#42 Daily Devotions: Bible Reading Portion

Here is a powerful prophetic song for you! Click the YouTube link below my signature to see the video, and also the bandcamp link right below that, to read the entire text, and download the entire mp3 to your device. 

Today (Feb 17, 2019) is the 12th day of the Jewish month, Adar I, so we read Bible Portion #42 (12 Adar I, 5779 on the Jewish calendar) 

Bible Portion #42 includes Numbers 30-32 and Jeremiah chapter 1. In addition, Messianic believers read from Matthew 5. 

# Name Meaning   TORAH portion     HAFTARAH     NEW COVENANT

42 Mattot Tribes

 Num 30:2-32:42 

 Jer 1:1-2;3 

 Mat 5:33-37 


TORAH: In Numbers 30-32 the children of Israel are getting ready to move into their Promised Land. 

HAFTARAH: The corresponding portion from the 'Prophets" is Jeremiah chapter 1, a severe warning to Israel. 

The BRIT CHADASHA is about the importance of our words, and especially our vows to God. Here is some excellent information about Torah Portion #42, from Hebrew4Christians.com: 


I declare in addition, that Jeremiah chapter one is also a warning to America. 

Almost 6 years ago God had me read this chapter, while playing my keyboard and singing the words, from Jeremiah Chapter one. 

Today I am sharing this song to you, which is a prophetic warning God gave for America in music, from Jeremiah 1. It is entirely spontaneous and unrehearsed (with the exception of the song, "Touch America" which I sang near the end of the 40 minutes). 

I played and recorded this song on March 21st, 2013, during which time God moved upon me to give a 40 minute musical "prophecy of warning" to America. Toward the end of this 40 minutes He also called me to be a "Prophet to the nations" and a prophet specifically to America. 

Amazingly this was exactly 21 years after He had first called me to be a prophetic songwriter, March 21, 1992, through the laying on of hands of the prophetic presbytery--a day that changed my entire life. 

In this prophecy, YHVH warns America about allowing demonic infiltration to enter into our country. He also warns America that they have worshipped the works of their own hands, and have forsaken the Lord. He warns America that we have removed the Lord from our schools and places of learning. 

May this song truly sound a clarion call of warning to you, and also to America. 

This prophetic song was given shortly after the beginning of the second term of President Obama's office. 

Thankfully, Christians in America, knowing the desperate need of a new president to help steer this great nation back to God's purposes, repented and interceded and prayed, and God sent another "Cyril" as His agent to bring restoration and revival to America and to the world. 

Tomorrow (Monday Feb. 18, 2019) is President's Day. May this prophecy in music touch your heart, even as it warns your spirit to follow YHVH with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. 

Thanks for watching. 


Dr. Steve Kuban 


VIDEO: Jerimiah Chapter One: Warning to America  https://youtu.be/8V3sheiiFEw 

ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Download or listen to the entire album on mp3 here on BandCamp: Jeremiah Chapter One: mp3 (Please consider donating, thank you!) 


What's coming up Monday? 

Monday Feb 18th, 2019, is President's Day here in the USA. It is also 13 Adar I, so we are going to finish the last chapters in Numbers (to be read on 13 Adar I, 5779) from Numbers 33-36: 

43 Masei Journey of

Num 33:1-36:13 

Jer 2:4-28;3:4 

James 4:1-12 

Monday's Bible Reading Portion (#43 in the traditional Jewish Bible Reading plan) covers the final chapters in Numbers, entitled "Masei" (which means "Journeys of") where Moses recalls the journeys of Israel through the wilderness. 

Here is some excellent devotional material regarding Masei: 


Isn't it wonderful to study YHVH's Torah! May these scriptures be a powerful blessing to you! 


Dr. Steve Kuban

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