He's With Me (Homberto Salan Sr, Cassandra's dad)

My children, rest in me. Which of you can add even a day, nor even an hour, to his life by worrying? Fretting? Things are not in your hands. But you are in the hands of the One who holds him in His hands. And I say to you, my daughter, don’t be afraid. Know that as I have been with your mother, so I am with your father; and as he calls out to my name, he is in peace. He is not afraid, and neither shall you be My daughter. I am with him. And My daughter don’t be afraid. There are times when it’s important to exert your effort in the human way. But I say, no need this time. Yield to Me and allow Me to do My work. I won’t cause the pain that is there when you realize someone you love has missed the boat. Not the case with Homberto. I declare to you My daughter: don’t be afraid. Be at rest this night. Be at rest this day. And use this as an opportunity to declare My name once again to the Salan family, from which you came.

Homberto Salan Sr. 

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