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A prayer to receive Yeshua as Savior, salvation through His blood. and dedication of our lives to Him for His purposes forever. Ends with the closing vamp similar to the opening musical motifs.


YHVH I Believe! (Dedication Prayer) ©2016 by Steve Kuban

YHVH, I believe!
You're the LORD, King of glory.
Your Son Yeshua, I receive
Salvation through His blood.
Holy Spirit come, I pray,
Fill this broken heart, YHVH
And I will live for You, my King,
All I ask is that You would fill me with praise. I believe.

And to all who receive, it says in John 1:12, "To as many as believe and receive Yeshua, God gives you the power to become a child of His."
Even now, as you pray and receive Him in your heart, He's right there, His Holy Spirit to impart.
Open His Word and read— and you will hear the Voice of the Almighty God reveal Himself to you.
YHVH my God and My King,
I give You all, every everything.
YHVH, use me, LORD
By the power of Your Holy Word.
YHVH I love You.
And I will always call on You.
I will always follow You.
I will always follow You.
I will live my life for You
My King.

(Piano and string solos, concluding YHVH motif, ending vamp, closing prayer)
Hallelujah! Thank you LORD for Your Word! Praise You!