Be a Well-Oiled Machine With Precision

The Lord spoke an encouraging word to my heart this morning about being a “well-oiled machine with precision.” I was able to transcribe half of the prophecy today and will upload the rest when I’m able, as well as post the audio. 

181028 Be a Well-Oiled Machine With Precision 

Be a well oiled machine with precision. It is certain that if your body is well you can do a better job. It is certain that if your soul is well you will be at peace and effective, your mind and your will and your emotions in their rightful place in subjection to my Spirit. 

My son, when you were young, you would take your bicycle apart right down to the ball bearings — hundreds of little pieces spread across your basement floor on a newspaper, right down to the ball bearings. My son you learned to operate with precision. 

When you were in grade 6, you would take the book on computers out of your library week after week after week. Yours was the only name signed on the library card — as was your practice with many books throughout those years — and you learned how computers talk. How they take data as binary digits, zeros and ones, off's and on's, form that into words, bits of information becoming bytes, eight bits is a byte, and how a computer thinks and processes data. 

Computers are very precise. My children understand they're not like the sons of men. The sons of men are happy if they get a percentage right. But a computer insists on getting all the bits in every byte. Because of the difference between the way man thinks and the way a computer processes data, it's sometimes difficult for human beings to appreciate the fact of a computer's precision. But think about this, my children. When you transfer a file, be it small or large, it consists of a number of bits, bytes, words of data. And when you transfer it from one place to another, from one storage to another, every single bit must be accounted for. Look at any video that you have taken. Look in its details, and you will see how many bits and bytes of information is contained, right down to the very bit. Why is it? Is a computer satisfied if it transfers a file and there are bits and bytes missing? It's not. Because of its precision. 

When you were young, My son, and began to transfer data, in your human mind you imagined that computers must miss a byte or two, or three, or even hundreds on a big file of millions of bytes. After all, how can anyone keep track of so many bits and bytes? And you had a hard time, My son, really coming to that point of realization of the precision of the computer environment and mechanism. Such is the power of precision. 

I want to talk to you about your human mechanism. When you are a well oiled machine you've got pieces that fit together. My son think of those chain links in your bicycle chain. Think of the dérailleur. Think of the cogs and gears the sprockets. Think of the wheels, the hubs, and yes the ball bearings inside those hubs. Think of the pedals that transfer the power from the human leg. Think of ankling, how to generate even more power than just going around in circles. My son these are things that get the job done. This is how you go from A to B, as a human being on a bicycle. All of these things are important. You built that bicycle, but you built in a sense of rebuilding what had been there before. You took it apart, and you greased and you oiled you lubricated every piece that needed to be. You tightened up the cabling so that when you would pull the brake the calipers would grip the wheels evenly. You don't want to have oil though at that point, otherwise the fast bike won't go slow. Yes, there's a place for oil and a place for grease. But there's a place for friction too, My son. All of these things are needs in the mechanism of a bicycle. And a bicycle is a simple machine compared to a piston driven camshaft engine in a car, or other vehicles that are much more complex than these. But when you're driving down the road at 70 mph, that engine is working with precision. That's how you can get from A to B. And speed? RPM's 2,000, 3,000. Think about how fast this engine is burning gasoline and converting energy to torque and out through the driveshaft to the wheels and "there you go." 

I want to speak to you about your body. Your body is an essential machine. When your body ceases to function well, then you're unable to cover the ground that I need. When your body ceases to beat the heart any longer, then you cease, in your bodily functions. 

Your body's necessary, as necessary as wheels on the car. Without your body. My son, you won't get very far. Your body must be a well-oiled machine. Even prophesying My son. The prophecies will come forth with more gumption when your body is beating well, circulation's clear and strong, brain receiving blood and oxygen. All of these things you know to a bit, though not as much as one who studies medicine and physiologics. 

But there's a real connection between your body and your mind. And I need you to be sharp, My children, all of you. I need you to be sharp. To function as a well oiled machine for me. As long as you breathe. And for whatever part there is of you that may not function well, may the other parts of your body make up for the difference, so that you can be sharp. Even as one who is blind can hear more accurately. 

