From the recording Touch Israel

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"Touch Israel." A Prayer for Israel. Live Performance Track without lead or backup vocals. Includes 2 Chron 7:14 read by Steve (from 3:30-3:56).

This track can also be used as a prayer song for any city, country, synagogue or church (eg. "Touch Beth-Israel" etc).


TOUCH ISRAEL ©2006 by Steve Kuban

Touch Israel
With the power of Your Spirit
Touch Israel
With the wonder of Your Name
Touch Israel
With the Love of the Father
Oh, Precious God
Touch Israel

Verse 1.
Though we are a nation, Lord
So blessed with Your presence
And Your power and protection
And Your grace
We must never take for granted
All the mercies of the Father
So today we come anew
To seek Your face

(repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Father of creation
Hear the cry of our nation
As we fall upon our faces and pray
In brokenness of spirit
Lord we know that You will hear us
Forgive our sin, and heal our Land