From the recording Guard Over America

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Touch This Nation O Lord With Your Glory
©2018 by Steve Kuban (Spontaneous Song)

Touch this nation O Lord
With Your glory
Touch America Lord
With Your glory

For we need a touch from You
Help this nation Lord

There comes a time in every land
Where righteousness and truth must show its hand
For the lies of the enemy will steal and kill and destroy
And there's one who wants to kill
Every child, every girl, and every boy

Lord for too long our nation has allowed
Ungodliness, atheists, antagonists.
It's just time.

I pray Lord, that You would have Your way
Through your children
As we rise up and say with godly jealousy:

"No! This land is not for any purpose other than
That God might be glorified from sea to shining sea!"
Come my Lord and let the world hear Your voice once again
Let the sound of revival flow from America again