My children develop those senses. Have your wits about you. This is not complex, not nearly as complex, as the actual mechanism of your physical body. Not nearly as complex as the neurological movements that transact in your mind. Man has not even yet come to understand the complexities of the human computer, the human mind. But what he has discovered is that without the oxygen and the nutrients that the brain needs, it won't last more than minutes. So, how delicate, how essential is it that you take care of your brain? Of your lungs, of your heart, and of your arteries and veins, so that the blood can flow and deliver the oxygen to every organ. Indeed, "the life is in the blood." Therefore be careful what you eat, and be careful what you allow to contaminate, and clog those arteries and veins. 

My son I want you to be strong. My children I want you all to be strong. My daughters I want you to be strong, for Me — so that all of you can get the job done that have called you to be. That you can fulfill your destiny. Your life hangs upon your very next heartbeat. You want to know how close you are to eternity? You’re a heartbeat away. So take care, please, of your human machinery. 

My son, my daughter: you have a job to do for Me. Each one of My children has a different job, but each one is catered individually. This is your life. This is your calling. This is your past. This is your history. This is who you are, and this is who you have been. And this, My son, My daughter, is what I want you to be. It's a complex mechanism, destiny — and it requires your cooperation with Me. I want you to be something. I put it in your spirit, put it in your mind, put it in your heart and your emotions, so that you will move in that direction and obey me. And if you obey what I say, then you will move toward the next step of fulfilling your destiny. 

My son, as I spoke and sang through you: "Do everything I say." And if My children will do everything I say, if you will do everything I say, you will perfectly fulfill my plan for you, which is your destiny. 

I want you to be a well oiled machinery with precision. "Oh, but the human mechanism! It gets in the way, doesn't it!" My son, just like in your mind you couldn't conceive, as a young child, the perfection of a computer, because of your imperfections. You actually thought that when a file was transferred, a file of a million bits and 8 million bytes, you actually thought that, "Surely some of them must be dropped along the way. Nothing can be that perfect." And it was hard for you to understand the precision of ComputerLand. But it is very precise. It can make up for what is missing, just like you can hear things even when data are missing. Your mind puts it together. 

(With lossy compression, pictures that you see on your computer screen are far smaller in size than the original one, because of compression. You can see jerky videos, blurry videos, poorly-resoluted videos, and your mind can still piece it together and create a good image, even though so much is missing. But hear ye, the file size is what is transmitted. When it's compressed, the file size is smaller. But when it gets transmitted, it's still accurate to the bit and the byte, because computers are well-oiled machines of precision.) 

Cry out to me for more precision! Cry out to me for more obedience! Cry out to me for more revelation! And cry out to me for perfect heart impression! I will work through the imperfect you. I will make up for many things that you lack. I'll even fix your disobedience, to bring the best forth. For "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose." And you surely are called — all of you, My children. But that human mechanism that can get in the way when it doesn't do jobs well, misses data, drops bits and bytes along the way, or through utter disobedience or through lacking.... 

My son and daughter I've given to you many prophecies, many words through these lips. I have stirred and work cooperatively with this human vessel of imperfection to bring forth prophecies, to give you direction. You have these. You record them, and some you transcribe (though it should be many more than you do) so that it can be there to remind you what I told you. 

My son don't worry too much about whether or not the words coming out of your mouth are formed and said exactly the way that's from My heart to you, because I work with you. I use your vocabulary. I use your lips, your vocal cords and larynx. I use your mind to process the impressions of the Spirit that I give to you. That's why when you see the books of the Canon of Scripture, these were human agents who penned, yes in their own flesh imperfection, but because I work through them, I use them, and I wrote these words, and I give the inspiration, so that these words come alive to you and accomplish its mission. My word shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish its mission in you. 

And it is very good My children that you read My Word every day. It is your daily food. It is the air you breathe. That's Me, My presence, My very Word living in you, sustaining you, bringing that oxygen of the spirit to the nerves and organs of both your physical being and your spirit. "I pray that your soul may prosper" (3 John 1:2) even as your spirit prospers. And that your body will be quickened that you might manifest with perfection His purpose.