the Lord, a day of completeness. My son, even as I have spoken unto you, that you are like this Tower of Freedom that now stands majestically before you. Twelve is a complete number, My son, and this building stands in a completion now. The cranes that decorated her from the time when the smoke had not even settled and the dust still rose from the earth, have never been removed. And I am like a crane, says the Lord, beside you, building you and lifting the pieces that you need for your completeness up high, to build you. My son, this is your day, when as you look, and New York looks and sees, the crane is now removed, and when all is gone away, the building stands in completeness as a spire of testimony to liberty, to freedom, and to the American dream. 

I have a dream. "In the last days I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." 

I have a dream for you America: that you would be a beacon of light for the nations to see. And when the powers of darkness came and tried to crush the Spirit of God in thee, the power of Liberty refused to die. And the choice you made was to once again reach to the sky. And I say to you America, see the light, see the hope, see the aspirations that I have for you, to be a light to the nations, America. Yes, I have a dream for you: that you would fulfill what it is that I have called you. 

And the Lord says to you this day, My love continues steadfastly. If you will but come and draw near to Me, I will make you anew, I will make you what you're destined to be America. Hear the Word of the Lord to thee. For your Father has a dream. He is the Ancient of Days, and if any 'old' man could dream, surely it is I who say, "I have a dream for thee America." It's up to you. Will you choose Me? Will you lift up the name of Jesus, Who is the Way, the Life and the Truth? Will you proclaim to the nations of the world that there is one God, Yeshua? 

This is coming says the Lord, on the Day of Atonement, that you would remember saith the Lord what I have done for you America. Stand with My children the Jews. For in the last days shall there be great battle, wars that rage. America stand with those of the Promised Land. And I will stand with you, saith the Lord, and I will fight for you, every woman, every child, every man—for I've caused thee in this hour to rise once again, and for the nations of the world to stand. But you cannot stand in your pride, and you cannot stand apart from Me, for pride cometh before the fall, and destruction and brokenness cometh forth quickly (and suddenly). (tongues) 

This is your day America. Twelve years ago. Now stand tall. Stand tall, and let My Spirit—MY Freedom...FLOW! 

says the Lord your God. 

(prophetic word given through Steve Kuban on Sept 11, 2013, the 12th anniversary of 9-11)

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