Let Go of the Arrow

(Note: Be sure to watch the video below which has the entire prophecy spelled out. Click on “CC” and the words will appear.) 

The LORD YHVH gave me an interesting and encouraging word of personal prophecy this morning about using my musical gifts for Him, and it came to me in the image of “shooting arrows.” As a child I began using a bow to shoot arrows from age 6, doing target practice and then hunting wild game birds (grouse), and YHVH used this image and memory to greatly encourage me this morning to stop being afraid to use my gifts for Him. 

Today is Shabbat, and as is my usual practice, I set the entire day apart for Him. In the morning before getting out of bed, I lift my hands upward to Him and pray, dedicating myself and this special day for His purposes. 

This morning, however, as I lifted my hands and prayed, I was struck by the thought of how many times in the past I've wasted valuable time just "doing my own thing," instead of focusing and intently doing HIS WILL with the precious day and the precious hours. 

I wept, and asked Him to forgive me for wasting so much valuable time where I could have been making music, recording songs, and doing other things that have eternal value, rather than just 'doing my own thing.' Especially on Shabbat. 

Last night as was going to bed, I viewed a YouTube video of a man in India who had been born without arms. He was amazing to watch. He ate, using his feet to bring food from the plate to his mouth. He worked industriously as a tailor, threading sewing needles with his feet and operating his sewing machine! He measured clients stretching out a measuring tape between his two feet to get their exact sizes, and then custom-made their suits and dresses! Wow, can you imagine? Amazing! This man was doing the best with what he had, and he was doing an amazing job at it. I was very inspired. 

So as I awoke this morning and pondered how to use my life and talents for God, I became acutely aware of how MUCH God has given to me, especially my God-given musical talent to play music by ear, and to create songs spontaneously on the keyboard that genuinely touch people's lives. Add to this the amazing spiritual anointing He has given to me, to create songs and music that help people receive healing, victory and deliverance in His Mighty Names Jesus, Yeshua, Jehovah, and YHVH. Whenever I sit down at my keyboard and begin playing, incredible music just flows out. It’s an amazing gift from God — a gift that everyone, even kings and millionaires, could wish for, but a gift that can never be bought with money or desire. I asked myself, “Am I using what He has given me, to the best of my ability?” And I thought about that man in India, who had no arms, yet look what he was able to do! And I suddenly felt shame, because I knew I wasn’t doing my best with ALL that God has given me. 

Then I thought about the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Keyboard He gave me, where every song I play sounds like an incredible orchestra or live band playing, and it even adds vocal harmonies to my voice to make me sound like a duet, a trio, a jazz quartet, or even an entire choir all at once. Unbelievable what technology can do today. So my talent is a gift from God, and this keyboard is a gift from God, and they have both been created to make beautiful music for God! 

And I realized: "What kind of a treasure is this that God has given me? This ability to play and create such amazing music? And to have this kind of equipment to do it?" Truly it is a treasure from heaven, contained in this earthen vessel of my hands, lips, voice and mind. 

Then I considered some of the songs He has brought forth through me over the years, spontaneously, in just a few moments of time, that became very powerful songs of healing, victory and deliverance in His name to people, like "For the LORD is My Tower", "Hallowed Be Thy Name", and "I Will Fight For You." These all came to me in mere moments of inspiration, as I played my keyboard or guitar simply worshiping the Lord. What amazing fruit that came from just a few moments of well-spent time. 

As I thought about these things, I began to sense Him speaking to my spirit prophetically. I saw in my spirit a vision of a man holding a bow and arrow, pulling it back....but hesitating to let it go, because he was afraid he might miss the bulls-eye. And I realized that was me! 

I began to speak out loud and record the personal prophecy, and quickly the Lord revealed to me ways in which I am like that man who has pulled the bow back, but is hesitant to release the arrow, for fear that he may miss the target or bulls-eye. (As you listen to this prophecy, perhaps the Lord will speak similarly to you about areas in your own life, where your fears and inhibitions of ‘missing the mark’ may have caused you to be hesitant to ‘release the arrow’.) 

In my case, for many years I used to play and record songs every single day, using a simple and inexpensive electric piano, a Yamaha “Portable Electric Grand” model DGX-230, which costs about $250). Despite it’s low price, it was easy to use. It had a modest selection of beats and sounds accessible through 50 buttons, which enabled me to ‘get into the spirit’ while playing, and focus on manifesting what was accurate prophetically and musically (that is, I could focus on singing and playing what God wants, rather than worry about the technical aspects of the keyboard). 

Then 18 months ago, the Lord gave me a big promotion: He provided a very powerful and capable musical arranger keyboard, the Yamaha Tyros 5. It can do ten times more than my simple keyboard could ever dream of doing. But I have found that since getting this new keyboard, I have not played and recorded as often. Why? Because it’s a huge complex keyboard created and designed for professional musicians. It has about 200 buttons (compared to my previous one that had 50 buttons), and requires a much higher degree of technical excellence to use, especially live. And because it has thousands of different sounds, beats variations and advanced features, it’s quite easy to make a mistake while playing and touch a wrong button. In short, it’s intimidating. It’s like flying a jumbo jet when, for a long time, I was used to flying a small private plane. It’s bigger, faster, more powerful...and carries a lot more passengers. And it’s a weapon, like a fighter jet. That’s a BIG step up beyond a Cessna private plane. And this causes me to be reluctant to get in the cockpit and fly. I’ve become someone who has a powerful bow and arrow, who pulls back, but is afraid to ‘release’ that arrow, for fear that he might miss the mark. 

