Steve Kuban Music – Newsletter 2018

Thank you for being a part of this ministry! Almost 40 years ago, the Lord changed my life, while I was in music college. He did an amazing miracle, and turned this atheist's heart to Him! What has happened since then has been quite a wonderful journey, filled with miracles, that will require a book or two to explain, which I plan to write in 2019. But for now here are some highlights from 2017-2018, and what the Lord is asking us to do in 2019. Please consider how you might be able to help us fulfill what He is asking, including publishing these books. Also, if you have a testimony of how God has used my music in your life, please share it, for possible inclusion in the books. 

I have now been in full-time ministry 36 years, praise the Lord! It was on Dec. 23, 1982 while kneeling that the edge of my bed, that the Lord spoke to me very clearly that I was to leave professional secular music and enter into full-time ministry. I was 22 years old at the time. I said "Yes" to Him, and the rest is history. It has been a fantastic voyage ever since!

Four things took place just prior to 2018:

I recently received two very special honors:  

  1. Honorary Doctoral Degree in Divinity from the Canadian Christian Theological Seminary in Calgary. 
  2. USA Delegate for the United Nations For Israel — I was elected to this position in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles for the Jewish year 5778.  

And introduced two new albums* (album #17 and #18, click the titles to hear samples):  

  1. YHVH I Love You  (14 spontaneous songs of jazz worship); and   
  2. God is My Refuge and Strength (Scripture Songs Vol 1)  

These albums are unique in my collection being Messianic using the original Hebrew names YHVH ("the LORD") and Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). I introduced them in Israel, Qatar, UAE, Philippines, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Canada and USA, and in Messianic congregations as well as at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Conference (MJAA).

Here are some of the highlights of 2018: (Hover and click to see links for each)

  1. Cassandra and I celebrated our 10th year of marriage on July 24th, 2018 and have now been travelling together in ministry ten years. Praise the Lord!
  2. 30 new songs composed and recorded live (many which will be included on two upcoming albums.)  
  3. 45 events in various places including LA, New York, Miami, Trinidad, St. Vincent, and the Philippines  
  4. Live Radio Shows including FireFest in New York City and Bequia in St. Vincent  
  5. 80 of my songs have been registered in the CCLI database, granting churches permission to show the words 
  6. FGBMFI events including a Valentine's Banquet in Trinidad and Caribbean Convention in Tobago, and Miami  
  7. 50 new videos published on my YouTube channel (for a total of 325 YouTube videos to date)  
  8. 160 new Facebook Live videos published (for a total of 300 facebook videos to date)  
  9. 300 new music and live performance videos published in 2018! Thank You Lord!  
  10. 3 million views of the recording Come Holy Spirit —a wonderful reminder how the Holy Spirit continues to touch many lives through my older albums. Praise the Lord! More about this in a moment.  
  11. Our website has been greatly expanded and now contains 333 songs and 20 worship albums 

Family Events:  

  1. On June 20 my father-in-law Homberto Salan Sr. graduated to heaven. We attended his funeral in the Philippines where I sang and ministered for three days to all the Salan family and their community.  
  2. In July my mom Martha Kuban celebrated her 91st birthday in Calgary Alberta. She's doing quite well for her age. Please include her in your prayers: for continued health, and that she will open her heart to the Lord.  


  1. The 40th anniversary of my first professional studio recording at age 17. I wrote this composition right after the death of my father Steve Kuban Sr. at age 52, and recorded it in a professional studio playing all 15 instruments myself. It helped qualify me for entrance to the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I met the Lord and my life was changed forever. I recorded it on April 22nd,1978 (hence the title) and released it to the public for the very first time exactly 40 years later, in honor of my dad. It can be heard here.  
  2. 36th Anniversary of when God called me into full-time ministry (Dec. 23rd, 1982)  
  3. 21st Anniversary of when God called me to "Take Worship to the Nations." (Dec. 20th, 1997)  
  4. 10th Anniversary of our wedding (July 24th, 2008)  


The internet has led to a major re-focusing goal in 2018 — to create a stronger online presence. Here's why:

The Lord has given me a powerful testimony, coming to Christ from a life of atheism. He's also given me wonderful music, recordings and songs, and the gift of leading worship to bring people into His presence. He's filled my life with hundreds of amazing experiences and allowed me to minister in 40 countries serving Him, and so much more.  

I earnestly desire to use all of what the Lord has given me, to inspire and benefit as many lives as possible for His glory. By God's grace thousands have been touched through concerts, church services, CD's and cassettes. I often hear people say things like:

"Brother Steve, your CD still plays every day in my car!"

"I go to sleep at night listening to your worship CD!"

"I start every morning listening to your albums." Praise the Lord!

Now, through the internet, I can reach thousands more souls for Christ, and lead millions of people in worship all over the world, bringing them into God's presence where He can speak to them and change their lives!  

