Your Position in Heaven Will be Directly a Result of Your Life on Earth

Your position in heaven will be directly a result of your life on earth. Some choose not to study My Word because they think that once they graduate to heaven they'll have all of eternity to study, so what point really is there, to put all that effort in now? "After all, eternity is a long time and I can learn a lot. Then, when I arrive and have lots more time than I do on earth..." 

But I say to you, my children, your position in heaven will be directly related to how intensely you sought Me. If you don't seek Me while I may be found (Isaiah 55:6), then do not anticipate that all of eternity will enable you to get off "Scott free" for what you didn't do in this life for Me. And this is the same as your good works. Because the day will come when you will stand before the Lord your God, to give an account for every word that was spoken, and every deed that was done in your body, in this lifetime, before you've come home.(Matt 12:36; 2 Cor 5:10; Rom 14:12; Heb 4:13; 1 Pet 4:5) 

That's why I say, My children, study now to show yourself approved. Dedicate yourself now while you have the time. Because when you give yourself early on to a cause, and you read My Word, that cause will become deeply embedded into the soul, and warp and woof, of your life. It's like a tree: the sooner it gets planted, the deeper will grow the roots, and the more fruitful and (in many times) the taller and stronger, broader and greater shall be the tree. 

I want you to be like a tree planted by the streams of water. And the water is the washing of the Word. The water is My Torah, My Law and the Word of God. Do you want lots of water? Then drink lots of My Word in this life, and don't trust that eternity will give you the time that you need. 

There are positions. The 12 tribes of Israel, they are the gates (Rev. 21:21). And the 12 disciples, they are here in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 12:14). 

But you too have a place in my kingdom. Every one of you. But where will that place be? Well, most certainly it won't be the Pearly Gates with the tribes of Israel, and it won't be the disciples, apostles of Yeshua, because those are already taken and established. So then, where are you? Where is your reward? What is it that you will receive for having been faithful to the Lord? 

My children, have faith. As Yeshua declared, "I go away to prepare for you a place. And doubtless I will come again and receive you and take you with Me. For in My Father's house are many mansions." (John 14:2) 

Those who devote their life to build their house upon the solid rock — Yeshua, the Rock that won't move — the LORD YHVH, their God, their Elohim — in this life will have a very wonderful place in Heaven. But those who neglect building their house on the Rock-strength, will find that it gets wrecked. The biggest mansion, on the strongest and most firm terra firma of this life; if you don't build your house upon the Rock, it will not abide. 

And I want your life to abide. The life — that's really your house. Build your life upon the solid Rock. The Rock of Yeshua. For the Rock that followed them in the desert was none other than He, the Lord of Glory. (1 Cor. 10:4). The First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, the pre-incarnate Christ. (Isaiah 44:6; Rev. 1:17; 2:8; 22:13) 

My children, this is what you can build upon in this life. And when you do, you will learn my Word. My Word will be that Rock of Strength to thee, that will be the Citadel. It will be the security. The Word of God is timeless and will never fade nor wither. It will last forever. And when you place your life in YHVH's hands and build your house on the Rock in your life — on the Rock rather than on the shifting sands — you are preparing for eternity, so grand. 

I'm not impressed by those who build big mansions in their time on earth at the neglect of My Word. I'm not impressed with those who try their best to be their best, but they do it apart for Me. For unless you abide in Me, nothing that you do can avail for eternity. What I am impressed by, is a life that is sold out to pursue passionately the Lord your God, to love Me with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength. This will surely please the Lord. 

I am the LORD. I am YHVH your Elohim. These ordinances and these commandments: live in them! (Lev 18:5) Because they are your house. You want to live in a good place? Then live in my Word, let it be your abode. Hide My Word in your heart. Learn my Torah. 

The degree to which you are faithful to love Me and obey Me in this life, will determine the place where you will be in the afterlife. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things that you need in life will be added unto you. It's my promise. If you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.(Matthew 6:33) 

Some today say that, "We live in the day of grace, and that any sin that you do, you can simply ask forgiveness and God will forgive you." But then in My Word, is it not clear that you are to live holy? You're to set yourself apart in this life for Me. If you live a 'habit' of sin, and grace is 'easy' then really, is that living for Me? When you know the truth that you shall be holy, even as I am holy? 

People go to church once a week, but if they live devilishly the rest of the six days and the rest of the 22 hours (other than when they were in church), that doesn't please Me. David said, "This shall please the LORD better than an ox or bullock." What is it that pleases Me? A broken and a contrite heart. A heart that follows hard after Me, and a heart that has as its priorities the things that are priorities to Me. 

