#19 Daily Devotions: Bible Reading Portion

Shabbat shalom! Here's a beautiful uplifting song from Psalm 92: 

"It is a Good Thing to Give Thanks Unto the Lord

Did you know... Psalm 92 is the only Psalm specifically written to be sung on the Sabbath day? 

It's true! Note the superscription at the beginning of Psalm 92: (Some Bibles like the King James version (KJV) include it at the top, before verse 1 begins:) 

"A song, or Psalm, for the sabbath day." 

In most Hebrew Bibles the 'title' is counted as verse 1. For example the "Tree of Life Version (TLV) 

Or the CJB (Complete Jewish Bible) 

These titles or inscriptions at the beginning of many Psalms are part of the original Hebrew text, written by the original Hebrew writer. Often this is King David, but there are also others. 

The titles are always part of the inspired Hebrew text, so we need to pay attention to what the title says of every Psalm we read. We can learn a lot by understanding the context of a Psalm. 

When we examine all 150 Psalms we discover that Psalm 92 is the ONLY Psalm specifically written to be sung on the Shabbat. 

How cool is that? 

Here for your pleasure, is Psalm 92. 

(How Great Are You Lord) ©2013 by Steve Kuban 

1. It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord 
To sing praises to Thy Name, Most High 
And to declare Thy lovingkindness in the morning 
And Thy faithfulness at night 
Upon my instrument of music I will play 
With glorious harmony and melody 
(alternate words: "On this Sabbath day with melody") 
For You O Lord have made me glad through Thy work 
I will triumph in the works of Thy hands 

How great are You Lord 
How great are Thy works 
And Thy thoughts are very deep 
Thou Lord Most High for evermore 
Thou Lord Most High for evermore. 

2. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord 
Shall flourish in the courts of our God 
And they shall still bear fruit in their old age 
They shall be fresh and green, and flourishing 
I will declare that the Lord is upright 
He is my Rock and there is 
No unrighteousness in Him 

How great are You Lord 
How great are Thy works 
And Thy thoughts are very deep 
Thou Lord Most High for evermore 
Thou Lord Most High for evermore. 

May this Psalm be a blessing to you on this and every Sabbath day. 

Shabbat Shalom! 

Dr. Steve Kuban 


Friday's scriptures (January 25th): 
Shevat 19 = Parasha 19: 

  1. Luke 19 
  2. Acts 19 
  3. Rev. 19 
  4. Prov. 19 
  5. Psalms 91-95 

Plus these passages from Bible Portion (Parasha) #19: 



Shabbat scriptures (for Saturday January 26th): 
Shevat 20 = Parashat 20: 

  1. Luke 20 
  2. Acts 20 
  3. Rev. 20 
  4. Prov. 20 
  5. Psalms 96-100 

Plus these passages from Bible Portion (Parasha) #20: 

I'll be sharing more songs for Shabbat, so please feel free to download them, they'll be a great blessing to you! 


Note regarding weekly Torah Portions read by Jews: 

Notice that I've been sharing one Torah 'portion' with you each day since Jan 7th (day 1 of the Jewish month Shevat). This is the cycle that we read, which allows us to read through the entire Torah in two month cycles. 

However most Jews read one of the 54 'parashat' (portions) each week, on Shabbat (Friday at sunset until Saturday sunset). This enables them to read the Torah through once every year.Most Jewish or Messianic websites follow this tradition. If you wish to follow this pattern (and I recommend you do, to stay abreast with Jews around the world), in addition to the daily readings I've been sharing with you each email, here is Parashat #17 for this Shabbat (Jan 26) (it's "Yitro", what we read two days ago) 

An excellent Jewish website that expounds wonderfully upon each Torah portion, is Messianic believer John Parson's site: 


Any day that you click this link, you will be automatically taken to the Torah portion for that particular date. So if for example on April 20th you click the above link, you will be taken to the Torah portion for April 20th. John's website automatically adjusts for all Jewish holidays such as Passover, etc. John also shares "Table Talk", a list of questions pertaining to each Parasha. It's an awesome website that is ultra-informative! If you use it, please support brother John financially, as he has devoted his life to its development and maintenance. Shalom! 


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