But this morning, the Lord reminded me that when we pull the arrow back, it’s better to release the arrow, even if we miss the bulls-eye, because that way we can see where our aim is ‘off target’, and can thereby get better and closer to the target, by observing how and where we missed the mark! What a liberating and encouraging word! 

Here is what I heard Him speak to me: 

My son, if you don't let go of the arrow, it won't do any good. But it is important to aim before you let go. I say unto you, sometimes you're so afraid of missing the mark, of not getting the bull's-eye, that you don't let go of the arrow. My son, when you let go of the arrow, even if you don't hit the mark, at least you'll see where that arrow ends up to be, and you'll be able to adjust your means and your ways. If 'every year you have', is one arrow, I give to you many. But let them go. Aim the best you can, and let it go. And then when it hits, you'll know how better to aim the next arrow. And you will hit the bull's-eye. 

Aim for the mark that is Yeshua. Fix your eyes on him, the Author and the Finisher of your faith. And get to work. I'll give you a good supply of arrows to fly, to do your work for Adonai, Elohim, YHVH, El Shaddai, El Elyon on high. 

For indeed, these are your hands that I've given to you. This is your voice that I have given to you. This is your mind-tool that I've given you. And this is my Ruach, which is the anointing. Because it's not by your might, nor is it by your power, but it is accomplished by my Spirit, saith YHVH Tseva'ot.Every day have confidence that my will shall be done, as you yield to me, and honor my Son. 

I have said so many things to you, about what you should do. And yet sometimes you hold 'on-to', and you never let that arrow go. Well my son, declare today: "No! No longer!" No longer shall you hold on to these arrows. No longer shall you be susceptible to the fear of missing the mark. Your goal is to hit the mark. And the arrows will help you to fine-tune your view. 

I say unto you, my son: You are a weapon — my weapon that I will work through. And many will be rescued from darkness and hell, because you held the bow well, and you let go of the arrow. It is a sword, as my Word. And my Word shall be effective in you. For my Word shall not return back to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I've sent it to do. For my Word is indeed my arrow to accomplish my will. 

My son, when one has been in an accident and is laying in bed, unable to walk for a season, their muscles atrophy. And then they have to be rehabilitated, and it must be done gradually, otherwise they will injure their legs and their knees. Their muscles have to get strength gradually. 

I say unto you: Yes, you're out of practice. Yes, you are at the helm of the ship that you know not very much about, its capability, nor even its instruments. But you DO know how to fly my son, you DO know how to walk. And I will cause you to be rehabilitated, and your muscles to be strengthened. I will cause your ear to be tuned to what I say, and to what I play, and it shall come forth to your fingers, and your lips. 

My son, focus on this: What I've told you to do, DO. Don't ask, just do. Just do. Just do! Send out your emails. Accept your friends. Don't waste a lot of time. Enlarge your support base and fan base. Because every ear is an ear that I want to be able to hear, for my glory, says YHVH, LORD Tsave'ot. 

Make the best of what you have. There's no point waiting and waiting and waiting for the perfect studio or perfect environment. There's no use waiting and waiting, because in waiting you don't let the arrow go. But rather get up off the bed and walk. Sit down and play. 

My son, you "don't have the anointing," you say? to come forth from a perfect song from YHVH? Well, sing and play anyway, and you'll be amazed at what will come forth from YHVH. Many times because you're out of practice, you don't want to even begin the process of writing new songs from my Word. Well then, my son, go ahead and sing an old one. At least let the pump be primed. Because I will use you, and I will bring forth my songs line by line. 

This instrument will require proficiency and excellency and knowledge. The instrument that you had before, which you used day after day, more and more, it didn't have nearly the capabilities of this. But you used it, and out came mighty songs of healing, victory and deliverance. My son just have confidence that as you play this instrument you will learn more and more. You will learn what to do and what not to do, and you will explore as you do. Imagine how "Jeremiah One" came alive to you. How much more so with this mighty weapon of war! 

I give you this promise my son: your dad and mom gave you instruments that became doors to great things. And I'm your heavenly Father, and I give you this instrument and I give you these hands, and these lips, this voice, and the anointing of my Ruach. And I give you my Word poured into you, planted into you, sown into you, to bring forth! And all of this shall be for my glory, says YHVH Tsave'ot, in the power of the Ruach HaKodesh – to lift up the name of Yeshua, that the world might be changed and saved. 

My daughter, you're going to get better and better. You're going to get better and better at what you do, and the excitement is going to overwhelm you and overcome you, when you begin to see thousands of people that will view what my son does, and they're seeing it because of you. This excitement will gain hold, and will cause you to take more seriously than ever before the divine injunction, yea my commandment, that you publish this Good News to the world. And the blessing will come, my children, rest assured. Because when you do the will of YHVH, it's my good pleasure to open Heaven's doors.