Tribulation is Coming 

131109a_Tribulation is Coming 

For the Lord says unto thee, this is a very serious time when the nations will gather against Israel. My children the influence of America shall wane. It's power and protective strong right arm shall be seen to be shallow says the Lord and hollow in the midst of its devastation. The Lord would say unto thee, My Word shall go forth in power. That which I have decreed shall descend upon the nations of the earth. In this hour says the Lord I bring forth warnings, yea are they not warnings that are a continuation from the time and season of the prophets, as written and revealed in My Word? says the Lord. Yes this is a time of great tribulation, says the Lord, that is coming upon the earth. And My children, it is that season where you must rise to the occasion, where you must stand and be counted, as those who will be on the Lord's side! 

I have not forsaken My children. I have, and shall, and will always remember the covenant which I have spoken to Abraham, that "I shall make of thee a great nation. And I shall give this land as an inheritance for thy descendants forever," saith the Lord. And this is true. 

Israel has gone away from Me. As Moses warned in Deuteronomy four, "Take heed to yourselves, that you forget not your God. For if you make graven images, and if you forsake Me, I shall scatter you, even unto the nations of the earth, and among the heathen shall you be. And if you seek Me with all your heart, with all your soul, you shall surely find Me, says the Lord, and I shall bring you back to this land which I have given unto thee. Which I gave unto Israel not because of his righteousness — for he is a stubborn people — but because of My covenant with Abraham and with Israel's forefather. 

Indeed says the Lord, when I gathered them, then they disobeyed and fell away. And I scattered them. Yes, says the Lord, I sent Israel under the hand of the Assyrians. And I sent Judah into Babylonian captivity, but it was for seventy years, as I spoke to Jeremiah. "After this I shall turn the captivity of My people, and they shall return to their land." 

And the Lord says unto thee: Once again they fell from Me, and made for themselves precepts of men, and honored not the Lord thy God in their heart. And as I brought forth the Church — the Gentiles, those that would be grafted into the vine — I dispersed once again Israel to the nations of the world. 

And on this occasion, saith the Lord, it is a dispensation of grace — centuries of time where I continue to prepare the hearts of those that would be Mine. And I called them, the Gentiles, from the corners of the earth, to see that Messiah hath come and has given His life, so that they can experience new birth and be grafted into the vine. Yea saith the Lord this is the plan of Mine. 

But take heed unto yourselves, saith the Lord — for the clock has begun, the countdown is in full swing, says the Lord. For I did prophesy through My prophets, that back to their land I would bring, scatter the outcasts of Israel. And it is that time says the Lord that they have gathered once again unto their land, the land which I have given unto them as an eternal promise — the Promised Land. And all around the enemies lie and plot in vain deceit, thinking that they My children shall defeat. And yes indeed, even wars have they sent — only to discover, that the LORD God of Israel is not with slow eye or arm bent, but with outstretched arm, saith God, I protect My beloved. And so in these days, says the Lord, as the nations scheme and plan violent vomit against the children of My land. It is a time, says the Lord, yea the clock has struck it's near-final chord. Therefore says the Lord, be prepared. 

For a time of great tribulation shall come upon the entire earth says the Lord — a shaking and a trembling, for which John the Revelator saw, indeed Daniel and Ezekiel. Know this, says the Lord, My prophets yea doth speak to those who will ask of Me, and Truth shall they seek. For I shall reveal it unto them, even as I hath revealed it unto My prophets who are close to My heart says the Lord. And even in this day is the Word going forth, of the tribulation of Jacob's trouble — such destruction, such pain and travail. But I shall not forsake My beloved Israel. 

For that which I have promised shall come, says the Lord. I say unto you My son and My daughter: Be serious. Gird up thy loins. Whatever it is that would cause thy feet to stumble, pull it up and say, "Servient to Christ! Servient to Messiah! Servient to Yeshua! Servient to Almighty God! shall this thing — and shall I — be, for the rest of eternity! For I know that He is coming soon to take me to be with Him for all eternity." Yes, My children, have the heart of the Bride, who is waiting and looking with eagerness to the returning of her Beloved, that shall take her unto Himself. Indeed says the Lord, you are My Bride — My Church, you are My Bride! 

