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Steve's Testimony of how he came to the LORD from an atheistic background, even writing songs against God, and how his life was changed when he prayed a simple prayer, inviting others to likewise pray to receive Yeshua.


(Steve's Prayer:)
Praise Your Name Father YHVH
Praise the LORD, Yeshua came!
Yeshua is YHVH Who saves
Praise Your Name LORD — YHVH

YHVH my King
I'll never doubt your Name, ever again.
Come and fill me, LORD
With power from above by Your Word

(Steve's Testimony)
The LORD tells us: Always be prepared to give an explanation for the hope that's in your heart.

And I just want to say Father, today, the hope that you give to me—the hope of eternal life— is a sure thing, because of the resurrection of our God and King Yeshua.
And as I'm sitting here today, I'm remembering years ago, when I used to shake my fist at God and say, “You're not real." I wrote songs against Him that blasphemed His name. I said, “You're just a fraud, You're just a fake, You never got nailed to no stake."
But, many years ago the LORD visited me; revealed Himself to this sinner.
And as I simply said, “God, if You're real I want you," He came into my life and changed me forever! I know Him, He's so real, He's right here! If you'll listen

, you'll hear Him speak to you! Even right this moment.

Just extend your heart to the LORD right now and say,

"YHVH (YaHVeH) I believe."