Dr. Steve Kuban: Discography

Discography 1978–2017  

​Cassette Albums  

  1. 1978~"April 22, 1978" Alberta Composition Competition  
  2. 1979~Berklee Collection (Steve's works at Berklee College of Music, Boston)  
  3. 1979~Rise Again (A Collection of Steve's first Christian recordings)  
  4. 1981~Steve Kuban Christmas Collection (Central Tabernacle, Edmonton)  
  5. 1982~New Year's Eve Special (recorded live at the Vienna Restaurant, Edmonton)  
  6. 1985~Especially for Mom (Steve's favorite Christian songs 1980-1985)  
  7. 1985~Worship In Spirit and Truth (24 Songs to Bring You Into the Father's Presence)  
  8. 1986~We Shall See Him (Live with Northwest Bible College, Edmonton)  
  9. 1987~Arise Go Forth and Possess (Crossroads Cathedral, Toronto)  
  10. 1988~Dwelling Place (Easter Musical written by Steve)  
  11. 1988~Holy Place (Live at Evangel Temple, Toronto, with Gary Schmidt)  
  12. 1994~100 Huntley Street Live Vol 1 (Live TV-Crossroads Communications)  
  13. 1994~100 Huntley Street Live Vol 2 (Live TV-Crossroads Communications)  

CD Albums  

  1. 1985~Worship In Spirit and Truth (24 Songs to Bring You Into the Father's Presence)  
  2. 1994~Praise and Worship Favorites Vol 1 (from Live 100 Huntley Street Broadcasts)  
  3. 1995~The Lord is My Tower (Live Worship Volume I)  
  4. 1996~Come Holy Spirit (Live Worship Volume II)  
  5. 1997~My All In All (Live PAOC Concert, Niagara Falls)  
  6. 1997~Power River (with Lamar Boschman, Canada Arise Conference, Calgary)  
  7. 1998~More of the River (with Praise Proclaimers, Toronto)  
  8. 1999~Jump For Jesus (split-trax album for Trinidad and Tobago)  
  9. 2000~Easter Sunday in Manila With El Shaddai 
  10. 2000~The Best of Steve Kuban (Vol 1) Two decades of Christian Music  1980-1994  
  11. 2001~The Best of Steve Kuban (Vol 2) Two decades of Christian Music  1995-2001  
  12. 2003~Enter Into the Joy (Live in Manila with JIL Church)  
  13. 2005~Touch Trinidad/Touch Tobago  
  14. 2006~Touch the Philippines (CD-lite sampler, national release version)  
  15. 2008~Touch the Philippines (limited concert-rehearsal version)  
  16. 2012~Battle School (Spontaneous and Prophetic)  
  17. 2013~Jeremiah Chapter One (Spontaneous and Prophetic)  
  18. 2014~Touch Qatar (Live with RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of God, Doha)  
  19. 2014~Touch Qatar (Arabian and Western Styles with Performance Tracks)  
  20. 2016~YHVH  I Love You  (spontaneous Jazz Worship Album recorded in Dubai)  
  21. 2016~Therefore the Redeemed  
  22. 2016~Return Unto Me and I Will Return Unto You  
  23. 2017~God Is Our Refuge and Strength (A Very Present Help In All Our Troubles)  

​Music Videos  

  1. 1994~Favorite Praise & Worship Hymns and Choruses (100 Huntley Street Live Vol 1&2)  
  2. 1995~100 Huntley Street "Praise and Worship"  
  3. 1998~Live in Bahrain (at Al-Raja Auditorium)  
  4. 1999~Easter with El Shaddai (Easter Sunrise Service in Manila, Philippines)  
  5. 2000~I Will Fight For You (Easter Sunrise Service with El Shaddai)  
  6. 2001~The Great Jubilee Praise Concert in India (Joyful Noise, Mumbai Diocese)  
  7. 2002~Steve Kuban Live in Hong Kong (National Day Concert at Chater Gardens)  
  8. 2002~Take Worship to the Nations (100 Huntley Street Live telecast)  
  9. 2003~Enter Into the Joy (Live with JIL Church at Cuneta Astrodome, Manila )  
  10. 2010~Seek Ye First (Steve's Testimony, Scranton, Archdiocese of Pennsylvania)  
  11. 2012~Battle School (Spontaneous Prophetic songs)  
  12. 2013~Jeremiah Chapter One (Spontaneous Prophetic songs)  

​Testimony CD's & DVD's  

  1. ​2008~Pearl of Great Price (Mt 13:45)—Steve’s Testimony (Paris, France) at Jesus Reigns  
  2. 2010~Seek Ye First (Mt 6:33)—Steve's Testimony (Scranton, Pennsylvania) Catholic Conf.  

Teachings (on CD)  

The Steve Kuban Praise and Worship Course:  

  1.   Disc 1: What is Praise?  
  2.   Disc 2: What is Worship?  
  3.   Disc 3: Progressing into God's Presence  
  4.   Disc 4: The Spirit Realm (Steve's Testimony)  

Albums Not Yet Released / Currently in Production  

​CD's Currently in Production  

  1. "I'm Calling Out To You" (Live in San Francisco)  
  2. "Touch Kuwait" (Joint Filipino Concert)  
  3. "Touch Kuwait" (Solo Concert at National Evangelical Church of Kuwait)  
  4. "Touch Bahrain" (Live at Al-Raja Auditorium)  
  5. "Touch Italy" (Live with JIL Church, Milan, Italy)  
  6. "Touch Qatar" (Live in Al Wakra Stadium)  

Videos Currently in Production  

  1. I'm Calling Out To You" (Live in San Francisco)  
  2. "Touch Kuwait" (Filipino Concert)  
  3. "Touch Kuwait" (Solo Concert at National Evangelical Church of Kuwait)  
  4. "Touch Bahrain" (Live at Al-Raja Auditorium, Manama, Bahrain)  
  5. "Touch Italy" (Live at JIL Church, Milan, Italy)​  
  6. "Touch Qatar" Live in Al Wakra Stadium)

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