Consider How You are Viewed 

A message given to Steve Kuban by the Holy Spirit on Mar 30, 2019

Consider how you are viewed. Build with your Purpose and Plan in view. Consider what is needed. What will people receive from your ministry? This is what you have to believe: that they WILL by faith receive. Does your product do what it says? You have to tell them what they will get when they view you. Tell them what they will get from your product, from your food. What have they already received from you? That's a good indicator. Build this into your building and into your website. 1. Let it be clear within the first three to five seconds of them viewing you. "Get 'em, grab 'em, and hold 'em" in the first few seconds, with something which they cannot escape from. 2. Have recommendations. 3. Feed them, satiate them 

I want to connect you to many people, quickly, multi-faceted. 

Receive them by giving good food. 

Start here please: 

As you consider how you are viewed: how you will be viewed in future days, by those who don't yet know you — My son, consider how they view you. And consider how you want to be viewed. For this is an important aspect. Companies that wish to build a building inquire and bring in those who are experts in architect and design. But the architects and the designers must understand what the owners have in mind. 

" What do you want this building to say? What is it that people should perceive, when they see it come out of the land and jut into the sky? What is the purpose of this building? Because we must consider this. We must consider what is needed." 

It's not just an office space, My son that you're trying to build, to reach to the sky and impress people from far away. But rather it has purpose. It's like a building on a University campus. Each building has a purpose. It's not just square shapes that are filled with people, but rather it's what are the purposes of the various sections in the buildings. And it's not just one building, it's a conglomerate of buildings. 

My son, My daughter, I've called you to be many things. But I want you to think engineeringly, architecturally. Consider: what must this building be? 

My son, I call you. You have the anointing to touch peoples' lives. I call you to be wise. What will people receive from your ministry? 

This really is the bottom line of everybody who has you in mind. What is it that you're going to give to the multitude? And what is it that you're going to give to those who are important to them. Think of what it is you want them to receive. Because this is what you have to believe: that when they see you, they will by faith receive. 

When people believe in something, it's easy for them to recommend it. When people have experienced the benefit and blessing of something, it's easy for them to recommend it — because they have tasted and seen that this product is good, and does what it says. 

Well My son, does your product do what it says? Do you tell people what your product will do? Do they know, or do they not have a clue? This is first and foremost: if you want them to view, you have to tell them what they'll get when they do. 

So think about what's in purpose and plan. Think about what I have done in you, to make you what you are, and what you have been, and what you will be . . . because they're all connected intrinsically. Think about what people will receive. 

The easiest thing is to see what they have received already. That is a pretty good indicator of what the multitudes will receive. So this is already established, proven, you have a track record. This is what people must be presented with, when they see your building. They must get a good glimpse as to, "What [are] the capabilities, and what is it that's inherent in this, that will benefit me and my family?" Because whether one is a pastor of a church, or a father or mother of a household, they're concerned about their family. It's not just the blessing that will come to them, but it's the blessing that will come to those who they're responsible for. And know this, they must be confident in you before they open the door. Before they will speak highly of you, they have to know, what is it that you will do for their family. 

And my son, the recommendations that you have received from some, address this. This is what pastors need to see: what other people have received when they buy your CD. What that music did for them. It has to be very clear. This is what people are going to get when they invest in here. 

So my daughter and son, don't forget: Build this in your building. Build this in your website. Let it be clear at the count of three: "One, Two, Three. What will I get?" Because people will not take the time. They don't want to hear a long explanation. This is not a doctoral thesis. This is not a lengthy dissertation. Rather, this is "Get 'em and grab 'em and hold them -- now." 

When people click on your website, they have to be 'grabbed hold of' very quickly. Something that you present to them must KEEP their attention. Because in this day and in this age they won't count past three. "One, Two, three." If you haven't already grabbed them by then, they'll certainly be "on their way." 

So know this: a good segment of the people that I want you to reach are those that you have not yet reached. A good portion of the people that I want you to bless are those to whom you are 'nameless' -- they don't know you. You may say, "I have thousands that know me." Oh, that's good. You don't have to prove much to them, because they've already been blessed by what you have done for them. But for the thousands and thousands that I intend you to bless — to them, My son, you're nameless. 

But you've been given a name. And when people will recommend that name, it gives you acclaim (a claim). People who are a certain type, when they hear someone else say, "This brother is alright," it will mean a lot to them, even though they don't know you. The very fact that you're someone whom they recommend, that's enough for them. 