I have angels, cherubim, seraphim and creatures, Heavenly creatures, that cry out, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty" — and they do this for eternity. This is important, this proclamation, because I am holy. And without holiness no man shall see YHVH. Don't think that if you live devilishly but try your best on Sunday to go to the house of the Lord, that that pleases Me. Because I am YHVH, and before Me everything is revealed. I know the secrets of your heart. I know your secret heart. I know whether you really love Me. 

Not anyone can stand sin-less in the walk of this life. "For we all have sinned," declared John. "But if we sin, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:19). And I will, because the blood of the Lamb has availed, and will avail still, for all eternity. He is the same, and the work that He did, once he came into the Holy of Holies when he shed his own blood, and presented it upon the place of propitiation in heaven to pay for your sins, to provide the Divine atonement, so that you can be free from the wages of sin, which is death eternally. 

Yom Kippur is a day of rejoicing for those who really are in love with Yeshua and recognize that "He was wounded for your transgressions and bruised for your iniquities, who understand that the chastisement of your peace was upon Him, and with his wounds you are forever healed." (Isaiah 53:5) 

Yom Kippur is a day of celebration, because you know you can come boldly before the throne of Almighty Elohim, YHVH Tzevaot, and obtain grace and mercy for your hour of need. The high priest was not allowed to come just any time. But you are! And I want you to come, because I've made the way for you. When Yeshua died upon the cross, the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. And at the same time in the physical, the cloth was being torn, literally the cherubs around the Lord were torn in two. What is it that Yeshua was doing for you? He came boldly through the cherubim that surrounded the throne room of God, those who cry, "Holy, holy, holy!" who encircle and protect around YAH. Yeshua came, and He split the cherubim and seraphim, right to the mercy seat of God. 

This is worth celebrating. You don't have to be like those who do not understand that Yeshua is the way the truth and the life and He gave His life for all of man. You don't have to be like those who worry about whether their names are written in the Lamb's book of life. You who know, because I've given the earnest of your inheritance, the Ruach HaKodash – as the Earnest of your inheritance. (Eph 1:14). The Spirit of the living God is alive in you. You are the temple of the holy God. I choose to live in you. How wonderful is this truth? 

The joy that's in you — the joy and the happiness, the exhilaration, knowing that no sin can get the best of you, if you have a heart that's after YAH. Some say that, "There are certain kinds of sins that, if I do those, I cannot be forgiven." But I say unto you, my children, you are now slaves of righteousness. You were slaves to sin, and you did those things that were against God. But now, if the Ruach HaKodesh is in you, you're set apart and sealed for Me. Now you have a new heart. Now you have a new Master. Your old master was sin, and you were a slave to sin. and you did its biddings. Thanks be unto God, because of Yeshua. He's given you the victory now. I purchased you. I bought you with a price. Now therefore glorify God in your bodies, which are the Lord's (1 Cor 6:20). "I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. But it's no longer I who live, but Messiah lives in me." (Galatians 2:20) And if Messiah lives in you, My children, then you have the power to choose to live righteously. You have the power within you, for "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." (1 John 4:4) You can reckon yourselves dead to sin, because that's the accomplished work of the great High priest, the true highest Kohen (Rom 6:11; 

My children, I'm happy for you. And I want you to be happy too. Every day, look at the ring on your finger, that engagement which is the Ruach HaKodesh dwelling in you, the Divine down-payment that assures you — and His Word is true and faithful, He will not forsake you — that the marriage is coming. You're betrothed unto Me now. 

There will be a great day of celebration. And with the Lord one day is as a thousand years. So however long it's going to take, until that day, it'll be but a blink in the eyes of eternity. 

So maintain faithfulness to Me. Maintain passion for Me. Maintain dying to self, and living unto Me. Maintain living the Torah and My ordinances and my statutes and My Laws. Let My commandments be hidden in your heart. Ask of Me and I'll give you an ability to follow the Torah. Ask of Me and I will give you those things that will enable you to overcome the flesh, for "You've been given exceeding great and precious promises whereby you can [and shall!] escape the corruption that is in this world through lust." (2 Pet 1:4). It's the lust of the eyes, the pride of life that gets men down, gets them in trouble, and puts them in strife. I want you to avoid that. And therefore, I give you My special Word, My Torah, that you can hide in your heart and live in. 

Let your life be that which is so, so surely secured, that you have died to sin. That's why I'm asking you read My Word study My Word. 

The Torah is coming alive into you, My children. And those promises and those commandments and those directives that many Christians overlook — "They're a little bit too complicated. They're obscure. They're deep in that Levitical book. I don't look there very often." You've heard preachers say these very words, and they almost laugh mockingly "Oh yes, how many of us understand the book of Leviticus. Haha..." As though Christians shouldn't read the third book of the Torah. That's mocking Me. But it's true. Many don't understand God's rules. 

