#31 Daily Devotions: Bible Reading Portion

Today is Feb 6th. On the Hebrew calendar it's actually the beginning of the 12th month, Adar, in the year 5779. 

I would like to take a moment to explain why the Hebrew calendar is important. 

In Exodus 12, just prior to the first Passover, YHVH (the LORD) told Moses, “This month shall be to you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you." (Ex.12:2). God Himself set the months in order! He is the One who started the clock marking the beginning of the first month, and then told Moses and the Israelites to carefully count each successive day, month and year that would follow. This first month is today called Nisan. 

Imagine for a moment that first night in Egypt as the counting began. "Day One" — a sliver of new light became visible upon the outer edge of the dark moon. And thus the Israelites began counting the days. One, two three...eight, nine, ten. 

On the tenth day (Nisan 10), as YHVH had instructed, each head of the house chose a lamb to sacrifice for Passover. And the counting of days continued. Eleven, twelve, thirteen... 

On the 14th day each household sacrificed their Passover Lamb, and the head of the house applied its blood over the doorposts of their home. Everyone stayed inside, for it was the very first "Passover." 

That night at midnight the death angel entered Egypt and slew the firstborn of every household in Egypt. But he "Passed Over" every Israelite home where the blood of the Lamb had been applied. Immediately afterward, as every Egyptian family grievously mourned the death of their firstborn, two million Israelites moved out of Egypt in one of the greatest mass exoduses in history. It's quite a story, and it's all true. It really happened. 

The Israelites have kept precise track of the days and months and years, right up until now, the year 5779. That's a long time! Five thousand, seven hundred and seventy-nine years of counting, day by day, month by month (new moon by new moon), and year by year. And Jubilee by Jubilee (50 years). 

It''s the evidence of truth! If today you celebrate your 50th birthday, it's proof that you had a precise day when you were born, 50 years earlier. Of course you probably don't remember when that day happened, but for certain it really did happen. And someone started counting on that day, and has kept counting from day 1, and with each successive year of your life there has been another year added, and you've had 50 celebrations of your 'birth-day.' It's proof! 

Today, 5779 years after that first Passover, the Jewish people are still counting the days, and even the months. For today as the new moon begins, it is the beginning of the 12th month of the Jewish year 5779, known as Adar. 

Several years ago YHVH spoke to me, that I was to begin using the Hebrew calendar to mark and time my Bible reading. (I shared this in an email on the first day of last month, Shevat, that is January 7th, 2019.) Here is a calendar showing each "Bible Portion" number during this 12th month of Adar. Today, Feb 6th, is 1 Adar, so it's Bible Portion #31. 

Here is the link to see all the 54 portions 

Here is a link to our Bible study guide: 

Today we are on Adar 1 (Feb 6th)  and therefore shall read Bible Portion #31. 

►Torah Portion #31 is one of the very most important passages of Scripture in the entire Bible! Because YHVH sets forth the precise timings of His "moadim", or "appointed times", that is His appointed Festivals, that we are to follow and observe each and every year. 

Here are all the Bible passages that make up Parashah #31: 

31 Emor Speak

Lev 21:1-24:23 (the  
 appointed Feasts) 

Ez 44:15:31 (the  

1 Pet 2:4-10 [Also Mt 5:38-42; Ga 3:26-29] 


1 Pet 2:4-10 [Also Mt 5:38-42; Ga 3:26-29] 

I love these passages, because my life has been changed by several of these passages. 

Let's look at and discuss Leviticus 23 for a moment. This is where YHVH explains (commands) that there are EIGHT vitally important "appointments" the Israelites must make and keep with Him. The first one, the sabbath, is to be observed every week, the remaining seven are to be observed on specific days throughout each year. They are: 

        0. The Sabbath (which YHVH commands we observe every week, on the seventh day) 

The Feast of Passover (Heb: Pesach) 
The Feast (Festival) of Unleavened Bread 
The Feast (Festival) of Firstfruits 
The Feast (Festival) of Pentecost (Heb: Shavuot) 
The Feast (Festival) of Trumpets (Heb: Yom Teruah) 
The Day of Atonement (Heb: Yom Kippurim) 
The Feast (Festival) of Tabernacles (Heb: Sukkot) 

It is my personal conviction that these Festivals are for the Jewish people to observe, but they are ALSO for Christians to observe! Because they each point so clearly to Yeshua the Messiah! 

Not all Christians believe nor understand this. When I was a young Christian people talked about "The Feast of Tabernacles" and I came to understand that it was a special time in the Fall where Christians would travel to Jerusalem from all over the world, to sing and dance and praise the Lord. I thought maybe one day I'll do that, so I got excited about the prospect of one day going to Jerusalem. But sometimes a few other Christians would tell me that these were Festivals for the Jewish people, not for Christians. They's also say the Sabbath day was for the Jews only, but not for Christians. 