So, this has to be put in. It's essential to have recommendations. When your ministry grabs their attention, that's the first step. The second step is the recommendation. If they can see that someone else whom they trust and admire has said, "This is Steve," it will speak volumes My son. 

You can prove yourself, because you are approved when you are approved of Me. And so when you devote your life to me, you are saying, "I'll live for You Lord. It's Your stamp, Your brand, Your Name, that must be first and foremost. Because it's not about my fame, it's about Your acclaim, it's about Your Name! (dear Yeshua and YHVH and Holy Ghost.)" 

I want this for you, My son. And you have done so much already. So here is the secret: Grab them with something that they can't escape without a fight. Grab them in the first few seconds, because that's how they long they have before their interest wanes and they're onto something different. 

But once you get their interest, feed them, satisfy them, satiate them. How can you do that in a few moments? By the taste. When someone goes to a restaurant and they get a good first taste, then it's a joyful dinner. And it may take some time, but they'll sit there and pleasantly dine. They're not in a hurry then, because they're tasting the good food. But if it doesn't taste good, they want to get out. They want to finish this, be on their way, [go] somewhere different. So My son, when you start to feed them right off the bat, with something that tastes delightful, they'll surely come back. Because you have touched them and ministered unto them, you've fed them, you've made a connection. So these are the things to consider. 

You're building this baby, working hard. But My son, it's so many people out there that I want to connect you to, and I want to connect you to quickly. I did this in the Philippines, I did this in India, I connected you quickly. I wish to do it again. But the connection is going to be multi-faceted, and you must have various aspects for various types of people. 


You're already working toward this. You have a section for "America." And this is important, for I've called you to be a prophet to this nation, to build up my people and to give them revelation. Don't say, "But you're just a 'small fry' in a big pan." My son, you may feel that way (because of the lay of this land), but there is something very significant about the quality of your ministry, how you feed the people, and it's easy to receive. So do this, and put it forth. This is one facet, and this is what you will present to the people who have a recognition of the importance of the Patriot and his mission. You're doing well to present this, and there's more yet to come. So be a prophet to this nation. 


My son, Trinidad, Philippines, India are very dear, and you are dear to them. You could make a living quite easily just ministering within each one of them, because there's a desire and a drive for how you've touched them. Years have gone by, and none have forgotten just what you meant to them, and what you meant to their nation. 

So therefore, make these important aspects of your ministry, because each one is significantly different. 


Yesterday I said, "Watch for the Catholics. You have a ministry to them." You have a ministry to musicians. My son you have a ministry to the intellectual. You have a ministry to the lost. You have a ministry to the far-flung. You have a ministry to the Canadian. Don't forget this. And by virtue of your name, you have a ministry to the Cuban. 


The places where you have been, also make a statement. Each person is a member of a segment. When you identify with them, and they can see you pay attention because of your visitations to their state, their city, their nation, this too opens doors for you. 


Imagine if you had a map, just for physical location, and on this map are little circles that represent your visitation and ministry to that nation. The more that you've done there, then the more is the size and the color that's represented in the circle. People can see quickly where you've been. 

And this has opened doors for you to reach into their nations and their people groups, their locations. 

What would that map look like, My son? And what would the colors of that map be? How did you touch them? What did you do there? What was your connection? When people who don't know you come across you, these are the things that you must 'dangle' before them, not hidden from view, but rather very quickly they will see you. The music will grab them, the feel of the Spirit will grab them, the delight of the music will grab them, the sound, the beat, the rhythm, all of this will grab them quickly, and then they'll go down the path of their own particular journey. 

If somebody with many thousands of connections likes your music, and they re-post it, share it, "tweet" it, you can have thousands visit your website in one day. Right now you're used to only seeing 30, 50, maybe a 180 on a good day, on a Shabbat day...but what is that? Would not you be delighted to see — if you do this effectively, and people share who have circles of influence something that they received, joyfully — that visitation counter can go "off the scales." So in order for this to happen, you're going to have to share, and get 'into the faces' of those who don't know you. Bring them something that delights their heart, and it will go viral. 

Come Holy Spirit is one. You have over eight hundred comments. People made an effort to comment. Each one of them is a connection. "Touch the Philippines" was shared 100,000 times. My son, each one of those made an effort. You still can connect with each of those. Give to them something special! They will share it with their circles of friends, as they did with "Touch the Philippines." And you brought blessing. So think on these things. 

Marketing is a very important part. Market what you have. Plan strategically, so that when people "click" on your website, they will be treated, educated, led into worship. Touch them so that when they visit you, they'll have a reason to say, "I'm coming back to you." When you receive them, they receive you. And you receive them by giving them good food.

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