But when you read My Torah faithfully, as it is "religiously", but not with a religious spirit, but rather with fervor and discipline. That's what is meant by that term, "He follows the Lord religiously ." It means he puts the words and promises of God in high priority. That's what you're doing My son and My daughter as you spend time to read my Torah. And what you're finding is that it's becoming a part of you, by repetition, by reading it regularly without omissions. And it's not once a passage per year for you, My children, you're reading it regularly, as I have asked of you, every two months read My Torah and Haftarah, and understand the Britt Kadashah. Read the Psalms because they are the life, they are the joy, they are the songs that take my Torah and put it into life, and that life will go in you. As David said, "Thy Word have I hid in my heart; that I might not sin against You." (Ps 119:11) The Torah are the exceeding great and precious promises given by YAH, that you can escape all that corruption and all that lust and all that pride of life, that haughtiness and that obstinence to want to do what you want to do. Watch out! If you make your neck too hard it will be broken without warning and without remedy. But resiliency that is based on My Torah pleases me. The one who says, "I will not live the way that the world beckons, promises, threatens mockingly: 'If you don't live the worldly life, you're a fool'." 

No, My children. If you live the way of the world you're a fool. Because wisdom comes from fearing God. But the fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." There are many, many in the world — they are fools. And why would you allow a fool to cause you to lose out?" So stand with My Word, live My Word, because it is your life. 

My son as you input my Word, My Torah, as you put in the Hebrew words, there is meaning. There's so much for you to learn in the days to come. You have to study my Word from those who are anointed ones, who through their discipline and years of training, their devotion and gaining understanding — this is the beauty of the teacher. The teacher has taken the time. It's become a part of his or her life, and it has borne the fruit that I promise it will bring. So therefore when they stand up and speak, or even as they sing, it comes from a heart of conviction. "I've walked this way, and I know His word is true, the word of YHVH. And now, let me share it with you what I've learned." 

It's so important that you share My Word. It's so important that if you're going to be a good teacher but it has already become a part of you. My son when you've tried to teach just reading notes on a paper or a pad that you've put down (often from what other people have said) and it's not yet become a part of you, doesn't it feel weak? when you stand and try to preach that word, if you're always looking? 

But when you get in the flow of the Holy Ghost, and it comes out of you because you know that you know...Then the conviction, the anointing rises, and when people hear you speak they know that this is not just foolishness or frivolity, nor it is something you learn by rote, but it's something that you eat. And what you eat becomes a part of you. So therefore eat my Word My children. Eat my Word, and it will come out through the writings, through the speakings, through the singing, through the compositions, especially for you, My son, because, as the prophets spoke over you in 1982, you're going to bring heavenly things down to earth where the people can grasp them, comprehend them, understand them and thereby apply them. You can't apply something you don't understand. But when you understand that the application becomes very strong in you. 

And I want your songs to be songs of high-value. Songs (as Lamar declared) songs of the Divine. Songs of the Almighty. Songs that are high, to bring down YHVH's revelation to mankind, to bring the work of Yeshua where people can grasp it and understand, and they can know that this makes a difference in their life. 

My son I release you to put together songs of meaning from my Torah. I release you to bring the essence of what it is that has been written, into a way that will touch the audience with Revelation. 

You have many audiences. You have young, you have old, you have those who are Messianic and those who are church-bold. You have so many different ones that are patriotic and faithful to their cause. And so, as My songs come out of you, You'll be able to present My Word in such a way that every one of these will grasp it and appreciate it for their own particular situation, their calling, and their placement. And I give you the ability to groove. And the music's very important; it's a vehicle that I will use, and I have used, and shall use more in you. The beat itself carries an anointing. How can that be? Well David played the harp and the evil spirit left Saul. There is an anointing in the music, and that music is made up of many ingredients: in the rhythm, the beats, the records, the progressions, the melody, the samples, musics anointing is of all of these. 

The eagle throws out the comfortable things so that the eaglets are no longer comfortable, they have to get out. That's when they learn to fly. So My children, in the coming days, you're going to find it prickly, uncomfortable. You can find it taxing and requiring of your faith. And I test your faith, so that it might grow stronger, and I cause you to learn to fly. My son, for you sometimes you gravitate to what it is that you're used to do, or your good to do, or where they welcome you. It's in a sense, a way of making it easy for you. You could run to Trinidad and there find that many will welcome you, and that's good, but I need you to do your work in America. I need you to do the work that's necessary for you even hear in South Florida, here in Orlando, here in Jacksonville. I put within you the exploration to come here many times. Even when Carol and Jerry were here, and you would find reason to come and visit and then connect to people that I have aligned for you. It will not be difficult. My son don't say that you're old and don't say you're irrelevant. Don't say that your songs don't apply to the Church today. Not true. They need them more than ever before, and more so that will come from you. 

