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  1. Beautiful Music

From the recording Best of Steve Kuban (Vol 1) *

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©1977 Lanier Ferguson, Bug and Bear Music

Once my life had no direction
I was lost as could be
I was caught in a whirlpool
Spinning around in misery
I needed a friend, You took me in
And You touched my heart
With Your song of love
You gave me a brand new start

*Now there's beautiful music
Flowin' on through me, just like You said
Angels singing, joybells ringing Iinside my head
Since You came inside me, Now I'm lost inside Your love
(piano solo)

2. You gave me just enough to make me hungry for more of You
Now I'm hooked on Your lovin', and I don't want to break loose
With my heart in my hand, I'm Yours to command
Do what You want me to, Just never let me go
Lord I'm so in love with You
(repeat chorus)