From the recording Best of Steve Kuban (Vol 1) *

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ESUS HE IS THE SON OF GOD (from album A)
©1974 Danny Lee Stutzman, John T. Benson Publishing Co

1. The busy streets and sidewalks suddenly grew still
As a man came through the entrance of the city
There he touched and healed a blind man
With a little piece of clay
As He spoke, they'd turn and listen, and they'd say…

*Jesus, Jesus, He is the Son of God
Jesus, Jesus, the precious Son of God
Sweetest Rose of Sharon, came to set us free
Jesus, Jesus, He's everything to me
Yes, He's all the world to me!
2. There are footprints in the sand
Along the sea of Galilea
Where thousands came to see
And came to hear him
There He taught of love and kindness
Yes He brought a better way
As He spoke, they'd turn and listen
And they'd say… (repeat chorus)

3. Then the air grew cold, and the sky grew black, as they nailed Him to a tree
There He died for every man and every country
But the price He paid, And the blood He shed
Are changing lives today
And with joy and praise
You can hear these people say…
(repeat chorus)