So with the need for your keyboard, and the need for the peaceable-ness, the tranquility of home base...and my daughter, she holds on to you. She does not want to leave this place because she has a work that she needs to do too. And the best place for her is the nest. She's willing to go wherever you ask, but she's asking you stay here, because "We have to fly right here. Because this is where our home is. This is where my son is. And this is where your keyboard is. And yes my husband this is where all those important stuffs is. You know the stuff that you have as memories, and pictures and recordings and videos. You have so many memories that are here, and they need to get out into the ears of the people, so they'll understand your life. So that the book can be written that will be a book that will bring life to them, and they'll understand you. And this after all, my husband, is your museum. This is the physical place where you can grab hold of these things which you cannot do once you leave Orlando." 

So My son is she pulls upon you and says, "Come on, learn to spread your wings right here where you are. You have the qualifications, Doctor. You have the recommendations, you have the proof, and that's the authentication of your life and ministry. And besides, you can do miracles on that keyboard. And I'll make sure to publish and proclaim everything that you do, so that you will gain a great name. I want you to have a great name, my husband, because it's the name God has given you — "Yacob" — His beloved Jew. 

And I'm going to give to you more My son, but this is where I'm stirring you. You cannot leave. You cannot leave. Oh I'm not saying you can't go for a day or two, or perhaps a week, but right now you need Orlando. You need your keyboard, you need the peace and shalom of your home. You need the comfort and security, instead of that ambiguity that is out there and the uncertainty when you're far away living day-to-day and place to place. And that's why I'm saying I'm going to make it uncomfortable for you. What is that uncomfortableness? It's not that I'm chasing you out of Orlando, but rather I'm chasing the "easy exit" that you gravitate to, the thing that says, "Oh, I can go where I'm loved and needed, and they know me." But every time you leave, you leave your keyboard. You leave this place. You leave that peacefulness and that security. I want you to find how wonderful home is. It is wonderful. You know it. The peace you feel, the comfort you feel, even having Suby at your disposal. Having especially your weapons right here. I'm not asking you to take them away, but I'm asking you, My son, dig down and stay. Stay here. But get out where they need you, all over Florida. It's easy. This is a place with thousands and thousands of churches. And not only that, but thousands of places of blessing, and hundreds of denominations and groups that are able to use you. 

It didn't take you long when you go someplace foreign, when nobody knew you. All it takes is for them to have a few moments with you, and My Spirit bears witness. And so too, even just your voice, My son. You've called pastors out of the blue, and they didn't know you, but the very sound of my words in your lips and your voice cords, your vocal cords, tell them it's by My Ruach's anointing. "This is the man for you. This is the man that will help your congregation." So step out in faith, as I make this place a little bit uncomfortable for you, so that you can get out there. 

And even more than Florida, America needs. And there will be thousands and thousands that will hear about you. In fact one retweet of music that you've done, something you've sung, or that you speak, shared 'out there' will bring thousands of new listeners to have awareness of who is Steve Kuban. This doesn't take a lot of work. But you have to work smart. And you have to sow the seed abundantly. Put it out there. There's limitless seed. Don't think that you only have one little cup and you have to worry and cry about each one that you put, hoping that it won't go in the ground and die. I give you so much seed that you can put it everywhere. But still you have to plant it wisely put it in the ground where people love the sound of the joy of the Lord. That's your joy, My son, it shines upon you as you dance and as you sing to everyone. Put that worship sound out there, because those who know the joyful sound will also know the sound of worship that is pure, a sound of a heart devoted to Yeshua. They're wanting it. You've heard many tell you that your sound of worship is different and the songs you write are different. They have depth great meaning. They have the anointing. And these are from those who hear many songs and song leaders and sing many compositions. 

My son, more shall come. But what you have, maximize. The songs that you have written, get them out there. The CDs that you have, make sure they are available for people to get so, that when they hear about you they'll click on one button and they'll be able to get that anointing and that music, and they'll share, and thousands will be able to benefit, and they already do. Remember what I told you: Spotify. Pandora. SoundCloud. i-Tunes. Amazon. And so many more. Get it out there where people will be able now to hear the Word of the Lord. 