But if Israel did not escape such corruption. If Israel did not escape such correction, and discipline, says the Lord, why then shalt thou, My Church, think that you are exempt from also the dealings of My Word? For I shall bring judgment upon thee, says the Lord, for turning thy back upon Me. For drawing up cold. For being cold in heart, says the Lord. When you could have been much more. Yes, on fire shall you be. 

I spoke to Moses out the burning bush. I spoke to Israel with fire from heaven. And they fell down and worshiped. Has there ever been such a thing done by God to any other nation, says the Lord? Who else did I show great signs and wonders from above and calamities and plagues and brought them with might and hand of God from above across the Sea, bringing them to Me? even through the wilderness of Sur, says the Lord. 

So it shall be, My children. I brought thee out of a land of sin and slavery, and wooed you unto Me, and gave you Calvary, and set you free, that you might serve Me, willingly. But you have turned, saith God, a cold ear to Me. And in so doing have turned your back on Me says the Lord. Why thinkest thou that you will escape the discipline of the LORD? My Church, for failing to observe the commandments and the statutes and the laws, saith God. For the Law of the Lord is right. And it tastes great, says the Lord. He is a righteous God and His statutes are forever great, saith the Lord. And His judgments are sure, saith God. Yea the commandment of the Lord is sure saith God, and bringeth forth righteousness, even shall I discipline with the rod, saith the Lord. 

So therefore, My son and My daughter, prepare your hearts well, and prepare your son. For the LORD desires him to walk in the ways of righteousness and to fear the LORD. 

The Lord would say unto thee My daughter, thou hast in thine heart a weakness, and that is thy great love for thy son. For is a God who does not discipline his children also a God of love? My daughter, I say unto thee, discipline thy son with a rod. Discipline him in the strength of My Word, saith God. For you have so desired in your heart to allow him to not feel that power of the rod. You have so desired that he would just have it easy, be able to get through, and do the least of what he needs to do to come through. But My daughter, you have caused into his heart a lack of the power of My Word, for by you not causing him to do what is necessary for him to take in My Word and dwell in and retrieve and listen and call to mind, when the dark spirits would call into his mind, there was not the Word that would fight against the spirit of deceit and darkness. And My daughter, you must cause unto him once again the Word of the LORD to come upon him For he is listening to all that which is not of the LORD, and has taken his heart and his passion away from his God. But I say unto you, My daughter, I shall discipline with My rod, and I shall bring rebuke unto his small heart, saith the Lord, which shall be enlarged. 

And for a time he shall fight against thee. For a time he shall say, "NO! I will NOT bow my knee!" But My daughter, know this: that which has already come into his heart, through your tender love and care, in days of his growing up, even as he was upon thy breast and upon thy knee, and as you would bring him to this place, and say, "Come, Ian, and pray with me. Let us take hold of God's Word and His altar, and the devil shall flee! My son, come, and agree with me, here on our knees, in this, the place where we shall meet with God and see His face by His grace. Come my son and be with me." — My daughter, so it shall be. That which was placed within his heart when he was a tender young shoot growing up, saith the Lord. So it shall come back into his heart. But it shall come because you have been faithful My daughter. But you must not allow the enemy any more to slaughter his mores, and slaughter his foundation, and cut with an axe that root of his salvation, says the Lord. So therefore this day, saith God, I bring unto thee a strength and an arm that shall help and guide thee. Indeed shall it be, says the Lord, from this day forth shall you rule with rod, says the Lord, in his heart. Know this, says God. This is the time. This is the hour where you must stand and be strong in this hour. For he has a purpose and a destined call of the Lord. So therefore My daughter don't let this weakness keep him back from the LORD. You must embrace the Word of the Lord and speak it into his heart, and cause him once again to impart the Word of the LORD. It shall be your responsibility, My daughter, bring it forth! For you are the breast upon which he has sucked saith the Lord. You shall bring forth the milk of the Word, for he is not yet ready for the meat of the Word, saith God. For indeed the devil has tried to starve him with his evil malice and venom saith God, that is being spilt forth into his heart that is all around him. Know this says the Lord the school system and the education system is not My friend in this land, saith God. For they've taken Me out of the books. They've taken me out of this land. Know this, says the Lord, do not trust those that he is listening to. Do not trust the words of acidity and venom, says God, that comes forth. Do not allow these evil influences any longer to darken the door of this household, saith the Lord. You must rule with a rod — the rod of My Word, saith God. And if you do not listen to My Word I shall bring a rod of rod of correction and discipline unto you too, My daughter and My son. For he is precious, and he has a mission to run, says the Lord your God. So therefore be strong, and stand tall, says the Lord your God. For he indeed shall be a picture, saith the LORD, of what can take place against these nations that have turned their back on Me, says the LORD, who have lost sight to see the true Word of the LORD, even this very nation of America, says God. 

