From the recording Guard Over America

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(Inspired and recorded spontaneously during the 2016 Presidential Election at 7pm on November 8, while reading Exodus 1-6 and Isaiah 27-­28 (in KJV, NKJV and GW God's Word Translation) during Steve's daily Torah reading [Parasha Shemot].

Two months later these same Scriptures would be read by millions of Jews and Messianic believers on U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. YHVH’s timing is perfect! (©2016 By Steve Kuban. CCLI# 7167084)


Leviathan Is Dead (Isaiah 27:1-5; 28:14-29)(The LORD's Fierce and Powerful Sword)
(On That Day November 8) (11 min mix)
(©2016 by Steve Kuban)

(Isaiah 27:1-5; ­28:14-29
from God's Word Translation GW, KJV, NKJV)

(27:1) On that day the LORD will use
His fierce and powerful sword
To punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent!
Leviathan, that crooked snake
He will slay that monster in the sea 
(v2) On that day sing, 
“A delightful vineyard!
(v3) I, YHVH, watch over it.
I water it continually
I watch over it day and night
So that no one will harm it

(v4) I'm no longer angry. 
If only thorns and briars would confront meI'd fight them and set them all on fire. Or else let them come to Me for protection
Yes, let them make peace with Me!” (Interlude)
(repeat chorus)
(piano solo 4m)
(Violin solo)
(repeat chorus)
(Flute solo)

A message to Jerusalem
[America. Washington D.C.]

(28:14) So hear the word of YHVH
All you foolish talkers [who rule the people] in Jerusalem

(v15) You say:
“We made a treaty with death
And an agreement with the grave.
When an overwhelming disaster
passes by, it won’t matter to us.
‘Cuz we have taken refuge in our lies
And falsehood is our hiding place.”

(v16) This is what YHVH says:
This is what Adonai YHVH says:

“I'm going to lay a Rock in Zion
A Rock that has been tested
A precious Cornerstone, a solid Foundation. Whoever believes in Him will never worry.

(v17) I’ll make justice a measuring line And righteousness a plumb line.
And hail will sweep away your refuge of lies,And floodwaters will wash away 
your hiding places.

(v18,19) And your treaty with death Will be wiped away!
Your agreement with the grave
Will not stand!

When the overwhelming disaster passes by You will be trampled by it. Each time it passes by, It will take you. 
Morning after morning, during the night 
Understanding this message brings terror.

(v20) The bed is too short for you to stretch out on. 
The blanket is too narrow to serve as a cover
(v21) YHVH will rise as He did on Mount Perazim. 
He’ll wake up as He did in Gibeon Valley
(Perazim means “Master of breakthroughs” Joshua 10:10­14; 
King David vs. Philistines 2 Sam 5:20,25; 1 Chronicles 14:9­17) 

He’ll do His work!
His unexpected, miraculous work! And perform His deeds, His mysteries.
(Piano and flute interlude)

(Isaiah 28:22)
Now stop laughing – 
Or your chains will be tightened!

Because I have heard that 
Adônay YHVH T’sev’a'oth 
Has finally determined to 
Destroy the Leviathan!
(Heb: 'the whole land').

(23) Open your ears, listen to me! Pay attention and hear me!

(v26,29) YHVH will guide him
In all his judgments, 
And his Elohim will teach him
All this has come from YHVH Tsevaoth His counsel is wonderful, His wisdom is so great!
His counsel is wonderful, His wisdom is so great!
(Accordion and violin solo)
On that day the LORD
Will use His sword
To punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent
Leviathan that crooked snake
He will slay that monster in the sea (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

8b: ON THAT DAY NOVEMBER 8 On that day! On that day!
On that day – November 8!
On that day! On that day!
On that day, says YHVH Sabaoth!
On that day the LORD
Will use His sword
To punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent
Leviathan, that crooked snake
He will slay that monster in the sea!
On that day the LORD will use
His fierce and powerful sword
To punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent
Leviathan that crooked snake
He will slay that monster in the sea!
(ending violin and pipes) (©2016 Steve Kuban Music / ASCAP)