I Have Need of You

131026a_ I Have Need of You

Come My faithful ones;  have need of thee. Come My children, hear the voice of your Father calling unto thee. Come. I have need of thee. For indeed I am putting together My plan, unfolding it. 

I use men. I use both those who are friend, and I use those who are foe. Yes, says the Lord. I see all, and I have all in My hand. I can turn the heart of the king to fulfill My plan. And yet, still, says the Lord, I call out — for you. Come. I have need for you. 

I need you to obey. And I need you to say the words that I place in your heart, and in your lips. I have need of the songs that come forth in your midst, says the Lord. This indeed is a puzzle, it's a mystery;  seeming picture, forming right in front of thee. Pieces coming that are scattered all around thee — they are flying into place, says the Lord, in their perfect timing. 

Yes, My son, and yes My daughter, I have need of thee, and I am calling thee to listen carefully. For it is not of coincidence, of course, says the Lord, that I bring you to this time and to this place. And it is not of coincidence says the Lord that this is the time for YOU, as I have placed it before. This is your moment. It's the time when, in My foreknowledge I had planned. Come, My son, I shall unfold My plan for you. Yes indeed, says Yeshua, you have a heart for the nations, and you have a heart for My people, Israel. And you have a heart for this nation says the Lord, as I do. 

So therefore hearken carefully to that which I do in you, the work of the Spirit, the work of My Word revealing My will, and becoming unto you a food, a nourishment. Indeed it is a thrill, says the Lord, for each and every day as I speak to you another picture, pieces of that puzzle come together and form, and that which you see is a picture of My will being born, being brought forth, even before the eyes of the world, for the timing of the Lord knows no boundaries, and nothing that they can do can stop what I have determined to do, says the Lord. 

But the will of man is in his hand. I chose to move the heart of the king to accomplish My plan. But in the heart of man he still has his own choice and hand. Will he listen, and will he bow? Will he obey, and will he plow? Will he do his work and his portion in the field? Pray ye, therefore, says the Lord of the harvest, that many might go forth as laborers into the fields. For the harvest is ripe, says the Lord. And it will yield the fruit of the harvester, yea the fruit of the one who planted it. 

So continue, says the Lord, to plant your seed. Continue to plant My Word. Continue to put forth the sickle of harvest. And as you invite them to accept the Lord, many will. As you testify of Me and what I've done in you, many will identify and say, "That word is true. And Christ is real. Is-real." And they shall turn, and receive Him Who they had scorned and spurned. And I shall turn My wrath from them, and I will comfort them, says the Lord. And I shall put a new song in them: a song, even praise unto the Lord for His salvation. And I shall give them a calling to take My Name, My Gospel, says the Lord, to take My salvation to the very nations of the world. 

Time is short. The dispensation of grace is running out, says the Lord. For a plan is even now unfolding with might and velocity, the speed with which, if you could see the things that the Lord sees, you would tremble and you would bow your knee. And you would cry out, "O God! Forgive me! For I have NOT obeyed. Forgive me, for I have been slow to hear. Forgive me, Lord, for I have even unknowingly, unwittingly, and at times disobediently covered my ears so that I would not hear. Forgive me, Lord, for the time is so clear, that now is the day of salvation. Now is the time of the Gentile nations to come in and receive their salvation. 

And so therefore, because this work is unfolding before your very eyes and your heart, you must take your hands off your ears, and you must take your hands off your selfish heart, that you are shrouding over, trying to guard it for your purposes, says the Lord. No. Remove your hands that protect your heart. For you must have a heart that's open, and then I will change your heart says the Lord. So don't look at what you want to do with your life, and don't look at what you think the plan is that may have come from your hand. But instead, as you listen to the Word of the Lord, recognize the Plan of the Lord, which is being freely revealed to you — a mystery even from before the foundations of the world were laid, says the Lord. I have destined it for you! 

I have need of you. It's your time. And it's a recruitment that I'm calling unto you. It's not just a voluntary choice that you make, to come and do a task or an errand for me, says the Lord. I'm not calling you to just come and do one or two things for Me — as though I were to pick up the phone and call the grocery store and say, "Could you please bring an order to my home for me?" It's not that, says the Lord, I'm not calling for this or that single individual task. I'm calling for recruitment. I'm calling for you to enlist willingly, and so doing to come servient to Me. To fight the good fight, and to fight it obediently, even if you look around and the ground is not comfortable to thee. A soldier, when he's spoken to by his commander to 'wade through the river', 'go through the swamp', he will — though indeed it is not *comfortable*, and it's not pleasant, and "there's critters inside there (says the Lord) that can be dangerous to your feet!", and there are germs and diseases in that contaminated slough  that I have, as your commander, called you to go through. But this is why I train you, says the Lord — so that you will obey. And when I need you to go across the river, the swamp, or even the battle-field with guns a-blazing all around you, you will say, "YES! I'm going THROUGH! For this is the mission of the Commander, and I must do what I'm called to do." 

I've promised you, My children, that there's nothing that death can do to you. There's nothing that the grave can put upon you that will rob what I've already done for you. So if you die in the battle-field, the reward still awaits you. And there's a reward for those who are obedient even unto death, says the Lord. But you must go with that faith even that Joshua and Caleb had, that I promised I would give the Promised Land. And so therefore, though there be giants in the land, you need not be afraid. I hide you in My cleft of the Rock, says the Lord. I hide you, and protect you. My Word is with you. Go. Believe. Believe, says the Lord. Just GO into the face of the deep. Launch out, says the Lord. Go, and cast your net, if that's what I tell you to do. And I will bring forth a harvest, yea a net full of fish, says the Lord. And as you see the power of My hand upon thee, and as you see the manifestations of miracles done even through thee and revealed to thee, these are evidences (even as they crossed the Red Sea) that I am with thee, says the Lord. My fire, My pillar, My cloud, is a testimony, it is a testament that I'm with you, even right now. 

The Earnest of your inheritance — My power, My Spirit, bearing witness in thee that you are children of Mine, and therefore joint-heirs of all that I've promised thee —nothing can take away, says the Father. I hold you in My hand. None can take you away. So therefore don't be afraid. Don't be afraid, says the Lord, to obey. Don't be afraid to lift off your hands, which you put protectively around your most precious glans, says the Lord. Uh-uh. Don't be afraid, 'cause I do all things well, says the Lord. And I will invade, yes says the Lord, I will invade with My power. And when the Lord of Hosts doth invade, then, says the Lord, you have nothing of which to be afraid. For I will fight for you. And I will see you through, says the Lord your God this day. 

So therefore I recruit you. And I say unto thee, My daughter, and My son, come. I have need of you.

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