In the coming days it will be necessary for you to register all of your songs, and it will be necessary for you My son to put on one album as many songs as can fit, and then you give that to CD Baby as a professional album. Therefore, they will then put you into their system for every one of those songs. How many songs can fit on a CD? You could do one a minute and you would have 80, and thereby as a professional submission you could technically provide 80 songs for them to follow, to log, catalog, and claim so that everywhere anyone plays those songs, money will come to you My son. Those albums that you have already recorded that have been beautiful, they can be played and then logged, tracked, and you can receive money from them. And remember digital distribution. Those who are streaming versus those who are downloading versus those who allow you to choose what you stream and others that say we will choose for you. Well My son, those who really want to customize their catalog of listening, they will be paying extra. And they'll pay extra, some of them because you and all your music is available on that platform. And they will want nothing better than to create a Steve Kuban channel. This is their playlist: all the songs that they have missed. And the many more that you come, to bring them to bless. You'll have many people, and they'll pay premium subscriptions. And then they'll play it over and over, and you'll get more My son, if they keep playing your songs when they are premium subscribers. Premium subscribers can choose what they listen to. Those who are free have to take what they can get, and they won't hear you very much, because there's so much other music out there. Analyze the logs of CD Baby. My daughter I commission you this way. You need to see where is it that the money has been made. It hasn't been all that much, but the track record now is there and the documents are there, and you will be able to get a better understanding of what pays and what doesn't. You'll be able to understand why I am telling you these things: That streaming is the way of the future, and subscriptions are the way that people are going to be able to get away without having to pay a dollar for every song. You're going to see that those that download songs will become a very small minority compared to those who just stream along. But they will pay premium subscriptions because, after all, it's a good thing to be able to download and listen and keep thousands yea millions of songs potentially for the same price. 

It's not uncommon for someone who really doesn't have much skill to have his video played a million times or even more. If someone can do this just because they happen to be at the right place at the right time and the video went viral. If people can do this because they've learned the secret of what people want to hear. If the girl with a comely face, a face that people generally speaking, would not race to find and look at — if she's learned that "I can apply makeup to this face, and I can put it out there and many young girls will follow and I will become a professional video vlogger." And they have a million followers! And most of them young girls that want to see, "How does she make that comely face into such a face of beauty?" And that girl has learned. 

And My son if they can do it so can you. Because the value of what you have is so much more than cosmetology. So it's very possible that millions of people can listen to you. And you've already seen an example of this, My son. And that video had nothing to do with the song, but it was the music that played, and the fact that you registered that song that enabled you to make hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And that's just one little song. How much more shall come. 

I'm giving you these encouragements my children on Yom Kippur, because Yom Kippur is a day that you should understand that He's made the way for you, and He has declared that whatever you ask in His name, the Father shall do for you. He made the way for you, and is given unto you everything that you need for life and godliness. And life is paying the bills. Life is having income. Life is doing what you love to do, so that then you are free to do what brings joy to you. 

I want you to be happy, and my daughter I want you to be fulfilled, and I want you to have the promises that are yea and amen in Him the Messiah come tangibly unto you. My children, you know how happy you are when you've received a big amount of money, and you come home, you put it in, and pay the bills and everything is going well, and you have abundance more to be able to bless your son, and to be a blessing to everyone. So it can be again for you. And it will. 

So move forward now in the recommendation of your Master. Move forward now, and take these words. Get out of your comfort zone My son. Don't just call the ones that you know will receive you, but rather call those in Orlando who will open their doors to you. And as they open their doors to you, the word will get around, and you will become one that is desired, and the blessings will abound. 

Those who have many connections here in this area, when you ring the bell in their church, they will recommend you no problem to others. So it won't be that you're going to have to go to churches blindly, but rather it will be that you will be recommended by those who then have seen. And soon this place will become much more profitable for you than it has been in this year that you've been here. 

Joy come forth from My son and my daughter. Joy come forth to My son and My daughter, on this Yom Kippur, this day that they understand once again that I made the way, so that they could have everything they need to do My work and My will, right until the day that they leave and come to Me. And then they will find that all the study they did, all the devotion they had, and all the faithfulness to proclaim the good news through every means at their disposal, and especially through the Internet, will have now prepared them for their eternal position. And O the joys that are awaiting them in the heavenly Kingdom. 

If the earthly tabernacle and the earthly sacrifices availed so much, how much more so the heavenly? And if this earthly joy and position that you have to do the work of God has bring you so much joy, how much more joy will there be in heaven waiting for you? So let this life be an example. Let this life be a model. Let this life be the exam that will then, based on the results, position you for the blessings that are yet to come in the life hereafter. This is my word to you my children on Yom Kippur 5779.

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