I shall cause thee, My son, to be a voice to this nation. I shall cause thee My daughter to bring forth My Word of tribulation. It shall be a word of promise. It shall be a word of confidence, says the Lord, confidence that the LORD of the hosts of the army of heaven has more power than all of America's leaven. Never, says God, be afraid of those who try to speak their venom and their evil, their threats against thee, says the Lord God. For I shall not allow them to stand. I shall feed you even in the dark land, says the Lord God. I shall bring ravens with food, and widows with the oil and the meat, says the Lord, and they shall receive a prophet's reward, and they shall understand, says the Lord, that when they give unto thee, My son and My daughter, they will receive God's reward. And I shall feed thee, says the Lord, even when in this land such a dark time has come when many cry out, "O, where is God? Where is God of America?" Well, they have forgotten the God of Israel, so why should they call upon the God of America? For who is America's God in this day? You are of your father your devil, says the Lord. America, you've forsaken God's ways, and you have given unto Him the land that I gave unto thee, says the Lord God. And this day it shall come back to thee, says the Lord. 

Prepare for tribulation, My children. Prepare. But know this, says the Lord. I have not forsaken thee. You must speak forth My Word, even though they try to silence thee says the Lord. My son, don't be afraid, just speak forth the Word of the LORD in this day. And there shall be many gathered, says the Lord. Was there not many thousands that had not bowed their knee to the Baals that were all around Israel? Have they not assembled even, saith the Lord, online. Have they not assembled in spirit? Have they not assembled in intercession and in worship unto Me? says the Lord, even though they may not know one another or see? O says the Lord, in unity of spirit I have brought thee, My children, My Church, those who truly honor Me. Those who cry out for the salvation of the souls of this very America, and beyond. The missionaries that go, and have gone, from this place, says the Lord, into the nations of the world and to those who did not know, and to the darkened places and the heathen where the Baals and the Baalim, says the Lord. 

Know this, says God, I shall bring forth that fruit, that harvest indeed to the lands, and islands of the sea, says the LORD. I shall do this for thee, because of thy forefathers who bowed their knee, and even the puritans and the pilgrims who came, set forth their foot upon this land and bended their knee, and said, "This land shall be for Thee, O God, a land of liberty, a land of Your Hand!" That they, might the world see, that Yeshua still reigns in this day and age. For in their times, says the Lord, Israel was scattered all over the earth, and was too, even unto this very last generation saith God, which hath seen with their own eyes the bringing back of My children from the foreign lands, even in the skies, as I prophesied says the Lord. Yes it is that time, says God. And they who knowing not that Israel would be gathered once again, yet they said, "O God, let us — spiritual Israel— be gathered unto this land. For we set apart this land for Thy purposes, O LORD, that it would be a light that would shine to the nations of the entire earth!" saith these Pilgrims of Promise. Indeed, Pilgrims made progress, says the LORD, as their men and their children together farmed and tilled this land says the LORD, as they garnered, and I brought prosperity together, says the LORD. 

And from the islands of the sea did I not gather them unto thee, O America? Those that were broken-hearted, those that were thrust into places of great tribulation against them, says the LORD. But I brought them from their lands that were ruled by demonic hands, says the LORD, that gave no liberty to the sorrowful man and to the alien where he dwelt. 

But he saw a light on a hill. 

Was not Zion a light on a hill, says the LORD? Was not Jerusalem a light to the nations? And they saw that light of America, and they said, "If only I could get to that nation!" 

They paid a price. They left their families. They went with great difficulty. And in tribulation did they come, and they set their foot on this land. And therefore the LORD says unto them, "You saw the hand of Lady Liberty raised. And you said, 'Yes! This is the Land of Promise! And I shall, my children and my wife and those my loved ones and my family and my relatives, I shall bring them to this land!'" says the LORD. 

And so it is in this day, says GOD, that those going to Israel

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