But their negative words never sat right in my spirit, because I had read in His Word that YHVH commanded explicitly and clearly in the fourth commandment that we are to keep the Sabbath day holy and set it apart for Him. YHVH emphasized this in great detail, even taking several verses to clearly explain the Sabbath. So it must be important, right? After all, He only took a sentence to declare most of the other "ten commandments", and Christians all agree that "those commandments are good for everyone," right? But that fourth one? hmmm..."Let's eliminate that." Really? So now, we're down to "The Nine Commandments For Christians." Hmm, that smells suspicious. 

The Ten commandments should be the ten commandments, pure and simple — not "the ten commandments that become nine commandments" after Christ comes to earth to fulfill the Law. 

As I sought the Lord and studied, both about the Sabbaths, and the Feasts of YHVH...and the day finally came when revelation hit me and I realized that in all of Sacred Scripture these are always called the 'appointed times' of YHVH! He never called them, "the appointed times of the Jews." 

These are HIS Moadim! These are the "Appointed Times of YHVH!" 

As I began to study and learn more about these Festivals, I discovered so many amazing truths!  I saw how in His first advent (that is, the first time He came to earth) Yeshua fulfilled every one of the first four "Moadim" perfectly! And He WILL fulfill the remaining three perfectly in His Second Coming! 

In closing, I encourage you to please study the Feasts of YHVH, and put them into practice in your own personal life. You will be amazed how powerfully you will be affected, and it will bring you closer to the Lord and to Yeshua! 

Now, after reading the Torah portion #31, we must look at the Haftarah portion #31 (the word Haftarah means the prophetic books of the Old Testament): 

Ezekiel 44:15-31 

These 16 verses in Ezekiel 44 changed my life in 1984, and to do them justice and explain well, I think I'll wait till tomorrow. They will fit in well because... 

Tomorrow, Feb 7th, is the 41st anniversary of when my father died at age 52. 

February 7th is also the 17th anniversary of when my wife Cassandra's younger sister Rosalie died at age 25. 

February 7th is always a difficult time emotionally for both of us. 

The songs I'm going to share with you tomorrow are very special, and flow from Ezekiel 44 and Acts chapter 2 (on the second day of the month). "When the day of Pentecost had fully come..." 

If you read these scriptures now, they will prepare you for my email tomorrow. 

Talk to you then. In the meantime, here's a free song, "I'm Calling Out to You" from my newest album, "God is My Refuge and Strength" which I play in a Bossa Nova style with lots of jazz guitar solos. Here are the words below. Shalom! 

Dr. Steve Kuban 



Also please note that on day 1 of each month, we read 

Proverbs 1 
Psalm 1-5 (reading five Psalms each day of the month) 

Plus select portions of the New Testament including one chapter of Luke, John, Acts and Revelation each day. 

Luke 1 
Jochanan (John) 1 
Acts 1 
Rev. 1 

Tomorrow, Feb 7th (2 Adar) we will read chapter 2 in each of the above books, and our song will come from Acts 2. 

I trust these "Daily Devotions" and songs will help you in your walk with the Lord! Thanks for listening! 

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I'm Calling Out To You 
(Lord Fill Me With Your Spirit) 

©2011 by Steve Kuban 

A spontaneous song inspired by the Holy Spirit 

1. I’m hungry for Your touch 

I need You Lord so much 

I’m calling out O Lord for more of You 

I’m longing for You now 

To fill me with Your pow'r 

I’m calling out O Lord for more of You 


Lord fill me with Your Spirit 

I’m calling out to You (repeat) 

2. I’m calling out to You 

Lord bring me close to You 

Take me to the place where You are 

Heaven’s in my heart 

This world is not a part 

My heart and soul is crying out for You 

(repeat chorus) 

3. I long to hear Your voice 

Show me Lord Your face 

I’m calling out O Lord for more of You 

I’m longing for You now 

To fill me with Your power 

I’m calling out, O Lord for more of You 

(repeat chorus) 

4. Thank you for Your blood 

For coming from above 

To pay the price for me to set me free 

I bow before You now 

Lord fill me with Your pow’r 

I’m calling out O Lord for more of You! 

(final choruses) 

Lord fill me with Your Spirit, I’m calling out to You 

Lord use me for Your glory, I’m calling out to You! 

Lord fill us with Your Spirit, we're calling out to You 

Lord use us for Your glory, we're calling out to You! 


You can download this entire album or get the CD: 

Also available on CD at www.SteveKuban.com/CD's

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