Steve Kuban: Psalms in Songs

  1. Psalm 1:3 ~I Am Like a Tree (Video–FB)
  2. Psalm 2:8 ~Ask of Me (Video–YouTube, FB)
  3. Psalm 2:8 – Deu 2:24 ~Arise Go Forth and Possess (Video–YouTube, FB)
  4. Psalm 18~I Will Call Upon YHVH (The LORD Liveth) ©2018 (Pro Audio, Video: YouTubeFB)
  5. Psalm 18 ~I Will Love You LORD (Video–FB)
  6. Psalm 23 ~The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Have Everything I Need (Up-Tempo Dance Version) (AudioCDVideo
  7. Psalm 32 ~Blessed is He Whose Transgression is Forgiven (Video
  8. Psalm 37 ~Trust in the LORD, and Do Good (Video
  9. Psalm 40:2 ~He Brought Me Out (Video–FB)
  10. Psalm 42 ~As the Deer (Video)
  11. Psalm 46 ~God Is Our Refuge and Strength (A Very Present Help in All Our Trouble) (AudioCDVideo
  12. Psalm 48 ~This God is Our God (Audio) (Video)
  13. Psalm 48:1-2 ~Great is the LORD and Greatly to Be Praised
  14. Psalm 51 ~Created Me a Clean Heart, oh God (Video)
  15. Psalm 59:16-17 ~But I Will Sing of Your Power
  16. Psalms 66-67~Make a Joyful Noise Unto God (Video)
  17. Psalm 73 ~tries different beats on Tyros 5 (God is the Strength of My Heart) (Video)           
  18. Psalm 83 ~Husks in the Wind (Psalm 83)(Video) 
  19. Psalm 84 ~Blessed Are They That Dwell In Thy House (Video
  20. Psalm 91 ~He that Dwelleth in the Secret Place of the most High
  21. Psalm 92 ~It is A Good Thing (Video
  22. Psalm 96 ~Sing Unto YHVH A New Song (Video)
  23. Psalm 97 ~The LORD He Reigneth Far Above All Gods (Video)
  24. Psalm 98 ~O Sing Unto YHVH A New Song (Video)
  25. Psalm 99 ~Exalt the LORD our God and Worship at His Footstool for the LORD our God is Holy (Video)
  26. Psalm 99 ~Exalt the LORD our God / Exalt YHVH our God (Video) 
  27. Psalm 100 ~Make a Joyful Noise Unto the LORD (Pro AudioVideo JAZZVideo
  28. Psalm 101 ~I Will Sing of Loving Kindness and Justice Unto Thee (Video
  29. Psalm 102 ~But Thou O LORD Shall Endure For Ever (AudioCDVideo
  30. Psalm 103 ~Bless the LORD O My Soul (Fast Funkabilly Groove) (Video)
  31. Psalm 104 ~Bless the LORD O My Soul, Praise Ye the LORD (Video
  32. Psalm 105 ~O Give Thanks Unto the LORD (Video
  33. Psalm 118 ~I Will Call Upon YHVH (The LORD Liveth) (Pro Audio, Video–YouTubeFB)
  34. Psalm 132 ~Rejoice O Zion (Shout & Sing) (Video–FB)
  35. Psalm 144 ~Blessed Be The LORD My Strength (Video–FB)

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