Here's a true and recent story that emphasizes this point: On December 8th, 2018 the title song from my album Come Holy Spirit passed 3 million views on YouTube. This is quite amazing when you consider Come Holy Spirit was first recorded as a regular Sunday night worship service at my church, Crossroads Cathedral in Toronto with about 400 people in attendance. But the Holy Spirit really showed up! I made it into an album, began distributing and selling the cassettes and CD's in bookstores across Canada (I had to visit 100 Christian bookstores myself because there was no record label financing its promotion), and people began buying them and word got around. 

I traveled overseas and signed agreements with companies to manufacture CD's and cassettes (Praise Inc. in the Philippines, GLS in India, Alby in Singapore) and the Spirit of God graciously touched listeners, and albums began to sell, including 20,000 units of Come Holy Spirit in the Philippines, garnishing a gold record award, unheard of for an unknown artist on his own label. People made their own copies in Saudi Arabia (where Christian CD's and cassettes were not allowed), Hong Kong, Guyana, and Trinidad.

Now, many years later, the Lord continues to use the internet to bring these CD's and songs to the nations — for His Spirit is timeless, and there is no distance in the Spirit.  

For the first time in history people can post songs and videos online, that millions around the earth can listen to, even on their phones. In 2018 it's no longer about concerts or physical CD's, it's about downloading and streaming music, and there are no borders or boundaries! The music can go anywhere in the world! This is the day and age we live in. Yeshua said, "This Gospel must be preached to the whole world, then the end will come." We are there now!  

Today, the Holy Spirit is touching millions of lives all over the world, using the internet to bring worship music to them wherever they are! Songs and albums that carry His presence (like Come Holy Spirit) are now being shared online everywhere, causing millions to experience the living presence of God for themselves. Not just thousands, as in the days of CD's — but millions! 

You may think, "Brother Steve, that's just wishful thinking," But here is just one example that proves this:   

Three million views – and counting!  

A couple in Australia (the Minniecons) made a nice video of Come Holy Spirit with lyrics and posted it on YouTube. God's spirit touched viewers powerfully, and people began sharing it. Already now three million views have taken place, meaning millions have been brought into God's presence, and are getting lost in His power and glory! Imagine this, from a simple worship service that took place 23 years ago with 400 people. Who could have imagined such a thing? Hallelujah!  This is what God wants!!  

Thus in 2018 we exerted great effort and spent much time to increase our online presence, by redesigning, adding and improving many features:  

► MUSIC — We've added:  

  1. Hours of new songs and newly-recorded music   including many scripture songs (to help people memorize God's word)
  2. Concerts in many unusual places (Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Italy, Baraka Nuclear Powerplant at the border of Saudi Arabia, and more)  
  3. Songs from all my earlier cassettes (out of print, no other way to get these)  
  4. Songs from my child and teenage years — Want to hear me sing, play piano, drums or guitar at age 10? or play a Hebrew Folksong Tzena with my dad on the accordion when I was 12? Now you can view here! We've added some amazing music from many years ago as part of my personal testimony, demonstrating God's touch upon my early life!  

► now offers:  

  1. 333 downloadable songs  
  2. 20 music albums  
  3. Physical CD's  
  4. Printed music  
  5. Lyrics to 115 songs (with many more to come)  
  6. Bible in Songs section listing all of Steve's songs by Book, chapter and verse  
  7. "Touch the Nations" song — so people can sing and intercede for their own nation. Ten countries have been recorded thus far (with more nations to come) with sing-along and rehearsal tracks for public performance. God has used this special song in over 30 countries so far.  

►New Features include:  

  1. Events tab listing 300+ events I've done (including 160 events in the Persian Gulf countries)  
  2. Photos and links to thousands of photos, categorized by location in many countries  
  3. About section that includes   
  4. recommendations and endorsements by pastors and church leaders  

 Our goals through this website are to:  

  1.  Bring people into God's presence through worship music
  2.  Provide songs to help people memorize scripture
  3.  Make people aware of Christ's salvation, by sharing my testimony in every way possible  
  4.  Bring prophetic messages and songs

Please visit our website and look around. You will be very blessed by all that is there!


1. ►Steve's 40th Spiritual Birthday Book Project  

2019 will be my 40th spiritual birthday! Forty years ago I was an atheist, writing songs against God, mocking Christ and the Bible. But God stepped into my life and touched my heart. I said a 20-second prayer, asking Him to prove He is real—and overnight He changed my life! Forever! Glory to God! The Lord changed me into a lover and worshiper of the true and living God, who now writes songs for Him and leads people into His wonderful presence. In 2019 I believe God will have me write a book about my salvation and life's experience so that others can be blessed by reading what God has done in me.

  2. Four Recording Projects

I plan to release three new albums in 2019, plus add new versions of the "Touch" song for nine new countries.

