From the recording Guard Over America

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Touch This Nation O Lord With Your Glory
©2018 by Steve Kuban (Spontaneous Prayer Song)

Touch this nation O Lord
With Your glory
Touch America Lord
With Your glory

For we need a touch from You
Help this nation Lord

There comes a time in every land
Where righteousness and truth must show its hand
For the lies of the enemy will steal and kill and destroy
And there's one who wants to kill
Every child, every girl, and every boy

Lord for too long our nation has allowed
Ungodliness, atheists, antagonists.
It's just time.

I pray Lord, that You would have Your way
Through your children
As we rise up and say with godly jealousy:

"No! This land is not for any purpose other than
That God might be glorified from sea to shining sea!"
Come my Lord and let the world hear Your voice once again
Let the sound of revival flow from America again

Praying in the Spirit For this Nation
©2018 by Steve Kuban (spontaneous song)

Praying in the spirit
For this election
I'm crying out, O God for Your hand
Stir your children
Let righteousness prevail once again
Lord let sanity prevail once again in our land
Let sanity prevail in this land, Lord
Show Your mighty hand

Let the Name of God
Rise in our schools
Let the Law of God
In our courthouses rule
Come YHVH show the world once again
That You mean what You say
For this is the promised land
That You have offered by Your hand

"Bring me your dying!
Bring me your crying!"
This Nation Belongs to the Lord (Spontaneous Song)
©2018 by Steve Kuban

For this nation belongs to Jehovah God
And the Name of Yeshua shall rise again
The Law and His Torah
The commandments of the LORD
Will be heard and will arise upon this land once again

No more lying
No more killing
No more adultery
No more anxiety
No more coming against what should be the Lord's
'Cause this land is God's
From shore to shore

Let me be an American
Holding the values of my God
All of His Word
Let me be patriotic for Thee
'Cause America, my Lord, belongs to You

No more killing
No more stealing
No more false witnesses, lying
We'll hold Your Name
In honor as we should, my Lord
No more idols made of iron or wood

And on the sabbath day
We'll remember to say
That YHVH is the reason for it all.
This promised land
Given by God's own hand
America belongs to YHVH

Have Your Way in the U.S.A. (Spontaneous Song)
©2018 by Steve Kuban

Touch America by Your Spirit Lord
Heal America once more
Red, white, black and yellow
It doesn't matter, we're all fellows
And this is the nation of our God

Have Your way
In the USA
Have Your way Yeshua, Ruach HaKodesh, YHVH (Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God)
Have Your way in all that I do and all that I say
This is my prayer for the citizens of USA
That we would with one voice proudly say
"The nation under God—the USA."
The nation under God.