Steve Kuban in His Early Life as a Professional Musician

Steve (age 16) at his multi-keyboard setup in Coleman Alberta. Hammond X5 organ, Roland EP-30 Electric Piano, Peavey Roadmaster Amp, Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Steve Kuban (age 22) producing one of his early 24-track albums at Roundtable Productions in Edmonton

Steve playing the 9' Yamaha grand piano at Roundtable Productions in Edmonton AB, recording "Just Another Man" (from his early album "Especially For Mom") age 22

Steve Kuban (age 22) producing songs for one of his early albums at Roundtable Productions. Equipment includes a Studer A-800 2-inch 24-track recorder.

Steve Kuban (age 23) at work in the audio control room at Central Pentecostal Tabernacle in Edmonton, 1983. Steve designed and built this control room utlylzing Central's Soundcraft 32-channel and Kelsey 16-channel mixing consoles, augmented with his 8-channel Tascam Model 3 mixing board, 8-channel Tascam 80-8 multi-track reel-to-reel recorder, and vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo.Steve standing at his favorite piano, a 9' Baldwin grand at Central Tabernacle in Edmonton Alberta, age 24. (using a special camera setting that enabled him to pose in two different halves of the same photo).

Steve Kuban (age 25) producing an album in the recording studio he designed and built at Central Tabernacle in Edmonton Alberta. Equipment includes a Fostex 16-track digital multitrack recording deck, 4-track Akai deck and Sony 2-track mastering deck. Together with Brad Werstiuk.


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