  3. ►"The Lord is My Tower" Book Project

The 25th anniversary of the live recording The Lord is My Tower occurs November 11th, 2019. In honor of this the Lord has asked me to write a book explaining how He brought this amazing album into being, including testimonials of how the Lord has used it to bless peoples' lives


There are many daily operating expenses, plus major tasks and events in the coming months that will require our energy, focus and finances:  


$10.000  Album # 19 Steve's Favorite Hymns Vol 1 
$10,000  Album # 20 Steve's Scripture In Song Vol 2  
$12,000  Album # 21 Touch America (Songs of God's promises for the USA)  
$  9,000  "Touch " Add 9 additional nations to the song "Touch" ($1,000/nation) 


$ 8,000 Book: Steve's Personal Testimony (Write, edit, design and publish 40 years edition) 
$ 8,000 Book: "The Lord is My Tower" story (25th Anniversary special edition)  


$23,040 Website design and maintenance ($80/day x 288 days)  
$  1,020 Website hosting ($20/m), domains ($5/m), internet provider ($60/m) = $85/m x12m) 
$  7,200 Office Rental (recording studio, publishing studio) $600/m x 12m)           
$  4,000 Computer Equipment — Desktop Station for Video and Music editing       
$  3,000 Computer Equipment — Notebook computer for travels       
$  1,500 Software for Video Editing, DAW, Music & MIDI Transcription to publish leadsheets        
$  1,600 Software for Office, publishing, graphic design for 4 stations ($400 x 4 computers)       
$  1,500 Tablet, Lighting, Greenscreen, Teleprompter and associated software      

TOTAL $ 99,860

You can be a part of bringing these projects into reality in 2019! It requires finances, and a lot of time and hard work by Steve and Cassandra working in their studios.

Our finances are usually generated by traveling, teaching seminars, performing worship concerts, and ministering in church services.

However to do these projects, we will need to spend several months in 2019 hunkered down in our studio, rather than traveling internationally. Please consider sowing into these projects, thereby enabling us to remain truly focused to accomplish these noble goals.

Please pray, and as the Lord leads, kindly donate using your debit or credit card (or Paypal) by clicking this link or going to






You can also send your contribution by WESTERN UNION to: Stephen Kuban, Orlando Florida, USA (kindly email the MTCN to

4. ►The LORD is My Tower 25th Anniversary Tour 

This is a very special album which has touched thousands of lives. It received a certified platinum award in the Philippines, and is known around the world. Glory to God! It is also the album and song that God used to bring His purposes to pass in my life to "Take Worship to the Nations"

The Lord has asked me in 2019:

►to return to cities where I've sung concerts before and share songs from this album. This will be a blessing to many who sang these songs in their earlier Christian days, and also to those young people who may not yet know the songs or the powerful flow of worship that characterizes "The Lord is My Tower." I sense strongly the Lord will bring a revival of worship through these concerts once again, as He did each time in every city.

►to write a book describing how this album came into being and include people's testimonials of how it has ministered to them through the years. (If you would like to share your testimony for inclusion in the book, please share it here, together with your email address. We will get back to you.)   

Please pray God will reveal which of the cities I should return to, in the Philippines and other countries, to mark this very special occasion! If you would like to be a part of this event, and have us consider coming to your city, please send an email to explaining how you can help, together with your church and pastor's name and email address if they will be a part. This will be a wonderful journey together in 2019!  

Please pray for these concerts, and consider sowing financial seed to help us

There will be considerable up-front expenses for each one of the "Lord Is My Tower 25th Anniversary Concerts" in 25+ cities in the Philippines and other countries. We are praying that each of these concerts will be self-supporting and profitable, and will budget carefully, get sponsors and organizers, and oversee proper ticket sales.  

Nevertheless the upfront expenses are considerable because venues, sound systems, production costs, printing of tickets and posters, and marketing costs must all be paid up-front, while Incoming revenues are not fully realized until tickets are sold and monies collected. This is an opportunity for you to sow into these very spiritually fruitful projects.  

Please pray how you can help us accomplish what the Lord is asking us to do in 2019. If the Lord speaks to your heart to partner with us and sow financially into our mission, you can do so at  Please partner with us to "Take Worship to the Nations."  

Well, that's a little recap of what's been happening in our lives during the past year or so.  

Please continue to pray for our safety as we fulfill God's call to "Take Worship to the Nations."  

If you'd like to receive updates on our ministry, kindly enter your email address at  You will receive a free song mp3, "Let Me See You Face to Face" which I recorded on December 3rd, 2018.  

Please sign up to be on our mailing list (if you have not yet), and enter the code "Newsletter2018"  to receive a 30% discount on all music downloads for a limited time at  

Thank you for being a part of God's purposes in our lives!

Sincerely in Messiah!  

Dr. Steve Kuban  


Official Store 


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