PROPHECIES 2016, 2017 & 2018

June 5, 2021 - Shabbat 5pm 

I had a clear dream today, and I believe the Lord is speaking to me. Here’s what I can remember: 

I was with my wife Cassandra in a hotel room, and felt the Lord urging me to go out, though…

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Be a Well-Oiled Machine With Precision

The Lord spoke an encouraging word to my heart this morning about being a “well-oiled machine with precision.” I was able to transcribe half of the prophecy today and will upload the rest when I’m able, as well as post…

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Tabernacle Yourself With Me 

Every day during the feast of Sukkot you truly set your heart yourself apart to meet Me. It's difficult to spend time with Me when you're busy, when you're rushing about, and touring, setting up and singing and traveling. You…

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Mother’s Day Prophecy, extension of My Motherhood

180513 Motherhood 

My daughter it's indeed funny that mothers are the most important element in the human race to actually bring forth life—and yet so few understand that I am more than a mother to all mankind. I am seen…

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Let Go of the Arrow

(Note: Be sure to watch the video below which has the entire prophecy spelled out. Click on “CC” and the words will appear.) 

The LORD YHVH gave me an interesting and encouraging word of personal prophecy this morning about…

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